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Your 5 Body System, Chakra System and your Conscious Self

When a person begins to Spiritually Awaken, they begin to accept that our Tangible Reality, this Third Dimensional World, is not all there is. Because of societies’ general intolerance for the unknown and existing cultural customs and habitual practices, this realization often comes with much confusion and misconception. It also often comes with the questions, what is it all about anyway, and who am I. Who am I in the context of the world I can see and touch and who am I in the context of the world beyond what I can see and touch?

Often, along with these fundamental who am I questions comes inner turmoil, great dissatisfaction with life in general and many why questions. Why am I not happy and why is there so much suffering in the world?

These questions are asked by everyone, regardless of social or economic standing; the poor, the rich, the sophisticated, the crude, the nice, the evil. These questions are common to all. In fact,  people that attain a great deal of success in life, as the western world views success,  achieving most of their life’s goals,  are more often than not, unsatisfied, unhappy, and not at all content. Many are quite the opposite, anxious, disappointed and in some cases miserable and feeling very deceived by life because what they have been chasing all their lives has been caught but leaves them saying (as an old song put it) “is this all there is?” Great depression can often set in, despite the luxury and comfort.

They ask why bad things happen to good people. Many look around and see that they have, in fact, solved some of the mysteries of life that they wrestled with early in life but the answers are not satisfying. And they see fewer and fewer possibilities that they will, in this life, find better answers to these questions. Answers that will satisfy and justify the hardship and struggles they went through to get to today, to this point in life.

The answer may lie in finding the proper “Context.” They are seeing themselves and the world in an inaccurate context. There are no lasting answers and nothing makes sense within the context of their life as they see it because the context they have learned to accept, is inaccurate.

If we can correct the context with which we view ourselves and our world, we will gain greater understanding of our current life’s circumstances and have a fighting chance at making adjustments that will result in a better outcome, from our own point of view.

Therefore, the journey to full spiritual awakening and growth can start with understanding the nature of our individual selves and the relationship of the individual to the Whole. We approach the study of this vast subject as the Science of Spirituality.

Science of Spirituality: Spirituality is typically placed at odds with science. This is a misconception. While Society accepts that science demands exhaustive study and examination of apparent physical reality, it overlooks the fact that Spirituality requires intense inquiry and exploration within oneself. Since empirical science is in a constant state of revision, as yesterday’s truths are replaced by today’s theories, it might be advantageous to review the context within which empirical science operates and consider expanding it to embrace a wider playing field. After all, Metaphysics, or beyond physics, is only physical phenomenon that cannot as yet be explained. Once explained, it becomes physics and takes its place with all other empirical fact until it too is rebuffed. The Science of Spirituality, as taught by divine Mother and the Masters through PTE Mystery School, focuses on examination of the Self, using the wisdom, tools and assistance of the Ascended Masters to remove obfuscation regarding the nature of humankind and Creation, to heal and release the emotional and mental obstacles that can prevent connection with our Soul, Soul Lineage and our Source and to ultimately recognize and embody our own Divine Mission in service to Earth and humankind.

Beyond the Physical Body

For most people, the answer to the question, who am I, is simply, I am my Physical Body and I live and I die, end of story. For others it is, I am this body and I have consciousness. I have thoughts and emotions that I don’t really want to claim some of the time and when I die, I either go to some version of heaven or hell or neither and this one lifetime is all I get.

What should be understood is that the Physical Body is only a very small part of what makes up the Energetic Signature of each Human Being. Each one of us has a 5 Body System and a Chakra System that are energetically connected to the rest of the Cosmos through an etheric cord of Light known as the Antahkarana Cord. This Golden Silver Cord of Light extends from the top of the head, up through all Dimensions of Reality, ultimately reaching to the Source. The following is a brief introduction to the 5 Body System and the Chakra System.

5 Body System

Our 5 Body System is comprised of our Physical Body and 4 energy bodies which sit like a series of cocoons about 10 to 12 inches thick, one on top of the other, around our Physical Body. The energy body closest to the Physical Body is the Etheric Body, next is the Emotional Body, then the Mental Body and finally, the Spiritual Body.

Physical Body: Our Physical Body is the energy body that we know best. Even though our Physical Body is solid matter, it is still an energetic body. It is an energetic body that vibrates to a Third Dimensional level, in contrast to the other 4 Bodies which vibrate at higher levels. To come into the thick 3rd Dimensional Reality that exists on Earth today, we must drop our Light Body (which is our natural state, as originally intended) and incarnate into a Physical Body. This Body allows us to function nicely on Earth and connect fully to this 3rd Dimensional Reality but in doing this, we have been disconnected from the Higher Dimensions and Realities. This severely limits our awareness of the full extent of our True Selves. The process of awakening, as many call it, is when a person bridges the gap created by coming into Physical Embodiment and re-connects to the Dimensions of Reality beyond this physical, Third Dimensional Reality.

