Light Grids

What is a Grid of Light? It is an energy field that we help to create within and around us with the participation of Ascended Beings of Light.

What is its purpose? A Light Grid can be charged with any intention that will benefit yourself or others.  For example, providing protection and healing, raising our vibration, maintaining and stabilizing our own energy field and disabling interference from outside sources. What this means, generally speaking, is that by using a Grid of Light when you are in a state of High Vibration and you go to a place with chaotic and frenetic energy, you don’t lose your Higher Vibrational state to the surrounding environment. Instead of disruptive energy moving through you from the surrounding environment and clouding your judgment, impacting how you act, your moods, your point of view, you have a tool to use that can assist you in bringing peace, calm and composure to yourself and the environment instead.

While it is our job, as the Light bearers to help raise the Quotient of Light within our environment, battling single handedly in such situations is a huge and unnecessary stress on our Physical and Energy Bodies. Our work to attain our own Quotient of Light at the highest possible frequency and then to maintain it, is a much greater service to Light, the Masters and ourselves.  


Understanding the Need for Protection

As we grow spiritually and we gain greater Quotients of Light, our Energetic Bodies begin to expand, their substance becomes more ethereal and we become more exposed. Our energy bodies therefore require greater care and protection. The dichotomy is that on one hand we need to allow our energy bodies to become more expansive in order to have greater sensitivity to the Higher Realms and to connect to the Beings of those Realms but on the other hand our expansive energy bodies are prone to pick up greater pollution and dross. When we hold a greater Quotient of Light, we are creating a greater gap between our own vibration and that of the environment around us, represented by the 5 Elements. Much like “potential difference” with electricity, it is the nature of this reality that as the potential difference in the Quotient of Light increases, it results in a greater inherent force trying to remove the difference by bringing both levels of Light to equilibrium.

The 5 Elements; Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether, are the building blocks of this Reality. Our environment vibrates at a level dictated by the level of vibration of the 5 Elements and the vibrational level of the 5 Elements is determined by the vibrational level of our Collective Consciousness. This means that if the majority of the population is comfortable with lower vibrations, then that is what they will hold space for. If the majority of the population is comfortable with higher vibrations, then that is what they will hold space for. So, if the Collective Consciousness is connected to Higher Vibrations, then that is what the 5 Elements will vibrate, if the Collective Consciousness is connected to lower vibrations that is what the 5 Elements will vibrate. 

When nature is left alone without humankind’s influence and the resulting burden placed on Mother Earth through pollution, both energetically and physically, the 5 Elements return to the natural state of Perfection, connected to the animals, minerals, plants and the Soul of Mother Earth according to the Divine Plan. Because of overpopulation and pollution of the Earth by humankind, the burden has been too heavy for the 5 Elements to heal themselves.

This being said, in some areas of Earth where indigenous populations have lived for generations and held the land sacred, the 5 Elements can support a higher vibration. In areas without overwhelming negative human interference, we can also see evidence of the pure and pristine nature of the 5 Elements. 

Whatever energy level the 5 Elements are vibrating to in our environment determines the level which we will operate from. From here the natural balancing of the energies between the environment and each of us takes place.

Right now the Earth, as a planetary body, is vibrating in the mid- 3’s. The number 3, in this scale, is the Third Dimension. Metatron has said that the Earth vibrates at around 3.5 to 3.6. So, regarding the balancing of energies, if you are vibrating at the level of 3.8 and the 5 Elements around you are vibrating at the level of 3.4, the energies will need to come to equilibrium and your energy will be given up into the overwhelming impact of the environment around you. It will leave you feeling tired, drained and fatigued. This is why we establish Grids of Light around us. The Energy of a Grid of Light can help you maintain your 3.8, even in an environment vibrating 3.4, by creating a cocoon around you that will prevent the environment to drain you. 

Light Grids

To assist us in protecting ourselves and holding a higher Quotient of Light, even when our surroundings are vibrating to a much lower level, the Masters and Divine Mother give us Light Grids. A Light Grid is a formation of Masters and Angelic Beings that we set up around us. Because of the law, “Ask and you shall receive,” we can call on the Masters and Angels to energetically come forth and create a Grid of Protection around us with their energetic force. We establish their presence around us by intending and visualizing them coming to stand in formation encircling us. They pour their signature Light out holding us in their care and protection and filling the energy gap between us and our surroundings. This also raises the vibration of the surrounding environment and all souls.

There are many Protection Grids given by different Masters for different reasons. In time, you will find your favorite from the many offered. Meantime, basic and fundamental protection can be attained by creating a grid formation with the Angels of the Four Directions.

Angels of the Four Directions Protection Grid

Archangels Uriel, Raphael, Michael and Gabriel, together with their Legions, are the Archangels who guard the Four Directions. Uriel is the Guardian of North, Raphael of East, Michael of South and Gabriel of West. Calling upon them is an act of service, since it enhances their presence with us and allows the anchoring of their energies on Earth. We become the Beacons of their Light, their power and might, allowing them to clear and cleanse Earth, and all souls through us. 

To set up this Grid of Light around you, visualize that you are standing, facing the direction of north.  Archangel Uriel and his Legions are standing in the North facing you and beaming Bright Yellow Light to you. Archangel Raphael and his Legions are standing in the East, beaming Pink Light to you. Archangel Michael and his Legions are standing in the South, beaming Aquamarine-Blue Light to you. See also that Archangel Michael and his Legions always have their Swords of Mercy raised above their heads. Finally, Archangel Gabriel and his Legions are standing in the West, beaming Emerald-Green Light to you. 

You can constantly reinforce this visualization at any time during your day, just by focusing on it. A point can be reached where the process becomes automatic and the presence of the Angelic Forces around you becomes a permanent feature. 

