Free Will

The contrast between our traditional context and the Cosmic Context is easily seen in the concepts of Free Will and Commanding and Demanding. Humankind residing on Earth have Free Will because we demanded it. When those Souls who decided that they wanted to experience life on this beautiful planet, they were told, don’t do it, it is a mistake.  We were told it was a mistake because Nature existed in harmony in this 3rd Dimensional Realm and Human beings (God-man Beings) had Light Bodies; Light Bodies which cannot be brought to the 3rd Dimension. By their very nature, our Light Bodies held too much Light to be dipped this low into the density of the 3rd Dimension.

So, to experience this 3rd Dimensional Eden, we had to drop our Light bodies and demand and command the Universe and our Soul Lineage of Light to allow us this adventure. We saw it as an exciting and challenging exploit without understanding the consequences. The unfortunate consequences were many. The first was that we dropped our Light Bodies and thereby forgot our Divinity and the other was that Nature and the 5 Elements of this pure and pristine planet became shaken and traumatized by our presence.

We dropped our Light bodies and clad ourselves in a Physical Bodies with the 4 other energy bodies of our 5 Body System. This included our large and active Mental and Emotional Bodies.  Nature on Earth existed in harmony with the Divine and each species had a sort of group consciousness aligned with the Divine Will, with little mental, analytical capacity or need for it. When our large Mental Bodies, with all our reasoning ability and thought processes, including Free Will arrived, we created a sort of frenetic energy that threw a shock wave through all of Nature. The constant Mental Body activity of Humankind interfered with Nature and threw it out of balance. Nature on Earth has been out of balance ever since and according to the Masters, will never be in balance, as long as human Beings occupy the 3rd Dimension.

We had lived in the Higher Realms in our Light Bodies, according to Divine Will. We were immersed in Higher Light and our will was the Divine Will. To go on this expedition, we had to demand and command that we be given our Free Will to make that choice. Our wishes were granted by the Universe. It is now our Divine Right and our responsibility to put back on our Light Bodies and to be taken back into the Higher Realms. What was our Divine Right is always our Divine Right and the only person or thing that can take it away is ourselves – and we did.

To take back our Divine Right, we must abide by the rules we set when we chose Free Will over Divine Will. We each must use our Free Will to command and demand of ourselves and to the Universe that we reclaim our Divine Right. This is done with humility, not with force.

Our small context says commanding and demanding is arrogant. Prayers should be supplications, begging on hands and knees. The connotation of demanding and commanding in our limited context seems like an act of force. A simple example of demanding with force would be: you are driving down the road and stop at a red light but the guy behind you runs into you. Jumping out of the car, you slam your fist down on the hood of his car demanding that he give his proof of insurance to you. This is how we seem to view commanding and demanding.

This is not at all how it looks in a Cosmic Context. Demanding and commanding is stating your intentions in a clear and forthright way to the Universe. It implies no show of force through bravado or ultimatum but it also is not begging. Think of it as standing in your truth and empowering yourself with your Divine Right, the same Divine Right that all Beings in Creation have, no begging or supplication is expected or sought after. You understand what you want, why you want it and that it benefits all, as well as yourself, and you make your demand with great humility in knowing that you are putting this intention out to the Cosmos and that it will be heard and responded to.

Prayers and Intentions

Prayers and intentions are the most powerful thing you can do to affect your personal Reality and the Global Reality.

Prayers are always heard and they are always answered. But as we have seen, first we must ask. It is a Universal Law; “ask and you shall receive.” Mother Meera is a living saint who gives her darshan or personal blessing, to thousands of devotees, worldwide, every year. Her most fervent guidance to all her devotees is, make it a habit to ask the Divine for everything. Because we have established ourselves in this domain where Free Will is the law, we must pray and we must make our intentions clearly known to allow Divine Mother and the Masters to intercede on our behalf.

Divine Mother and the Masters know what we need but can do nothing until we ask for it. The answers aren’t always in the way our limited view of our possibilities says they should be but they are always what is best for us within the context of our request. Sometimes we unknowingly ask for things that are not in our best interest but the Universe is bound to answer our request, as we make it. Divine Mother says to always say, “this or better” at the end of our prayers and intentions so that she can give us better, in case we have inadvertently asked for something that is not in our or others’ best interest.

In the following text, Divine Mother beautifully explains the critical importance of Commanding and Demanding because of the nature and origin of the law of Free Will.


Divine Mother’s Discourse on the Origin and Power of Free Will

Divine Mother, Channeled in the Fall of 2010

Demanding that your Divine Right be given to you is not out of arrogance. In the Origin of Time, when Humankind; God-Man-Kind, chose to roam the Earth and enter into lower levels of Light, it was they who decided – who demanded – to be left alone to roam the 3rd Dimensional frequency of Earth. It is therefore up to us now, to demand to return to our Divine Right. Please understand this. It is sometimes overbearing for those who read in the books that the Masters say, “Demand and Command of the Masters and ask for your Divine Right,” without knowing the significance of the concept of “demanding and commanding your Divine Right.”

People say, “I will never demand, I will never command.” First of all, demanding and commanding shows that you have the power to Will yourself to return to your Divinity. For as long as you have not empowered yourself to Will yourself to your Divinity, no Master, no Great Being, no Angel, no Divine Mother, no nothing can do anything for you. This power is a power of Free Will.