When we “die” our consciousness recedes from the Physical Body. This happens because the Physical Body, due to disease or just wearing out, is no longer able to sustain the Consciousness. Although the Physical Body dies, the 4 other energetic Bodies recede with the Consciousness, the Personality Aspects and Soul Fragments to the Higher Realms to heal from the rigors of physical embodiment and meet with their Soul Lineage to review and begin planning their next incarnation and their next adventure. A living Saint named Ammachi has said, death is like a period at the end of a sentence, and then we keep writing.

Reincarnation. The idea of reincarnation is a difficult one to wrap our arms around because we don’t remember our past lives and have no empirical evidence to physically prove it. However, there are those who do remember. There are Spiritually awakened Avatars and those that attain Mastery who are able to recall past lives. But once you reach the level of Mastery, you are also aware of your Divine Mission and connected to your Soul Lineage so remembering past lives loses its curiosity or fascination because your vista reveals much greater wonder and purpose. 

Etheric Body: The Etheric Body houses an etheric form which is your aura. In your auric field you hold the memories of all the past events and the possibilities of all future events in seed form, together with everything that is unfolding in the present.

Emotional Body: The Emotional Body is the energy body that houses your emotions; emotions which have accumulated in this lifetime and from the memories of many past lives in physical embodiment. A large and strong Emotional Body is indicative of a wise and emotionally stable person. Many lifetimes of emotional stress can impact the Emotional Body Cocoon negatively, causing wear and tear, leakage, nicks, scratches and damage. A damaged Emotional Body leaves us emotionally stressed and aggravates feelings of lack of self worth, lack of self confidence, abandonment, betrayal, loneliness, etc.

Mental Body: The Mental Body cocoon houses the energy of your mind. All thoughts of events in past, present and future are housed in this energy body. Past events are stored as memories and the lessons we have learned shape our experiences. Some memories have a ring of mistrust, fears, phobias, pain, struggle and others are reminders of events which have made us proud, happy, joyful and content. Future events are stored in our Mental Body Cocoon in the form of “Seed Thought Forms.” These Seeds will germinate in time and reflect our past and present beliefs. Our Mental Body is therefore a very important energy body. It is the penultimate cocoon in the series of our energy bodies and a highly evolved one. People with large and strong Mental Body Cocoons become leaders, pioneers, entrepreneurs and spearheads for great world events and evolutionary changes impacting their own lives and the lives of others.

Spiritual Body: Our Spiritual Body is the highest energy body. It encases within it all other bodies, including our Physical Body. It is the most refined of our energy bodies and is the conduit to connect us to the Sublime Realms. We connect to the energies of the Masters and the Higher Realms through this energy body. Awakening this Body and connecting it with the other Energy Bodies is the most important step toward our ability to see the inner realms and hear the guidance from Higher Realms. For as long as our Spiritual Body is disconnected from our Physical and other Energy Bodies, we will not be able to achieve that feat.

For more information and to begin healing your 5 Body System, see PTE MS Level I courses, Five Body System, PH I and PH II.

PTE 5 Body System


Chakra System

Chakras are energy centers of concentrated spinning Light that are located within the body upon a central column along the spine called the Sushumna Column, above the body along the Antahkarana Cord and below the body, along the Hara Line. Each Chakra has a specific function that is essential to a healthy and fully functioning Human Being.

Most traditional thinking refers to seven chakras which are located in the body. They are, in order from lowest to highest, Root, Sacral Plexus, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown.  There are also chakras below the Root Chakra which connect us to Earth, and chakras above the Crown Chakra which connect us to the Higher Realms and Heavens above.

Although not traditionally mentioned, the Masters have taught us there are two other chakras, or energy centers, that are located within the body. These are called the Seat of the Soul and the Cosmic Heart. The Seat of the Soul Chakra energy center is located halfway between the Heart Chakra and the Solar Plexus, just below the rib cage. The Cosmic Heart Chakra energy center is located high on your chest and sits over the thymus gland, midway between the Heart Chakra and the Throat Chakra.  We continue to refer to the traditional system of Seven Chakras and do not allocate a number for the Cosmic Heart and Seat of the Soul Chakras, yet we place equal importance on them.

