You & the Cosmos

The Expanse of our Cosmos

When we look into the sky on a clear night, we see billions of stars that are part of our Galaxy called the Milky Way. We also see points of Light that are not just stars but galaxies; so far away that they appear as single points of light. How far does this visible Cosmos extend? How big is the playing field? How big is infinite?

Vastness of space: The Masters have given us a sense of how vast the Cosmos is and where our Earth fits into it. Even though vast beyond comprehension, the Cosmos has an organized hierarchical structure to it with discernable boundaries. They say,

  • There are billions of planets orbiting billions of Star Systems.
  • There are billions of Star Systems orbiting each Galaxy.
  • There are billions of Galaxies orbiting within each Universe.
  • There are 43 Universes in our Omniverse.
  • There are three Omniverses in our Cosmic Conglomerate. The second Omniverse in our Cosmic Conglomerate has 55 Universes and the third has 63 Universes. Our Cosmic Conglomerate seems to be one of many in all of manifest existence.

Dimensions of Reality: The Masters say that there are a total of 144 Dimensions of Reality. While we are most familiar with the tangible and very solid Third Dimension of Reality, there are another 141 Dimensions and Beings exist within every one of these Dimensions. In spite of the vastness of the Cosmos, some on Earth still think we are all alone. The reason why astronomers look at Venus, as one example, and say life cannot exist there, is because life, as we know it, cannot exist in the 3rd Dimensional Realm of Venus and since we cannot perceive beyond the 3rd Dimension, it must not exist. Life can however exist in the Higher Dimensions on Venus and in fact does exist quite wonderfully.

In the same way that Light tends to step down in intensity and purity from Cosmos to Omniverse to Universe to Galaxy, to Solar System, to each planet, Light also tends to step down in intensity and purity from the Higher Dimensions to the Lower Dimensions. As Light moves out from its Source, it encounters resistance and becomes more and more dense. The Masters refer to the Dimensions from 144 to 108 as the realm of Non-Manifest – Mass-less Matter; from the 108th to the 52nd, Semi-Form, from the 52nd to the 13th, Ethereal Form and from the 13th to our 3rd Dimension, Solid Form.

PTE MS Level I course, Journey to the Dimensions of the Higher Chakras with Archangel Michael and Level II courses, Journey Through the Thrones, Phase I and II provide much more detail and meditational exercises to explore the Higher Dimensions.

The Nature of Time and Space

Time is an event moving through space. Time and space in the Higher Realms are one continuum; events are superimposed on top of each other in one time/space spectrum. Events are dynamic and not static, as movement from one event to another is not registered as past, present or future but simply as events in space/time. As this continuum reaches down to the solidity of this world of matter, it begins to separate just as Light fractures from the effects of greater density. As density forces events to fall, one next to the other, time spreads itself into past, present and future in a linear manner, creating Linear Time.

Much is being discovered by scientists regarding time/space. Quantum theory talks about the non-linear nature of time and Einstein long ago realized that time is not absolute but relative. In one of his famous  thought experiments he showed that it is impossible to verify that 2 events happened simultaneously for different observers.

Cycles within Cycles

All of the Star Systems, Galaxies, Universes, Omniverses and Cosmic Conglomerates are in constant motion, each in an orbit related to the next bigger system.

Note: The information contained here on cycles is based on information given by the Masters and on the way Light moves. The Masters have said that Light behaves as a fractile and in ways that are not fully understood by science yet. For instance, scientific literature commonly puts a Galactic Day at 225 to 250 million years. However, this is based on the assumed physical path that the Solar System takes in its orbit around an expanding galaxy (which, even if accurate, and the Masters say it isn’t) does not account for the way Light moves, which is the essential component. More will be said about linear time compared to cycles of Light in advanced courses. The cyclical references given here relate to the way Light behaves and effects our Reality here on 3 Dimensional Earth.

Given the above qualification, the Masters say that one Cosmic Day (24 hour equivalent) is about 4.2 billion years; 2.1 billion for the “night” half-cycle and 2.1 billion years for the “day” half-cycle. This is the time it takes Earth to make one full rotation around the Cosmos.

  • Earth spins on its axis at a rate of one complete revolution per one 24 hour day; half of this complete cycle is dark or night time and half is light or day time.
  • Earth orbits our sun (the center of our Star System) in 1 year.
  • Earth and our Star System orbits our Galaxy in about 26,000 years.

