Alchemy of Divine Power

PTE MS: Alchemy of Divine Power with Divine Mother Phase I,

Empowering the Solar Plexus

A New Unparalleled Series from Divine Mother for 2012

Tuition for 4 Sessions: $333.00. 

Divine Mother says:
This Course is of great importance to me
. This is how we will set the pace for the year 2012 and for the decade that follows 2012, and then for the next century after that. So that should give you an idea of how important this Course is.

Student testimonials: 
“Thank you for doing this very important series! Energetically, I can feel the impact of it, and it’s quite huge.”

Thank you for our final session of the Alchemy of Divine Power w/Divine Mother…You did such an amazing job with this series, as did Divine Mother, Great Silent Watcher, Jim… everyone!  I’m deeply grateful…    The effects/results are what counts, and it’s already assisted me and Mother Earth and all of us greatly.  Many hugs and much love to you!!  ~ C.

Overview of New Series

This phenomenal NEW series will become the backbone of our work with Divine Mother during the critical year of 2012. In this series, Divine Mother brings forth Alchemical Potencies of her Liquid Lights to heal, restore and empower us, as she originally intended in the Divine Plan for all who are spearheads for her work on Earth.

Companion Courses: This course is intended to be taken in sequence, as follows:

Gifts from Divine Mother, Phase I

Alchemy of Divine Power with Divine Mother, Phase I; Empowering the Solar Plexus

Gifts from Divine Mother, Phase II

Alchemy of Divine Power with Divine Mother, Phase II.

This sequence allows Divine Mother to work with you in anchoring intense energies during the Alchemy courses and then to provide healing before you begin the next Alchemy course.

Course Content: This course consists of 4 Lessons. Each Lesson is comprised of:

  • Text of Invocations
  • Audio of Guided Meditation
  • Transcript
  • Text Summary of the Guided Meditation
  • Short summary Text of Petitions and Intensions

Course Instructions

  • Each Lesson should be repeated for 1 week before moving on the next Lesson.
  • Listen to the audio of the Guided Meditation for each Lesson.
  • Repeat this meditation for 1 week, using the audio file and/or the Meditation Summary text.
  • Move on to the next Lesson after repeating the meditation for 1 week and you feel you have fully anchored these energies.


Course Purpose and Background

The focus of this course is to develop the alchemical potencies of the Solar Plexus, the region where we originally held Divine Power. The Solar Plexus is also our “Will Center.”  There are numerous corresponding points within our Five Body System that are affected by the energy that moves through our Solar Plexus. The objective of this four part series is developing the Alchemical Potencies in all these points.

The first 2 sessions are about cleansing, healing and removal of obstacles and blockages from present and past lifetimes which cause dis-empowerment. This will help clear all stagnation and bring acceleration in spiritual attainments and worldly success.

The last 2 sessions are about reconnecting our energetic umbilical cord with Divine Mother’s own Will and Power Center and the Alchemy of Divine Power. This will restore our Divine connection and make up for the separation and isolation which we all experience with the severing of the umbilical cord at birth. That separation from our Divine Source, the Source of our Divine Power, is reinforced through many thousands of human incarnations. Through this course, we re-establish an alchemical connection to Divine Mother’s own Power Center, as she feeds her healing Lights into our Solar Plexus.

Divine Mother has requested the announcement of this course immediately!

Join us and allow Divine Mother to begin working with you immediately. Give Divine Mother a chance to remove many layers of dis-empowerment and re-establish healing of your Will and Power Center and help Divine Mother bring this healing Alchemy back to Earth. Each of us can be the conduit for anchoring this Alchemy through our Personal Body Girds to Earth and all Souls. Mother Earth is as deserving to make this re-connection with the Source of her Divine Power as are all souls. We can be the instrument for everlasting change on Earth. This is Divine Mother’s desire.

Course Synopsis

Lesson 1: Petitioning Divine Mother and receiving the Template of the Alchemy of Divine Power.

Lesson 2: Entering the Pool of Creation to absorb Great Silent Watcher’s Turquoise Blue Light and the Signature Energy of Divine Mother.

Lesson 3: Peony Flower forms around the 8 Petal Lotus & Divine Mother pours her Copper Gold Light to our Solar Plexus

Lesson 4: Receiving Template for Seat of Soul Chakra & Balancing Personality Aspects


Tuition: $333.00.


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