The Cosmic Heart is ideally the Abode of the Higher Self and our primary connection to the Highest Realms. Due to the drop in the vibrational density of Earth over the past 18,500 years, the Higher Self has moved up and resides in the chakras above the body. The Soul, which ideally resides at the Seat of the Soul Chakra, similarly withdrew from the body to sit above the Crown at the 8th Chakra. The knowledge of the existence of these two chakras was lost from common teachings. However mystics, adepts and high level initiates of the Mysteries are aware of these chakras and exercise energy exchange through them. While we are raising our Quotient of Light and assisting in raising the consciousness of all souls, the Masters encourage us to reignite these energy centers. This will elevate us to higher levels of initiation and accelerate our spiritual growth.

Chakras Above the Body

Chakras eight through twelve extend beyond the Crown Chakra. A cord of Light connects these chakras to the body. This cord is known by various names: Antahkarana is the Sanskrit word most commonly used in the Eastern tradition. The Silver Cord, the Golden Cord, the Cord of Light are other names for this cord. The Masters prefer to call it the Golden-Silver Cord, as it denotes the energetic substance of both masculine and feminine, as well as the sublime and the mundane. Metatron speaks of the Golden-Silver Cord as two filaments of Light spun together.

Eighth Chakra, is known as the Soul Chakra where the Soul resides. In ideal conditions the Soul would reside in the Seat of the Soul Chakra between the Solar Plexus and the Personal Heart Chakras. As stated previously, our immersion into the density of the Third Dimensional Realm has resulted in our loosing connection with the Soul as an integral part of our being, inside the body. The Soul has therefore receded outside the body and fits inside a cocoon or shell at the Eighth Chakra.

Ninth Chakra, is known as the Oversoul Chakra. Connection with the Thirty-Three Members of our Soul Lineage is made through this chakra. The Oversoul carries the totality of the energy of our Soul Lineage of Light.

Tenth Chakra, is known as the Monad. A council of nine members called the Monadic Council resides at the Monad. The nine council members hold the Blueprint and Intention for our individual Divine Mission and higher purpose.

Eleventh Chakra, is known as the Council of Twelve. Twelve Great Beings of Light over-light us through this council. They oversee our spiritual progress and guide us on the path to higher Light. It is their job to connect us with the Divine Mission for our entire Soul Family or Soul Lineage family members.

Twelfth Chakra is where we connect to the Presence of the I Am. Each individual Soul has their own representation of God I Am. This representation is considered our Higher Self. We are each a drop from the ocean of the I Am, God in-Form. Through our Twelfth Chakra we connect to this essence.

The Perfected Presence of the I Am, God in Form, sits upon a Throne known as The Throne of the I Am That I Am. When the Third Dimensional Realms of Earth were plunged into darkness, we were disconnection from the Higher Realms and the Higher Chakras of our body.  The connection to the Presence of the I Am, which would normally be through the Cosmic Heart, was severed and the Cosmic Heart Chakra shut down. Our Higher Self then withdrew from the Cosmic Heart and receded to reside in the Twelfth Chakra.

For more information and to begin clearing and cleansing your Chakras, see PTE MS Level I courses, Chakra System PH I and PH II. To read more and register, click here: Chakra System I.


PTE Chakra System


Our Consciousness Self

In addition to the Chakra System and 5 Body System, we are each also a collective consciousness. We have an ego, Soul Fragments and Personality Aspects which come together as our Self to help us navigate through each lifetime, guiding us, either consciously or subconsciously, in pursuit of our Divine Mission.

The Nature of the Ego

We are each an individualized piece of the Whole of Creation and the Creative Force. To become individualized and separated from the Whole, the ego arose to bring the idea of entity and identity apart from the Whole. The idea was that a Spark of Divine Beingness that remembers Oneness (Higher-Self and Soul) and a Spark of Divine Beingness that chooses an individualized entity and identity (Ego and Personality) will always walk hand in hand, able to have the experience of being separate while knowing it is also in Oneness with the Whole. Unfortunately, at the density of Earth, the memory and knowing of the Oneness became disconnected and the ego was left by itself. It was created to provide the pull toward separation from the Whole but with a balancing force. Without this balancing force, the pendulum has swung to the other extreme.

The role of the ego is to help a physically embodied soul cope in a body of physical matter and deal with the separation. The ego plays the role of allowing you to obtain an identity. The mind is guided by the ego and by its nature, the ego fights to stay in control.  The ego often creates crisis and drama to distract you from the ultimate goal of Union. The Ego fears that as a result of union, it will lose its entity; it will lose its identity.

However, we need the Ego to operate in our mundane world. The Ego is there to protect us. Without a powerful Ego, it would be very hard to achieve mundane goals. The push and motivation that the Ego gives us is a good thing. It is our motivation that can become a problem.