Violet Flame Inferno Protection Grid

It is vital, at this time in Earth’s history, to nurture everyone who wishes to grow spiritually and give them the best tools available to maintain their Higher Light and their enthusiasm for this work. To that end, we are also offering the Violet Flame Inferno Protection Grid. This is a somewhat complex Grid and is usually given to those experienced in guided meditational exercises but we present it here and encourage you to learn and use this Grid every day.

In this exercise, St. Germain offers a Violet Flame Inferno in the form of a tornado and calls for the support of Archangel Michael, his Legions and the Melchizedek Lords of Light. The energy of Violet Flame transmutes negativity but also protects you. It has the ability to make you invisible to lower vibrational forces and out of reach from people with a lower vibration and intentions of harm.

This Grid of Light can be called to form around your body, your home or office, your car, your loved ones and your co-workers. You can send this protection to anyone, anywhere in the world because distance does not affect its potency. You can visualize that your loved ones receive it and that it is spiraling and spinning around their body.

This important protection tool benefits you, others and Mother Earth. It protects your home and your personal environment and helps to alleviate harmful energies from Earth and all humankind, as it clears Earth’s environment and the Five Elements.

As most of you know, Violet Flame must always be visualized spinning counterclockwise. Counterclockwise motion is for release. Always see it move from the bottoms of your feet up because its transmutational power is in taking the energy into the Higher Dimensions and transmuting it.



Take a deep breath and we will begin.

Visualize yourself standing inside, not just a Flame, but an Inferno of Violet Flame. It is forming around you, spinning counterclockwise and moving upward like a tornado. It carries the Might and Power of the Violet Flame of Transmutation and of Divine Order and Organization. See it as a tornado of Violet Flame spinning in a counter clockwise direction, fully formed from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head and reaching up to the Throne of the I Am That I Am. All dross is transmuted from your body on its journey upward to the Higher Realms. It simultaneously pulls the Light of the Throne of the I Am down to your body through the center of the inferno.

Sit for a moment with this energy moving around you and feel the power and the Light that it brings to you.

Now visualize that 4 tongues of Violet Flame Inferno begin to form in the 4 corners of whatever room you are in.

Now do this for every room of your home;

Now set up the Violet Flame Inferno in the 4 corners of the house with half the Flame spinning outside each the four walls and half the Flame spinning inside the walls. Visualize it spinning upward and moving through the Astral Realms, reaching into the heavens above.

Now call Archangel Michael and his Legions. Archangel Michael and his Legions work with the Violet Flame. Michael has been given the dispensation that when he stands with his sword above his head, he can remove and transmute any being with sinister intent, on contact.

Visualize, inviting Archangel Michael to stand in the center of your room. He is 40 Feet tall. The part of his body that stretches inside of your home is his Heart Chakra area and his chest. His head and shoulders are above your house and his limbs are below. He is holding his Sword of Mercy above his head.

Visualize that the Legions of Michael are standing shoulder to shoulder around your home, creating a circle.

Around each of the members of the Legions of Michael, visualize a Violet Flame Inferno spinning and spiraling upward like a tornado. The Swords of Mercy are drawn out of their Sheaths and held high in the hands of the Legions of Michael. Each tongue of Violet Flame Inferno is guarded by seven members of the Angelic Forces of Violet Ray and Violet Flame.

Behind each member of Archangel Michael’s Legions stands a member of the Melchizedek Lords of Light, holding their Scepters of Power above their heads. These Scepters are charged with these intentions. Say these intentions out loud as you set up the Grid.

“In the name of Divine Mother, I call for the annihilation of Evil, of all harm and of all lower vibrational frequencies.

In the name of Divine Mother, I call for the constant shower of Violet Ray and Violet Light, conducive to myself and to everyone who lives inside this house, car, office, environment.

In the name of Divine Mother, I ask Archangel Michael that those of lower vibrational frequency whose intentions are of harm, trespassing and interference with the Light, will be prevented from entry.

This house and everyone who lives here is now invincible to lower vibrations, invincible to harm and attack and invincible to destruction. Any entities that plan an attack or an entry will be annihilated at contact and turned into Pure White Light. They will be turned into Light at contact with Archangel Michael’s Sword, the Sword of the Legions and the Scepters of the Lords of Light.

Through the intercession of Divine Mother and the protection of Archangel Michael, his Legions and the Melchizedek Lords of Light, this house is now sealed in the bright Light of the Violet Flame. This home, every material possession within it and everyone who frequents this house is now invisible and invincible to any and all harm, all evil, all beings of low vibrational force field and all whose intentions are of harm and/or trespassing.

The Inferno of the Violet Flame Tornado will continue to be charged every hour on the hour from this moment on. Seven members of the Legions of Violet Flame and Violet Ray are called to guard and charge each tongue of Violet Flame around my body, my possessions, my loved ones and their possessions and around my/our homes.

We ask Divine Mother, we ask the Melchizedek Lords of Light, we ask Melchizedek the Universal Logos, we ask the Lords of Light, we ask Thoth and Lady Veyga and Legions of Lady Veyga to watch over and to be active participants in guarding these properties and these people, places and things while maintaining these intentions. Beloved Beings of Light, your intercession will magnify the impact and become an Umbrella of Light that will spread and impact the 5 Elements and the environment above, below and around myself and my possessions, as well as each person, place and thing for whom I ask Protection and guardianship (you may state the names and places, the cars and possessions you wish to protect here).


We thank all the great beings and the Legions of all the Angelic Forces gathered on our behalf, as well as the energies of the Violet Flame and their Angelic Guardians who have been invited to participate in this Grid of Light and Protection, under Divine Mother’s special intersession.”