144 Days of Empowerment

PTE MS: 144 Days of Empowerment


Tuition for this 1 Lesson course is $125.00.

Please Note:  This is a PTE MS Home Study Course so there will be no Live Sessions. You may complete this course from the comfort of home at your own pace. However, we recommend that you follow the Instructions given at the beginning of each Lesson.

Course Content: This course consists of 5 Lessons. Each Lesson is comprised of:

  • Audio of Guided Meditation
  • Transcript
  • Text Summary of the Guided Meditation

Course Significance: This meditation by Divine Mother offers us a healing like no other. Within the Energies of Victory and Goddess of Victory we and Sanat Kumara, the Planetary Logos go to the Heart of Great Silent Watcher to heal ourselves. The healing to ourselves and Mother Earth is magnified by the healing of Sanat Kumara allowing the amplification of the Shield of Protection of the Planetary Logos.  This opportunity to serve yourself as well as Earth and Humankind is unprecedented. Please join us.

144 is a very auspicious number and therefore a very auspicious day for Great Silent Watcher. May 23rd was the 144th day of 2012. We will intend that our energies be focused on celebrating this day with Divine Mother and Great Silent Watcher, offering ourselves in service as we are filled with the Turquoise Blue Energies of Great Silent Watcher, the 144,000 Silent Watchers and the 10 Billion Angelic Watchers.




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