Universal Law

We have looked at the necessity of adjusting our perception to that of the expanded infinite Cosmic Context instead of the limited traditional context. In short, moving from the perception of us, as individuals, disconnected and separate from everything else, to an expanded Context where everything is interconnected – where we are aware that everything we do effects everyone and everything else as significantly as it affects ourselves, personally. In fact, we realize that there is no “just me personally.”  Once we acquire that awareness, we have in fact, Awakened.

Once we are aware of the Cosmic Context or Cosmic Consciousness, we are able to make a conscious choice to walk on the Path to Enlightenment. On the ladder of the evolution of Souls, Enlightenment is much like graduating from elementary school. It simply means knowing God resides within you at all times and acting accordingly. At that point, you live in Light, work with Light and express and experience yourself in Oneness with all things, bringing your enlightened intellectual awareness into your everyday life and into every mundane experience.  You practice seeing your life and the world around you from a Cosmic Context, applying Universal Law in all your endeavors. To help understand how to integrate the rules of Universal Law into our lives, we can first take a look at the rules at work in our traditional context.

What are the rules in our Traditional Context?

The rules that guide most people are based on their experience and lessons learned in this one lifetime as they pursue their aspirations. Simply put, most people live their lives trying to be happy and trying to achieve certain goals that they have set for themselves. Some of these goals are to find a partner and raise a family, some are to go to college, some are to be rich and famous and some are just to get through another day. The goals are as diverse as there are people. But the one constant is the search for the path that will lead to the achievement of their goal. The big question is how do I get there? How do I behave and how do I manipulate my surroundings to get where I want to go? What are the rules that govern the world that I need to operate in?

For the most part we behave according to social mores that have been established locally, nationally and globally and by man-made laws that are enforced where we live. We function on some level according to these rules. Many people feel they do not really “function” but struggle through life in “dysfunction” within these rules.  With our new expanded “context” we can see why there has been so much dysfunction.

What seems to have happened over time is that laws and regulations have crept into the social consciousness and have become the moral boundaries for behavior, taking the place of our own conscience, as a guide for our actions.

Basic precepts of living, such as “do unto others, what goes around comes around, or treat your neighbor as yourself,” any of which, if held to by all people, would negate the need for any laws and regulations, have been replaced with, “if I can get away with it, it must be OK.” The “moral compass” has been replaced with external rules that have no particular connection to morality or responsible behavior.

One example of this is that people, in general, often see a disconnect between their behavior at work and their behavior in their personal lives. They would never cheat and steal, from their point of view, as an individual in their “personal lives” but at work they often stretch and fade the boundaries of cheating and stealing because in the business world everyone does it and they are rewarded within the business structure.  It typically moves them to the top. A person’s perception of questionable or outright dishonest dealing morphs into valid, acceptable and even moral behavior, supported and often envied by their friends and co-workers. The realization that, regardless of where you act and in what circumstances you act, it is still you acting and dishonesty is dishonesty wherever and however it happens is intentionally or unintentionally ignored. However, Universal Law sees no personal life and separate business life, it is all one life.

This implied double standard is capitalized on by those in power. In fact this behavior has been so exploited that heads of corporations defend their actions by holding sacred the suggestion that they are bound to produce greater profits above all else no matter how detrimental the corporations actions are to Earth and humankind because their shareholders demand it. And the shareholders follow suit and agree, even as they and their children are clearly being detrimentally affected far beyond the value of a dollar or two per share of stock.

The traditional mundane world context says this is fair and even necessary to get ahead and on the surface, in the short run, it may be true. It may even stay true for a lifetime. But the Law of karma is still in play. You may see people that operate this way and die rich but that is not the end of the story. What goes around has to come around eventually. Whether a person operates within man-made laws or not, karma is at work and whether they know it or not, that karma of cheating and bending the rules for personal gain is out there and it will return, amplified.