Most bodies (Planetary, Star System, Galaxies and Omniverses, etc.) orbit the next largest body (Star System, Galaxy, Omniverse, etc.). Many orbit in elliptical orbits as opposed to circular orbits. The nature of an elliptical orbit is that there is a point in the orbit where the orbiting body is closest to the center of the body it is orbiting and an opposite point in the orbit where the orbiting body is farthest from the center. The closest distance is often referred to as the perigee and the longest distance is called the apogee.

For the purposes of this example, we can consider that the Source of Light is at the center of the Cosmos and Light radiates out from there to the farthest reaches of space. As you move away from the center of the Cosmos into space, the center of each Omniverse, Universe, Galaxy, etc. becomes the Source of the highest intensity of Light for all smaller bodies held within it. For instance, the Highest immediate Light Source for a planet is its sun, for a Star System, it’s the Galactic Core, for a Galaxy it is the Universal Core, for a Universe, it is the Core of the Omniverse, for the Omniverse it is the core of the Cosmic Conglomerate.

Inherent in this “Source of Higher Light Hierarchy” and the multi-dimensional cosmic dance of rotating, orbiting bodies, are cycles within cycles.

While each point of Earth’s orbit affects us physically (the seasons) it also effects us energetically. The seasons bring physical change on Earth but also energetic change. Winter is a time of pulling in, of hibernation and re-charging, spring is re-birth, blossoming and expanding, summer is fire energy, purification and activity, and fall is fulfillment and reaping the rewards of the year’s work.

Just as notably is the energetic force of the moon. The movement of the moon affects the tides and brings strong energy shifts as the moon moves from new moon to full moon to waning moon. Meanwhile the Solar System is orbiting the galaxy and there are characteristics of each point in that orbit which also, more subtly perhaps but just as significantly, effect Earth physically and energetically. And this goes for the galaxy orbiting the Universe, and on and on. At this point in the history of Earth, however, the cyclical effect created by the orbit of our Solar System around the Galaxy is the most predominant.

12/21/2012, a time for Celebration

The date December 21, 2012 has taken on significant meaning over the last few decades and millions of people are aware of it and many are experiencing anxiety and fear because of it. This perception has grown from the importance that many ancient civilizations have placed on this date. The Mayan calendar famously ends on Dec. 21, 2012. This fact, along with the mystery given this date by seers and prognosticators, has colored 12/21/2012 in the minds of most Earthlings as a puzzling day, of some concern at best and of anxiety or even fear at worst.

To shed some light on what Dec. 21, 2012 represents and how it became a day of mystery, consider the sketch of the Earth’s orbit around the Galactic Core, shown below. This sketch is an over-simplification but illustrates effectively the day – night half cycles.

 ONE 26,000 year GALACTIC DAY

PTE Galactic Day

Earth’s current position is farthest from the Galactic Core but at the beginning of the Galactic “Daytime” 13,000 Year Half Cycle & the Beginning of the Feminine Influence

December 21, 2012 is the landmark point at which Earth is at the farthest point in its orbit from the Galactic Core and begins to turn its “face” back towards our most prominent Source of Light and we begin the Galactic “daytime” half cycle. Even though we are at the farthest point in our orbit from our highest source of Light, there is now a significant difference because of our disposition toward that Light. We are “facing” and moving towards the Light instead of turning our backs to our major Source of Light. This brings potential for a great energetic change, as Earth and humankind can choose to receive and accept the Higher Light that is becoming more available. (Note that a free will choice to receive that Light is also at play. More will be said about that topic later).

To bring even greater significance to this landmark point, the Masters have said that we are also beginning a Universal and Cosmic “daytime” half cycle. We have reached the same point from a Universal, as well as Cosmic, point of view; we are farthest in our orbit from the highest Source of Light but we are turning towards the Light, moving out of the “darkness” and entering into the “daylight” from a Universal as well as Cosmic Context.

All of these factors come together and create a landmark point where Earth and Humankind can reach toward the Light and embrace it, accelerating the pouring down of Light and freeing us from the density that has gained momentum through the movement toward darkness. We have the opportunity to no longer hold on to the darkness; hold on to the status quo, the ways of doing things born out of the necessity of functioning in the density borne out of darkness. This is why the Mayan calendar ends at Dec. 21, 2012, because time, as we have known it for thousands of years, will no longer be valid. A recalibration of time is needed to take into account the movement of Earth back towards Light. The degree to which the multitudes and masses choose to embrace that Light will be of great importance in this process.