When the motivation is for personal gain at the expense of others, the push of the Ego can spiral out of control, amassing great karmic debt. If the motivation is in service to all, the push of the Ego can become our greatest ally. There is no reason why we can’t reason with our own Ego and bring the Ego back into balance with our Personality Aspects and Soul Fragments.

It is not easy, the Ego has taken on many of the scars and grooves of the Personality Aspects. In times of inner turmoil, it is sometimes hard to distinguish whether you are hearing the voice of a distraught Personality Aspect or warnings of the Ego.

For more on this topic, see PTE MS Level II course, Inner Sight Inner Light.

Soul Fragments

Our Soul Lineage of Light is like a stream flowing from the Ocean that is our Source. We, individually, are like drops from that stream. There can be many Soul Fragments that have agreed to separate from that stream or Soul Lineage of Light, to take part in each lifetime. Depending on your Divine Mission, Soul Fragments can choose to join in and assist you in that lifetime by lowering their essence down the Antahkarana Cord through the Higher Chakras, close to your Physical Body, or stay as part of the stream to offer assistance from that vantage point – once you can connect to them. Our aspiration for spiritual growth is powered by the subconscious knowing that we need to awaken and raise our vibration so that we can connect to those Soul Fragments that have lowered themselves and eventually to raise our vibration enough to reach to the stream that is our Soul Lineage of Light.

Soul Lineage of Light

Every human Being on Earth has a Soul Lineage of Light. This is the Soul’s family tree or history. This soul family stays the same from one incarnation to the next. The Soul Lineage was formed when the Pure White Light descended from the Undifferentiated Source and entered into the Realm of Matter. In its descent to matter it slowed down. As matter became solidified, it offered greater resistance to the Pure White Light, causing it to fracture as though going through a prism.

From the fracture came the Seven Rays which are similar but not exactly the same as the seven colors of the rainbow. Each Ray carries a quality. These qualities were given to the Rays by the Seven Mighty Elohim, who are the architects and builders of our universe. When souls began to take bodies of matter, they chose one of these Seven Rays and its quality to represent them. A Soul adopts the quality attributed to their chosen Ray. In each incarnation, we choose a different personality who is ruling over the body, but the Soul Ray stays the same. When we grow and evolve ourselves spiritually, we are, simultaneously, evolving our Soul Ray and our Soul Lineage of Light. As part of that Soul Family, all family members benefit from all that we do. Taken from Gifts III, Journeys into the Inner Realms of Consciousness by Nasrin Safai.

Many Personality Aspects are needed to make up a whole personality. These Aspects have agreed to take part in this incarnation as part of their evolution. As a Soul grows spiritually, so do the Personality Aspects. These Aspects and Soul Fragments may or may not work together in harmony. One of the challenges of Soul Growth is to bring all Aspects and Fragments together to work in unison toward achieving our Divine Mission.

Personality Aspects

To gain a basic understanding of Personality Aspects and Soul Fragments, the Masters say that the body is the vehicle for the soul and the soul is the vehicle for the spirit. The body and small self is the realm of the Personality Aspects.

We are all aware of a quality that is vaguely referred to as our personality. Usually, it is spoken of in the singular which implies that we each have a personality, a general disposition. We define ourselves and others by this general disposition, by our tendencies; how we act in different circumstances, how we handle pressure, how we express our emotions and our intellect. However, these are in fact, qualities of the collective consciousness of, not one but many Personality Aspects.

From the teachings of the Masters, we have learned that it is common to have up to twelve Personality Aspects definable and distinct from each other. The wants and needs of each are specific. Some have been with us through many incarnations while evolving to attain Higher Light. Others may have joined us for the first time in this incarnation.   These aspects too, reach their own level of Enlightenment and move on.  New aspects replace them at new incarnations. In each lifetime we typically have one or two dominant personalities and life is easier when the Personality Aspects get along with one another and when there is only one dominant personality, accepted and obeyed by all others.

Most of us are familiar with one of the Personality Aspects known as the Inner Child, sometimes also known as the Lower Self. We each also have a Male Personality Aspect and a Female Personality Aspect. Typically, but not always, if you are a man, the Male Personality Aspect is dominant and if you are a woman, the Female Personality Aspect is dominant for that lifetime.

The Aspect that is responsible for pulling it all together is the Conscious Self. The Conscious Self has the huge and heavy burden and responsibility of working with the dominant Personality Aspect, all other Personality Aspects and all Soul Fragments to navigate successfully through the tricky terrain of the mundane world. The task of keeping everyone happy while managing successfully in the mundane is difficult. Therefore, periods of time where there is harmony and contentment between all parties is often rare.