Belief and Conviction versus Truth

How is it that we, as a society have come to the point where greed, hording and using force for personal gain is seen and accepted as the way of the world?  From the Master’s point of view, society has embedded itself so deeply in self deception and denial that we have created this great gap between what we say and what we do but fail to see it. Often what we say to other people is what we want to believe and when we say it enough times and we think it enough times, we too, believe it. We then are so immersed in that inaccurate mindset that we don’t realize that believing it and it being our Truth are two very different things. Just because you believe in something, doesn’t make it your Truth. Not doing the work of finding and standing in your Truth, can fade your discernment between belief and truth and leave you vulnerable to be swayed by the misdirected beliefs of others.

That is why a lot of people are now being pulled to the conviction of those who adamantly believe in something, whether it is true of not.  There are those who have convinced themselves to believe in something and through their own conviction, belief and power, have made others believe their conviction. Consequently they have led many people so far away from the truth that it is at odds with Reality. These days it seems as though truth has been taken out of the equation completely. What is your truth and acting on your truth – which is natural and does not require force or exertion of power – has been replaced by acting on beliefs, acting on convictions and using power; the power of money, the power of energetic exchange, the power of corruption and the power of deception, to create a magnet to pull people’s energy in the direction of that conviction or belief system, no matter how corrupt it may be.

Generational Effects

The unwritten rules and social mores that we see today are a product of many forces but there are some generational effects worth examining. The rich and powerful that are in positions to sway public opinion are largely the product of the Baby Boomer generation. The Baby Boomers are the generation born immediately after the two World Wars. Their parents, who lived through the two World Wars, came away, understandably fearful. They were profoundly affected by the state of the world, fearful of the future, fearful of other nations, fearful of people of other races, fearful of not having enough to eat and their sons and daughters, the Baby Boomers, picked up these energies. Through all of this, the entire Baby Boomer generation acquired a great tendency for suspicion and self preservation.  

Those that resisted these tendencies and rebelled, creating the hippy and peace movement of the 60’s, were so beaten down by the others who couldn’t resist their own suspicions and paranoia, that they became became disheartened and overprotective after the experience.  As those with the energies of suspicion and self preservation came into power positions on the corporate and political world stage, this energy spiraled to the point that if deception was necessary to provide adequate protection, it was put in place, if conniving was necessary to provide adequate protection, it was put in place. Survival instincts became exaggerated and the qualities of greed, hording and excess came to the surface. It took over as a suitable line of reasoning for all, feeding on this generation’s paranoia and need for overprotection.

It is interesting that there was such a generational gap in the way the Baby Boomers think and the way their parents thought and why there is such an enormous generational gap in the way the Baby Boomers think and their children think.  The children of the Baby Boomers are called the Indigo Children and the Generation X-er’s. Indigos and Generation X-er’s think much differently than their parents. They are almost all highly evolved souls that came from the four corners of the Universe and often have had very few incarnations on Earth. This means they come with fewer scars and grooves and are less interwoven with the existing dysfunctional belief systems of Earth’s cultures. Belief systems where, if you are a young lady from India, you can show your midriff but not your ankles without being disrespectful, in the Middle East you can’t show anything but your eyes without being disrespectful and in the West you can show almost everything and no one sees it as disrespect.

These are all belief systems that are imbedded in the land of these different cultures and can energetically attach to the ego and personality of someone reincarnating over and over again on Earth. Most Baby Boomers are part of the Atlantian Race and have been reincarnating on Earth ever since. The beauty of these young people, the Indigos and X-ers is that most are free of these pre-conceived ideas and belief systems.

This fresh viewpoint is most evident in the explosion of social networking. The privacy, so insisted upon by the Baby Boomers, has given way to a younger generation who wants to share everything about themselves with everyone else. They have no reservations or feel the need to protect themselves. Most come from evolved civilizations in the Cosmos where you look at someone and through energy exchange you know everything about them; nothing is hidden or concealed. They don’t understand the need for privacy. They have no suspicions and paranoia. Through creating and endorsing the different social network systems, this generation is expressing their openness and acceptance of everyone.


One of the most destructive bi-products of the energies of fear and suspicion and one of the most important hurdles that humankind absolutely must cross over is “judgment.” It is hoped that the openness and acceptance of these younger generations will dampen the rampant energies of suspicion and intolerance leading to passing judgment on others as well as ourselves.

