There are two primary reasons why you are here right now, why you are incarnate on Earth and living this lifetime. The first is that your Divine Mission, which brought you here in the first place, is not complete and the second is that the karma you have incurred since beginning your Divine Mission on Earth is not complete. Each soul will have to bring both of these to completion before they can move on to their next cosmic adventure. The fastest route to completing these requirements is to understand the game and the rules for playing the game so you can make adjustments and corrections that actually result in accelerating you in reaching your goal.


Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to the Law of Karma.

The Law of Karma, or Cause and Effect, is a physical as well as a spiritual law that we are bound to for as long as we take physical embodiment. Karma literally means actions and commonly implies actions with an impact or effect that gives rise to reactions. Everyone living on Earth is subject to karma or action and for every action, there is a reaction. That is a law of physics, as a scientist would say or that is a physical law, as the Masters would say.

In the law of cause and effect, if the personal motivation is to gain, that will cause karma; it creates it.  Intention plays a big part in how we incur our karma. If your thoughts or actions are selfish, you will incur negative karma. If your thoughts or actions are intended to do harm to others or yourself, the negative karma will be greater. If your thoughts and actions are selfless, expressing Divine Love and Compassion, you will incur good karma.

An analogy would be every action causes an energetic ripple in the fabric of time and space. You initiate this ripple with your actions. This ripple must come to rest at some point through you and until it does you are bound to this Earthly reality. Regardless of your Divine Mission, you cannot move on until your karmic slate is clean, until your karmic load is dissolved. Most often, this ripple comes to rest by manifesting back into your life as an action of similar nature imposed upon you. The small catch here is sometimes the karmic ripple gains momentum within the fabric of time and space and comes back with much greater force. For example, say a person steals a wallet with $50 in it but 3 years later, his car is stolen. The karmic debt has been paid and the ripple neutralized but the relative hardship to the person as the karma returns to him is much greater. Furthermore, if the man stole the wallet with clear intent to injure as well, the karma will be powered by this intent to harm and could be much worse. 

The question you may be asking is how do I remove karmic debt and how do I protect myself from being completely overwhelmed by my karmic load. This is indeed a critical question because humankind has become so weighted down with karmic load that most humans, instead of removing more and more karmic load with each lifetime, pursuing their Divine Mission and working their way to being freed from Earthly incarnation, are finding themselves caught within an endless wheel of birth and death, incurring more and more karma with each incarnation instead of removing any. Their lives are just one karmic event after another. When their karma is returned to them in pain and struggle, rather than neutralizing it, they add even more negative karma to themselves by reacting negatively to each situation again and sending the ripple out with greater strength and force. This is how not learning our lesson the first time, brings us greater hardship each time the lesson returns to be learned.

Avoiding the consequences of our actions and kicking the lesson down the road just amplifies the size of the ripple each time. When we meet the situation and push back instead of accepting responsibility and finding the core issue to be corrected and absorbing the energy of the ripple – letting it dissipate – we sentence ourselves to a more painful reunion with that karma at some future time.

When you live in the knowing that you fill your own reality with the karma of your actions, you will soon find out that being unkind, selfish, hurtful and intolerant will not get you very far.


Karmic Entanglement

A person incurs karma but so do people as a group. Families incur karmic, organizations, towns, countries and planets, etc. incur karma. Sometimes you can even see the effects of karma being acted out in the history of nations. In the case of smaller groups, such as families and organizations, where people interact with each other personally, people can become entangled in a huge intricate web of karmic entanglement. The ripples are so intertwined that one person’s actions affect all the others even when all parties have long ago moved on and are no longer physically connected. When this kind of karmic entanglement occurs, there is very little chance of resolving it without the Masters and Divine Mother’s intercession. Prayer is a critical component in reducing karmic debt so that your time and energy can be spent in service rather than only into resolving karma.

Earth has dropped to such a low vibration, that behavior which will result in huge karmic debt has become socially acceptable. Qualities such as greed, selfishness, hording, retaliation, revenge, and using force to get what you want, are all largely admired qualities in today’s Western business world. But they come at a huge karmic price. If you look at life with a short memory, you may even think operating like that is the way to get ahead, however, the karmic debt will have to be paid sooner or later and when it comes back, it will not be pretty. Viewing the larger Context can bring us to some sobering realizations. Financial planners would serve their clients better if they calculated karmic debt and potential gain along with financial debt and potential gain.

The good news is that there are indeed other laws, superior to karmic law, which we could choose to live by. Changing our mode of operation from selfishness to selflessness is the first step. Once we adopt that motivation, we have a chance to begin to dampen and dissolve our karmic load and appeal to our Soul Lineage of Light and Divine Mother to intercede on our behalf to break our endless karmic cycle. Once we can reach levels of Light where we can, through the help of the Masters, dissolve all karma and leave it behind, we can begin to live life, abiding by the Universal Law of Divine Love, and move away from life dictated by karma. While we live in physical embodiment, we must act and that results in karma but acting in selfless service will keep the karmic load low and manageable and leave plenty of time for spiritual growth, pursuing our Divine Mission and having great fun while we do it.