Earth Changes


Natural Disasters

The Nature of Natural Disasters and their Affect on all species

“The emotional body of Mother Earth is going through a cleansing. This cleansing by Earth is often felt even before it happens, by all species. Those of us, who are especially connected to Mother Earth, feel it even more.

The experience presents itself in aches and pains in the body, feelings of lethargy and invariably, a sense of depression; especially in the case of Earthquakes. There is a deep sense of depression or what the human body registers as feeling depressed, lethargic, fearful, sad, and it has to do with connecting to Earth and the way that the planet, as a conscious being, feels. Just as we want to be loved when we are down and unhappy, so does Mother Earth.

Imagine as a parent, you are feeling the pain of your children or as the owner of pets, you are feeling the pain of your pets. Now multiply this by the number of people whose lives are affected.

Think of that as an undercurrent of energy that you pick up. First of all, you will pick it up as members of an indigent species, but even more so, you pick it up because Mother Earth, as a Mother Energy, as a Parent Energy, is experiencing it.

On one hand, she has to allow this to happen because it is important for her survival and it is important for our survival as the human species. On the other hand, she cares. She cares for what happens to people, she cares for the price that human beings, all souls and various species, pay in this process. This process of self adjustment – because what she is doing is adjusting herself.

What is she adjusting to? She is adjusting to a shift in her own consciousness and that of all souls and creatures, sentient and insentient.

The analogy would be if you were given a new job. And this job is a promotion. But it requires that you relocate. It requires that you move to a different part of the country.

So, you have to come home and you have to put it out to your spouse, to your partner, to your children, to your parents, family members and friends and try and justify this move (while in your own head, you know it is best for everyone) at the same time, you also know you have to give everyone a chance to make their own choices.

Meantime, the minors in the family have to accept your choice, meantime the pets in the family have to accept your choice, meantime the plants have to accept your choice, the furniture has to accept your choice, the land that you’re leaving has to accept your choice, even that land you are moving to has to accept your choice.

How does that analogy fit? The promotion for Mother Earth is to move those of you who have raised your Light from the 3rd Dimensional Realm to the 5th Dimensional Realm. In doing this, she has to let everyone know that this choice is available to them. Those who have awakened have to make that decision on their own. At the same time, it is a choice that has been offered to Mother Earth, herself. It is like a new job, a new promotion, because she has been given the opportunity to open up a 5th Dimensional Octave; to open up an opportunity to create a Reality which will lead to heightening of energies for Earth.

On one hand, it’s everything she wants; just as getting a promotion of a new job would be everything the head of the family would want. On the other hand, if this promotion is not met with approval from all family members, it is going to be much more difficult.

How can Mother Earth open the 5th Dimensional Octave, if nobody wants to go there? How can the family move, if nobody but the head of the family wants to do it. As the head of the Planetary body, She (Mother earth and Goddess Gaia, her Residing Deity) wants to make this happen, as the head of the family, the person with the promotion, the mom or dad, wants to make this happen but everyone has to somehow cooperate to make it a reality.

Mother Earth Cleanses herself in Two Ways

Mother Earth is clearing and cleansing her own Meridian Systems, her Chakra System and her 5 Body System, and it is of upmost importance that everyone understand the power of prayer, the power of the Grids of Light, and the power of Meditational Exercises.

It is important to understanding that there are two ways for Mother Earth to clear herself. And they are on opposite ends of the spectrum.

1) The first is that she will clear herself with one form of natural disaster or another, and this is not to say that anyone receiving the effects of her clearing are bad people, it has nothing to do with that. It has to do with where the clogged meridian and chakras of Earth may be and where her body most benefits from the clearing.

2) The second way is for us to clear the energy and the 5 Elements, through prayer, meditations, Grids of Light and invocations to the Angels and the Masters. This is the other end of the spectrum of how we can clear the energy, abate and abort natural disasters and raise the consciousness of all Souls to abort and abate the notion, the ideas and the action which leads to even manmade disasters.

How we can assist Mother Earth in Clearing Herself

Sending love energy to the event, be it an earthquake, hurricane, flood or volcanic eruption abates its gravity and intensity. Calling the Violet Flame Inferno around the event also helps transmute its negative impact and pouring Golden Pink Light will shrink the disastrous outcome.

When we say the invocations and we set up the Grids of Light, they will be available to effect wherever and whenever needed. Just as the clearing from a volcanic eruption, an Earthquake, or a tsunami will be adopted by Mother Earth and her consciousness wherever it is needed.  The more of these invocational prayers that we do, the less of those natural disasters become necessary, the more that we raise the Quotient of Light, the higher the vibration of Mother Earth and the easier it is for her to clear herself.

An analogy would be; when your body is attacked by a virus, or some germs, what happens? You break into a huge fever and that fever burns whatever germs, whatever viruses there are and then you break into a huge sweat and you have that euphoric feeling that you have come out of it. Imagine that analogy happening when Mother Earth creates a volcanic eruption which creates a flood.

Now instead of a volcanic eruption, flood or earthquake being the cause for breaking the fever, we can induce that euphoric experience of breaking the fever by meditational exercises, Grids of Light, by calling the Angels, the Masters, Divine Mother; by setting up these beings and layers upon layers of these Grids. It can be done, it has been done.

And send love constantly. Send love to the natural or manmade disastrous event. Send love to the Earth, to the Masters to your friends and family. Even send love to those who have intentions of harm to you.

Most especially, send love to those who have intentions to do harm to you. Because when you send love, that love becomes a sphere around them and that sphere closes in and closes in and closes in and the more anger, the more greed, the more fear, the more hatred that they send, the more that love will encapsulate whatever it is that they are sending around them and around them. The thicker that sphere of love becomes, the more they bathe in the negative energy that they are sending out until they have to embrace the love and compassion or eventually self destruct.  So to someone who hates you with every pore of their being, send out the most amount of love and don’t be surprised that they simply vanish from your life. Their anger and hatred for you and your love and compassion for them will cause them to move out of your reality.”

I hold you in my own heart,

So it is.

Metatron, channeled Spring of 2010.