Time is largely a product of the degree of density which humankind and Earth, and therefore our Reality vibrates to. Therefore, linear time will naturally re-calibrate according to the vibration of the Collective Consciousness, as we move through the end of the year 2012.  Although the focus of this landmark point is 12/21/2012, it is a 26,000 year cycle and a 13,000 year half-cycle that we are embarking upon, therefore, the effects of this transition may take several years to fully settle.

Natural Disasters

Although 12/21/2012 represents a great day, a day when we begin to return toward our greatest Source of Light, it will come with some chaos. To ready herself for this movement back into Light, Mother Earth is shaking off the dross she has been accumulating for the past 13,000 year half cycle of “night.” All of the negativity; the anger, greed, hording, fear and suspicion, that has crept into the minds of humankind and the Earth cannot withstand the higher degree of Light that is beginning to pour down. As Earth shakes herself off of this negativity, natural disasters are likely.

Mother Earth has been very gentle so far and has used the Elements of Fire and Water more readily than the Element of Earth. Clearing dross using the Element of Earth means more earthquakes which can be the most destructive and traumatic. She has used the Elements of Water and Fire a great deal to clear the dross. In 2011, much flooding occurred (particularly in Australia and parts of the US) as well as the Earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  In the summer of 2012, heat and fires were rampant in the US.

As Earth, sometimes aggressively, tends to her task of clearing and cleansing herself, we need to all view this with optimism and hope and never be fearful or anxious about what is happening to Earth and to us individually, but as one great family of humanity. For more on how to abate and reduce the effect of natural disasters, see Orientation Course I.C. Natural Disasters, 2012 and the Role each of us play.


Other Dominant Cycles

In Figure 2 below we have listed, in addition to the Galactic Day (26,000 year) cycle, other cycles that are especially important and have a great impact on Earth and Humankind at this time in Earth’s and Humankind’s history.

The Seven Rays

White Light, on its journey out from the  Source into Creation, encounters the density inherent in darkness and begins to slow down. As mentioned above, density increases as you move away from the Source; through Mass-less Matter, to Semi-Form, to ethereal Form, etc. As White Light moves into greater density, it reaches a point at which the density can not support White Light in its purity and it fractures or differentiates, like a beam of Light going through a prism.  From this event, Seven Rays are created. You see the Seven Rays illuminated in nature as a rainbow, a sun-bow or a moon-bow. Whenever Pure Light faces resistance, it fractures into fragments. At this Dimension of Reality, those fragments are known as the Seven Rays. These Seven Rays become the catalyst to uphold a specific energy and Quality brought forth from the Higher Realms.

Since all things in Manifest Creation stem from Pure White Light emanating from the Source, all things, the tangible and intangible, the material, the imagined, all stem from Pure White Light. So, all possible Qualities that can permeate through manifest Creation are embedded within that Pure White Light. Positive and useful Qualities, in order to reinforce their effect, as Pure White Light is fractured and becomes corrupted, were embedded into the Rays that were the result of this fracturing.  The Qualities were embedded into the frequency of vibration of the corresponding Ray which naturally linked that Quality to the color of the Ray.

The Energies and Qualities of the Seven Rays with the corresponding colors are, from One to Seven:

Ray 1: Blue – Divine Will,

Ray 2: Yellow – Divine Wisdom,

Ray 3: Pink – Divine Love,

Ray 4: White – Mental Clarity and Focus of Intent,

Ray 5: Emerald Green – Truth, Hope and Healing,

Ray 6: Ruby Red with Gold Filaments – Selfless Service

Ray 7: Violet – Divine Order and Transmutation.

