Abundance: Goddess Gaia

PTE Mystery School: Alchemy of Abundance with Goddess Gaia


 Tuition is $99.00.

Divine Mother has requested that Goddess Gaia open to us the gateways of Material Abundance, as well as Physical Health and Wholeness.

The Treasures of Earth and all of our Abundance, while in physical embodiment, come from Mother Earth. Since Goddess Gaia is the Deity responsible for dispensing this great abundance, Divine Mother has asked that she come forth to teach us the alchemy with which to access this abundance.

Divine Mother has specifically picked the days, 10/18, 19 & 20, for the live event because of where they fall in relation to Navaratri and she will be inviting the Great Cosmic Goddesses to remove obstacles and enhance the energies of Abundance and the gifts that Gaia will bestow upon us.

This course is comprised of Sessions, each 90 to 120 minutes long. A text of the invocations and a summary of Divine Mother’s intentions for us is included.



Dearest Nasrin,

I would like to thank you for recommending me to take the Alchemy of abundance with Mother Gaia course… this course exceeded my expectations… Standing in front of millions of cosmic beings…  Divine Mother’s and Cosmic Mother of Universe’s dispensation…tears of joy and gratitude were running down my face. I listened to part 3 more than 15 times, so far, and each time I try to comprehend the magnitude of the unrepresented dispensations being offered. I can’t even describe my feelings of joy and gratitude. I am dazzled. It is like Divine Mother has given me wings to fly and there are no limits.  Thank you, thank you, thank you Eternally in service to Light and Love, NN. 

Tuition: $99.00.


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