I can ask and intercede on your behalf but if you don’t accept it, if you don’t command it, if you don’t demand it, it will be wafting in the air waiting for you to reach that point of empowerment to know the significance. I can intercede for you; I am interceding for you, because you have earned it, because you have requested your Divine Right. Demanding and commanding your Divine Right does not come from arrogance – it is actually of utmost humility.

Demanding and commanding your Divine Right comes from a place of humility because, originally, when the separation happened, those who commanded and demanded to be left alone to roam the 3rd Dimensional Realms removed themselves from their own Divinity as Light Beings. In order for all to return to Oneness, every Soul has to reach that point of humility where they come back and say, “Now the lessons are learned and I demand and command to return to my Divinity, which is my Divine Right. I want to experience that Divine Spark again. I don’t want to be separate.” That to me, in my book, in Divine Mother’s book, is humility, not arrogance.

You came to rescue those who came to roam the Earth. You are all Melchizedeks, you are all Kumaras. I would even say you are all Great Beings of Light. That is why in order to protect you, we need to demand and command Great Cosmic Beings of Light, such as Thoth and Veyga, such as Melchizedek and Malak, such as Goddesses Victory and Liberty, Glory, Venus and Veyga to bring their protection. To be re-connected from soul to soul; from their Soul to your Soul, from their Spirit to your Spirit, from their Body to your Bodies, from their Energy Bodies to your Energy Bodies.

The Destiny of these Cosmic Beings is Tied to Yours

These Great Cosmic Beings have made a sacrifice of their own vastness to encapsulate some of that vastness to envelope you. The destiny of these Cosmic Beings is tied to yours. They couldn’t come for unawakened Souls because the Universal Law says they can’t come for someone who knows nothing of their existence. There is no way for them to ever connect to the unawakened Souls or newly awakened Souls. I want you to understand the value of who you are and what you do.

They have done it out of Selfless Service. Better that they tie their destiny to yours than they tie their destiny to the unawakened Souls. It is not for the unawakened Souls that they have come – it is for you that they have come. Do you know why they have come for you? Because you are making the ultimate sacrifice. A Great Cosmic Being, sending a fragment, an iota, of his or her energy to envelope you, still has the totality of the vastness to bathe in the Cosmic Realms. What do you have? You have the limitations of the aches and pains of this body. You have the limitations of disconnectedness from your Mental Body, to your true Mental Body which is also vast and you have all the agony of emotionally dealing with people who do not understand the value of what you offer them.

This includes, I am saddened to say, some of your loving partners, your children, siblings, and parents. In many cases, those children, parents, siblings, and partners actually feel that you are the ones to blame. Because you are the one who has left them, you are the one who was doing ceremony when they needed you, you are the one who was meditating when they needed you, you are the one who couldn’t go to the movies with them because the energy gets to you; you are the one who is abnormal and weird.

No one says, “Look at how much Light you earned this year, here’s a bonus for you,” because – How many of you have given up your cooperate jobs to turn into healers and have worked for years and years for next to nothing? Where’s the criteria, the yardstick that measures the Quotient of Light that you have and says, “Ounce per ounce, pound for pound, this amount of Light is worth its weight in gold.”

What Being has ever done that for you, or anyone else for that matter? That’s why I say to you,

 “I demand and command of these Masters, I demand and command of these Cosmic Beings, to empower you, to bring money, comfort, luxury, health, wholeness, prosperity, love, joy, partnership, respect, reverence.”

I want to see the world revere you. I want to see that and I will. I will stand by your side and watch it while I hold your hands.

Let go of Limitation

I ask you, let go of limitation, of limiting yourself. There is no place in my Reality for you to suffer and fear where the next mortgage payment, rent payment, food bill, utility bill, car payment is going to come from. It helps no one; it serves nothing. Those days are gone.

Light is going to be around you, enveloping you, and the Great Cosmic Beings are going to illuminate your path. Let go of your fears, let go of your limitations. Ask for comfort and luxury, ask for power and position. Alongside of Power and Position, comfort and luxury, remember to ask that you constantly walk the Path of Light and not veer from it; constantly walk the path of Selfless Service. Even that has already been provided to you. All these Great Beings who are here to assist you to gain momentum, to raise the Light, to touch the multitudes and masses, will watch over you to see that you walk the path of straight and narrow. I have no concern about any one of you using your powers for personal gain or for harming others. You need to trust yourself and if you can’t do that right now, trust me. Know that I will not allow it.

Let go of your fears. Demand and command that the Highest and Brightest Light shine upon you. If you become the leaders of this world, terror will end, pain will end, hunger will end, violence will end. Because in your heart, God-Unity is illuminated, the Flame of Ascension, the Flame of God-Unity, the Eternal Flame, is forever illumined in your heart and you are constantly working with those Flames. You are consciously working with those Flames; you are consciously breathing the Life Force into that Flame and through the Flame, into the world.

This is why people are attracted to you. This is why peace comes wherever you go. Or if chaos is bubbling to the surface, it is going to unfold wherever you go. Don’t blame yourself if you walk into a situation and everything goes haywire. That’s like a boil that needs to come to a puss to heal. If your presence will accelerate the process, that’s not bad, it is good.

I am your very own Divine Mother,

Blessings to you all,

So it is.