Alchemy of Instant Manifestation II

PTE MS: Alchemy of Instant Manifestation

with St. Germain, Phase II

A New 3 Part Series incorporated into the:

PTE MS: Living with the Masters Series


Prerequisite: Alchemy of Instant Manifestation Phase I. To read the Series Overview, and register for Phase I, click here.


This is a PTE MS Home Study Course so there will be no Live Sessions.You may complete this course from the comfort of home at your own pace. However, we recommend that you follow the Instructions given at the beginning of each Lesson.

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Always go to Divine Mother with your intentions. Remember that all things come from the Feminine Creative Force. Always go directly to Divine Mother, so that she can orchestrate the manifestation of your intentions in the best possible way. Always say “this or better, may your will not my will be done,” when stating your intentions, so that Mother can give you the best of what can be made manifest.

In this three part series, St. Germain takes us before Divine Mother’s Throne to set all intentions. 

Overview Phase II

Our emphasis in Phase I was to bring the Art and Science of Alchemy back to Earth by retrieving it from the Higher Realms through St. Germain’s intercession.

Our emphasis in Phase II is to anchor the Energies of Alchemy on Earth. We will mainly focus on the Five Elements. All manifestation takes place through the Five Elements. Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether; are the building blocks of everything manifest. There are Angelic Forces and Celestial Guardians in charge of the Five Elements who keep the knowledge of Alchemy of Instant Manifestation in their hearts and guard it from falling into the wrong hands. These Guardians were called thousands of years ago to retrieve the secrets and move them to the Higher Realms. In Phase II, we will receive the secrets from the Cosmic Guardians and Celestial Guardians and we will be appointed our own Angelic Forces in charge of the Higher Aspects of the Five Elements, which are fully involved with the secret knowledge of Alchemy.

The Anchoring of the Five Elements at their Higher Aspect, imbued with the Alchemical Potencies, has the potential for restoring balance and harmony back to Earth. After all, our Mother Earth depends on reliable performance from the Five Elements to ensure survival of all species and the planet.

Performing the exercises in Phase II of this 3 Part Series can trigger change of a positive nature within the composition of the Five Elements that is prevalent on Earth at the present time. This will benefit Earth and Humankind for many generations yet to come.

At the final conclusion of Phase II, you will be prompted to make a list of things and conditions you wish to manifest in preparation for Phase III.

Course Content

This course is made up of 5 Lessons, each with a Guided Meditation, Transcript of the Meditation and a Meditation Summary. It is recommended that each Lesson’s Guided Meditation be repeated for a 24 hour period before moving to the next.


Course Synopsis

Lesson 1: Connecting with St. Germain’s Sphere of Remembrance and Sphere of Illumination

Lesson 2: Fashioning Cosmic Guardians whom will carry Alchemy of Instant Manifestation within the Five Elements

Lesson 3: Receiving the Template of Alchemy and Fashioning Personal Aspects of the Cosmic Guardian Angels of the Five Elements

Lesson 4: Anchoring the Highest Alchemy of each Element into our Reality

Lesson 5: Conclusion to Phase II and bridge to Phase III


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