Ascended Masters


Who are the Ascended Masters?

The Ascended Masters are our brothers and sisters who have walked on the path of Light before us. These Beings reached Enlightenment in previous lifetimes by devoting themselves in total Service to all and aligning themselves with Divine Will. They repaid their karmic debts and due to their Selfless Service, no longer incur karma that binds them to this Third Dimensional Reality. At that point, the Soul may still wish to reincarnate, as the living Avatars and Saints have done, in order to serve, or may choose to stay in the Higher Realms to assist those not yet ascended to reach Enlightenment. Both ways have their necessary function, their own unique qualities and serve to fulfill the Divine Plan.


The Nature of being a Living Master or an Ascended Master

Living Masters: Generally, there are two categories of Living Masters. The first are those who achieve Enlightenment in their lifetime, as they serve and teach others. These are known as gurus, spiritual teachers and Living Masters. The second are Ascended Masters who chose to come back to help humankind. These are known as Avatars. They are born realized and remember everything. They can retrieve information and live simultaneously on both sides of the veil, in the mundane world and in the sublime world equally. 

When you are incarnate on Earth, even if you are an Avatar and your Soul is very much in control, you still incur some karma because the nature of life on Earth creates karma. To live on Earth, you must act and actions result in karma. Living on Earth also requires a means for individualization, or an ego, as well as Personality Aspects that become your Conscious self and have their own needs that must be considered. Because of this, there is always a slight risk that even a Master could fall prey to the thick density of Earth and ego. In extreme cases, even as Masters, you are prone to forgetting your divinity and getting stuck back in the wheel of birth and death. This means that invariably the job of a Living Master is much more difficult than that of Ascended Masters who are directed from the Higher Realms and free of 3rd Dimensional density.

The good news is that the Universe treats a Being who has given up their heaven to serve others here on Earth with reverence. Such a Being carries more weight with their prayers and intentions because they are serving while dealing with the separation that is inherent in being incarnate.

Ascended Masters: Ascended Masters stay in the Higher Realms and act from beyond time and space and are in constant awareness of their Oneness with God while they serve the Light and serve as our Guides. They are able to see a broader picture and express their powers without the heavy weight of the Third Dimension hanging around their necks. But, by the same token, since they are not operating from within this Physical Reality, their abilities to affect this Reality are somewhat limited. Although their powers are great, Universal Law does not allow their intervention because of Free Will (we must first ask them for their help through our prayers, ceremonies and intentions) and even then, they must work within the constraints of the thick lethargic nature of this Reality. This is why our choice to serve and participate with the Ascended and incarnate Masters is of great importance. Together we can raise the Quotient of Light and move this Reality into a Lighter and more fluid state where the Masters can assist all souls and the Earth in much greater ways.

Hierarchy of the Ascended Masters

The Feminine Creative Force, known in the Christian Trinity as the Holy Ghost and as Shaki in the Hindu religion, brought the manifest Creation into being with the help of the Male Focus. Through this process, the Cosmos was organized into a Hierarchical Structure and so were the Beings who existed within this structure, giving Creation Order.

This Order manifested into a Hierarchy of Offices held for designated periods of time by Great Beings. The fundamental Universal Law “As above, so below, as within, so without” applies here. A Hierarchy of Offices exists at Planetary Level, Solar Level, Galactic Level, Universal Level and at Cosmic Conglomerate Levels.

Each Planet, Galaxy, Universe, etc. has a Great Being called a Logos, or “word” responsible for holding within them the consciousness of that planet, Solar System, Galaxy, etc. The Being that occupies this office Overlights the planet with their Consciousness. The Logos for the planet Earth is Sanat Kumara.


Earth’s Hierarchy of Offices

Although not exhaustive, the following is a snap shot overview of the offices that are part of Earth’s Hierarchy.

Logos. Sanat Kumara is our Planetary Logos. Sanat Kumara came to rescue Earth millions of years ago. He came with 6 other Brothers in Light, known collectively as the Seven Kumaras. The first three Kumaras (including Sanat Kumara) are known as the Buddhas of Activity.

World Teacher. Christ Maitreya holds the office of World Teacher. He is the Planetary Christ in that he carries the consciousness of the Christed Self, or the True Self – the Enlightened Self. At this point in time, Master Jesus holds this office as Christ Maitreya has taken physical form on Earth. Christ Maitreya, along with the Masters of Wisdom, have come in order to awaken the multitudes and masses through the first two levels of initiation and push those who have already attained these levels to their next spiritual attainment, the Third and Fourth Levels of Initiation and entry into the realms of Mastery. A website, exclusively dedicated to Christ Maitreya can be found at,  

Maha Chohan of the Seven Rays. In Sanskrit, Maha means “highest” and Chohan means “master” or “wise being.” The Maha Chohan supervises the Seven Rays, Chohans, Angelic Forces and all the souls who come on each Ray.

Chohans of the Seven Rays and the Corresponding Archangels of the Seven Rays

Every incarnate Human Being has agreed to come to Earth embodying the Qualities of one of the Seven Rays. The Maha Chohan and the Chohans of the Seven Rays are in charge of the Souls that are part of the Soul Lineage of Light of their particular Ray. They are in charge of ensuring that the purest essence of the Quality of their Ray is anchored by the Souls of that Ray.

Ray 1: El Morya and Archangel Michael

                Ray 2: Lord Lanto and Archangel Jophiel

                Ray 3: Paul the Venetian and Archangel Chamuel

                Ray 4: Serapis Bey and Archangel Gabriel

                Ray 5: Hilarion and Archangel Raphael

                Ray 6: Lady Nada and Archangel Uriel

                Ray 7: St. Germain and Archangel Zadkiel                            

The Feminine Creative Force is not bound by the same Hierarchy as the Male Masters. However, at this present Age, this vast consciousness has taken form as Divine Mother, encapsulating the Feminine Principles for Existence to express herself in manifest form to assist in our spiritual Evolution back to our Source and our return journey of Divine Oneness. The Goddesses who are particularly active on Earth are:

Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of Spiritual Abundance and Material Possessions

Goddess Saraswati, Goddess of the Arts and Wisdom,

Goddess Durga, the Goddess of Removal of karma and removing obstacles,

Goddess Kali, who embodies all of these qualities of the previous three and who is the Patron of this Age, the Age of Kali Yuga,

Goddess Athena, Goddess Hecate, Goddess Pele, Goddess Isis, Lady Nada, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Goddess Gaia, Goddess Gayatri, Goddess Liberty, Goddess Victory, Goddess of Glory, Goddess Veyga, Cosmic Being Venus, Great Silent Watcher and many other Great Cosmic Beings and Cosmic Guardians, most of whom are arriving on Earth by Divine Mother’s command.