The Seven Rays bring focus of their respective Divine Quality to help protect that Quality as it moves farther into density to this Third Dimensional Realm. The lower dimensional realms are then charged with these Seven Rays, the differentiated version of the Pure White Light. The Seven Rays of Light in their descent into density ultimately reach into solidified bodies of matter.  As the Rays move through density, their purity decreases, as does the purity of the Quality which each is embedded with. Each Divine Quality can deteriorate as its purity diminishes as it moves through density to manifest as a lesser Quality. Divine Will can become selfish control of others and things, Divine Wisdom can become manipulation, Divine Love can become selfish love and control of others, Divine Mental Clarity and Focus of Intent can become confusion and chaos, Divine Truth, Hope and Healing can become deception and extortion, selfless Service becomes selfish “me first at the expense of others” behavior and Divine Order becomes disarray, turmoil and disorder.  In order to  bring and reinforce the purest essence of these Qualities on Earth, our souls are aligned with one of the Seven Rays. Our Soul Lineage, or Soul Family you might say, has chosen to be the protector of one of the Rays and the Qualities that it carries.

Each individual human being, incarnate on Earth at this present time, is therefore, illuminated or has become enlivened by the emanations from one of the Seven Rays. The Ray remains the same for each individual and all Souls in that Soul Lineage of Light for many incarnations. The Divine Mission for that Soul Lineage and therefore that Soul in large part is based on bringing forth and anchoring the Qualities of that Ray.  

The Souls for each Ray have a cycle of time to incarnate on Earth, learn their lessons to anchor their Ray in purity and leave to make room for the Souls of the next Ray. Even though most are not aware of this task,  by merely taking incarnation, by our physical presence on Earth,  we are anchoring our Ray into this Earthly Reality.   That was the intention written into the Original Divine Plan for this phase of Earth’s evolution. However, at this present moment, the Earth is over-polluted and over populated, because the 7th Ray Souls are beginning to incarnate while the Souls from Rays 4, 5 and 6 are still here trying to anchor the purest Qualities of their Rays into this Reality.  These Souls who are incarnating now on the 7th Ray are often known as Indigo Souls. This is because of the Violet color that emanates  from their auras as noticed by those that can. The Indigo Souls started incarnating en mass since about 1972. since then, the Star Children, Crystal Children and Children of Light have been incarnating. All coming on the 7th Ray. More will be said later about the Indigo Children,  Waves of Bliss and PTE Mystery School’s Project Awakening is a series of courses and events specifically for these children and their parents.

Each Ray has 2,000 years to be Anchored in its 14,000 Year Cycle

Dec. 21, 2012 marks the point where the Seventh Ray is to take the lead within the cycle of the Seven Rays. Each Ray is given 2,000 years to complete the anchoring of the Qualities inherent in that Ray. One complete cycle for all 7 Rays to be anchored is 14,000 years. In 2,000 years, when the 7th Ray has had its chance to be anchored on Earth, we will be at the end of the present 14,000 year cycle. Then all 7 Rays will begin again to anchor the Qualities of their Rays, one at a time in 2,000 year segments. Only this time, from the higher vibrational plateau gained from the previous cycle. Not only are we ready to start the next 14,000 year cycle in 2,000 years but we will also start the next 98,000 year cycle at the same time. Every 14,000 year cycle has 7 rounds to complete a grand cycle; 14,000 x 7 = 98,000 years.

We aim to highlight here that there are several major cycles of change and enhancement – have a critical influence on Earth and Humankind – and we are at a critical point in history where the effects of all of these cycles come to a crescendo at 12/21/2012. And this crescendo will build with the influence of these cycles becoming even more pronounced as we move through the next 2,000 years.

Seed Races

The process of spiritual evolution for the Human species on Earth has for eons of time has been augmented by genetic seeding. Highly evolved civilizations from other star systems have taken on the responsibility of nurturing humankind through countless cycles of evolution.

We are part of the Seed Race that was planted on Earth by the Sirians about 9,000 years ago and is the 3rd consecutive Seed Race planted and nurtured by the Sirians. The Mother of this Seed Race is a Sirian Goddess, known as Goddess Isis. This Seed Race was planted during the early days of the Egyptian Civilization which is why the hieroglyphics from that period display Goddess Isis, Osiris and Horus, the Mother, Father, Son of their Trinity and  Sacred deities of that period.

Seed Races on Earth have a 12,000 year cycle. The last 3,000 years of that 12,000 year cycle,  are given to planning and preparing for the next Seed Race to be planted.  So, the first 9,000 years of a cycle are to build and evolve that Seed Race and the last 3, 000 years are for planning the next Seed Race for the next Cycle. We are at the 9,000 year point, the entry point to planning the next Seed Race. The theme for the next Seed Race is the Anchoring of Purity and Innocence. The symbolic essence of that purity and innocence is held within the Female Creative Force and the Heroes who will carry this essence are the generations of present and future children of Earth ( of course both male and female).