The act of placing judgment on others is gravely polarizing.  This polarized behavior, this polarized belief system that says different is wrong, is leading humankind to create a gap and a rift within all cultures that may be too wide to cross over. Humankind must realize that as diverse as we seem to be from culture to culture on Earth, from a Cosmic Context, we are all virtually the exact same. Imagine the diversity in this entire Cosmos and then look once again at Humankind. The range of diversity is imperceptible.

If judgments are set aside, if Truth becomes one’s belief system, not conviction brought by filters but Absolute Truth; if Purity and Innocence is the ultimate goal, all of this judgmental behavior will dissolve, all souls will be set free and humankind will be able to see themselves as citizens of one world and act accordingly.

There is no place for judgment in the Higher Realms. It is in opposition to Universal Law, to Divine Love, compassion, acceptance and tolerance. That is one of the most beautiful things about connecting and communing with the Masters and Divine Mother. There is absolutely no judgment. They pour their love upon you without qualification. You need do nothing to receive it. They do not love you because you are “good” whatever that means or “bad” whatever that means. They love you as you are and will always pour their love upon you, unconditionally.

Judging yourself is even more destructive than judging others. When you Judge yourself, you condemn that Divinity which is you, that Life Force of which you are the Guardian. Judging oneself leads to blame and guilt and loss of self respect. From there a downward spiral can begin which takes over a person’s life. Blame and guilt have no place in our reality. When you no longer judge yourself, you will find it natural to never cast judgment on others.

Universal Law always trumps Social Mores

The rules of our traditional context are clearly flawed in creating and sustaining a functional, let alone joyful, world. As has been proposed, the lessons learned from our life’s experiences are largely inaccurate since we use the wrong context with which to evaluate the outcome. We look at an obvious behavior pattern, whether personal or global, and see that it is not serving us. But in searching for the root cause and how to correct it, what conclusions do we arrive at? What criteria do we use to analyze our behavior and the consequences? It is ironic that, although humankind struggles to find better rules to live by through misconstrued examination, Universal Law is now and always has been in control.

According to Divine Mother and the Masters, the Universal Laws that govern all of Creation are actually very simple. However, complexity grows the farther Light moves away from the Source. As Light separates from Oneness, the Magnetic Female Creative Force separates from the Force of the Electric Masculine Focus in order for Creation to manifest. As Light moves all the way to the 3rd Dimension, the duality, the force of polarization between these two forces gets greater and greater. The maya or illusion gets thicker and thicker. This is why it is so hard to know our own truth and so easy to be swayed this way and that by the conviction of others.

Divine Mother has said, There are Universal Laws that are ruled by Divine Love. The Universal Laws that you are ruled by in your Dimension of Reality are the laws of cause and effect, or karma. There comes a point when you’re not affected by karma anymore because you live in Divine Love. You live your life in service to Light. You live your life in service to love. Love is the glue that binds this entire universe together. You’ve heard this and it has become a cliché and your mind says, yah, yah, I’ve heard this before. But think about it. Love is the substance that holds this entire Cosmos together. When you move beyond the Universal Laws of cause and effect, you are ruled by the laws of Divine Love. DiMo 090819.

The Path to Enlightenment

Knowing that this is not your last lifetime and that you will return to complete your karma becomes a big game changer. When your life is seen as a piece of the Cosmic Consciousness in a continuous flow of Creation, connected to everything and everybody, the landscape clearly changes. When you have the awareness which allows you to see yourself in others; behaving with compassion is a given. When everything you see is Creation spinning and spiraling in its glorious dance with you and not as something separate from you; respecting all things is a given. When you understand that each human being is, knowingly or unknowingly,  pursuing their own Divine Mission while dealing with thousands of lifetimes of pain, struggle and betrayal; seeing them through the eyes of non-judgment and compassion is a given.

The Path to Enlightenment Mystery School is for those who want to explore themselves and the Cosmic Context beyond this point. The courses that Divine Mother and the Masters have designed for the Mystery School are intended to give the aspirant a path to follow that will lead as far as they desire on their journey of Enlightenment.

When, from deep within yourself, you feel it is time to cross that bridge on the Path to Enlightenment, we at PTE Mystery School, the Ascended Masters and Divine Mother are at your service.