Since we are at the point in this current Seed Race Cycle that it is time to begin planning the next Seed Race, it makes this an auspicious time. Add to that the complication that only 3 of the 7 Rays have been anchored which leaves only 3,000 years to rescue this Seed Race by anchoring the remaining Rays (4, 5, 6 & 7) and at the same time planning for the next Seed Race, and we can understand why these times are so difficult. We live in exciting and trying times. Life has not been easy for this Earth and all species, including Humankind. However, we are on the cusp of all of these cycles pushing and pulling us to greater Light. For all of Humankind who has come to incarnate on Earth to assist in this process, this is certainly where the action is.


Within these cycles upon cycles, there have been many civilizations on Earth. It is important to bring this fact into our awareness so that we understand that we are in the midst of one of many civilizations of Earth’s history, not the only one ever. Most modern historians deal with civilizations of Humankind as only relevant in the last several thousand years. Although many authors speak about earlier civilizations, conventional history does not account for it. Empirical evidence in the form of fossils and rudimentary tools exist, suggesting that man roamed the Earth hundreds of thousands and millions, of years ago but not as sophisticated civilizations. The reason very little empirical evidence exists for sophisticated earlier civilizations is that they existed at the higher range of the 3rd Dimension and the 4th and 5th Dimensions. We are unable to detect the evidence of their presence because at this present moment we are living at the low and mid range of the 3rd Dimensional Octave and the higher ranges are not accessible to us.

We are part of a civilization that began after the fall of Atlantis. The Atlantian Civilization was at its peak 60,000 – 35,000 years ago. About 18,500 years ago, Atlantis began a downward spiral that culminated with its destruction some 12,000 years ago. The High Priests and Leaders of the Atlantian civilization knew in advance of their eminent demise and fled before the fall to re-plant what they could of the Atlantian Civilization in other parts of the Earth. There are 4 areas of Earth where attempts were made. None were completely successful but the Mayan and the Egyptian Civilizations were the most flourishing. The Egyptian civilization was first known as the Land of Khem. The word alchemy or al-khem-y, (meaning “comes from Khem”) is derived from Khem. Our current Seed race was planted by the Siriuns in Khem 9,000 years ago. This is the 3rd consecutive Seed Race administered by Goddess Isis and the Siriuns.

Before the Atlantian Civilization was the Lemurian Civilization, also known as the land of “Mu.” This civilization was at its zenith around 350,000 to 300,000 years ago. Many authors have remembered their lives in that civilization and have written about it. This was a successful civilization in that they achieved heights in spiritual evolution that made mass Ascension of that civilization possible. Many of the Souls from Lemuria came back to create the civilization of Atlantis.

Present Day as it relates to Coinciding Dominant Cycles 

PTE Cycles within Cycles


How does understanding our true Cosmic Context benefit us?

We are each, individually and collectively, a part of something much greater and much more important than is defined by our old Traditional Western Context. Becoming aware of our new context demands much more maturity and responsibility in how we relate to that Whole. It lays in front of us a choice we never realized we had; the choice to become a participant in this new Context, acting in concert with our Divine Plan, instead of remaining unaware and continuing to struggle, often unknowingly against the natural flow.

We now know that our Soul and Soul Lineage will continue to bring us to positions where we are asked, sometimes gently and sometimes harshly, to listen to their pleas to wake up and embrace our Divine Mission. It is the norm, within our Reality that when a gentle tap on the shoulder doesn’t work, it becomes a trip and fall, when that doesn’t work, it becomes the roof caving in. Unfortunately, it often takes a great personal tragedy of some sort to shake us out of sleep into awareness that there has is more, much more going on around and to us.

Eventually we will get tired of struggling and turn to face our new Context, hopefully before it is out of self preservation. Sooner just makes more sense.

We may be a tiny spec compared to the enormity of the Cosmos but we are none the less active players alongside all active players in the Cosmos. No more but no less. We have a responsibility that extends beyond our back yard and beyond our country and beyond our planet.

Knowing this can make our lives and our existence that much more meaningful and enjoyable.