Common symptoms of discord and disagreement between Aspects can be a feeling of inner turmoil and being pulled to go in two or more different directions with life. Use yourself as an example. How often are you in a situation where you feel pulled to do one thing while also pulled to go in a completely different direction? Then on top of that, wanting to forget it all and just go meditate. The Conscious Self does not have an easy job. Sometimes after battling all Aspects as well as the stress of living life, it gets so weary and tired that it says, “enough!” and it shuts down and you have what is commonly called a nervous breakdown.

It is typical that when you feel the pull to explore outside of the box, outside of the “normal” routines of life, it is the Soul that is gaining the attention of the Conscious Self and guiding you back to the Source and to your Divine Mission. This is also why someone that is beginning their spiritual awakening can experience strong emotions coming to the surface. These emotions are the Personality Aspects reacting to the Soul taking charge. The dominant Personality Aspect has been in charge for a long time. Giving over control to the Soul can be a difficult thing to do.

The Soul is more connected to the Higher Realms and less connected to the mundane world than the Personality Aspects. So, the Soul’s demands can, at times, look impractical to the Personality Aspects and the Conscious Self and the wants and needs of Personality Aspects may seem trivial to the Soul. Bringing all Aspects and Fragments into harmony is a huge but essential task. Both the Personality Aspects and the Soul Fragments have equal right to be heard and their wishes respected. They must evolve together, growing spiritually while experiencing the joy of living life.

This is why the Masters suggest disciplined, methodical growth to make sure of constant progress. Revisiting the basic clearing, cleansing and healing meditational exercises (Primarily in Levels I and II) from time to time can help to make sure that bottlenecks do not occur.

To address this critical issue of bringing the Soul Fragments and Personality Aspects together in harmony, see Level II course, Inner Sight, Inner Light. This 26 week course delves deeply into the study and healing of the personality Aspects and Soul Fragments and creating a harmonious state of co-existence between them in living the mundane and the sublime worlds simultaneously. To read more and register, click here: Inner Light Inner Sight II; Expanded Version with Master Jesus.

Higher Self

Our Higher Self is our Collective Consciousness, merged into the Perfected Presence of the I Am. This occurs at the 13th Dimension of Reality where Light becomes solidified into Form. From this vantage point our Higher Self is fully connected in Oneness to our Soul Lineage of Light and the Oneness of the Divine Love of Creation. Ideally, the Higher Self would not reside at the 13th Dimension, the Throne of I Am That I Am, but would reside within our Physical Body at the Cosmic Heart Chakra. Many of the exercises in PTE MS courses work to bring our Higher Self back into our bodies. When that process is complete, a person is in total connection with their Higher Self and can make decisions that are fully in tune with all Soul Fragments and Personality Aspects and is able to make choices that are in alignment with their Divine Mission and bring success in the mundane world.


How does correcting our Individual context benefit us?

Knowing that our Physical Body is the only part of our Beingness that ends at death should give us a new perspective on our lives and the lives of others. When we see a child born with a serious handicap and we wonder how that is fair, we can remind ourselves that this is only one of thousands of incarnations and that Soul and that Soul’s family have chosen a tough road but for a good reason. Many lifetimes of karma may be released through such an incarnation and great lessons learned for the Soul, the family and all of us who observe and offer our prayers and assistance, not with pity but with loving compassion and gratitude. For we all benefit from the sacrifices of others.

When we clear karma (karma is the Sanskrit word for action and it connotes the concept of “you reap what you sew” and relates to the law of cause and effect) and cure ourselves of diseases, whether physical, mental or emotional, our whole Lineage of Light and all of Humankind has access to the cure because the information we gather, our remembrance and our rediscovering, become a part of an energy grid which the Masters call our Personal Grid of Light. Our Personal Grid of Light connects to Earth’s Planetary Grid of Light, which is available to every Soul.

The fact that only our Physical Body dies and we will return again and again until we accomplish our Divine Mission and pay back the karma load we have accumulated, should help us look more objectively at our own lives. There are no good and no bad events.  There are only lessons to be learned while we hopefully, love every minute of our lives knowing that something meaningful to our Soul, our Soul Lineage and others is taking place through us.

It is also important to understand that our health and wholeness relates to all 5 Bodies of our 5 Body System and all Aspects of our consciousness. Our 4 higher bodies are carried over from lifetime to lifetime and the emotional and mental damage that we have incurred in past incarnations is still with us within these Energy Bodies. Emotional trauma that cannot be explained by the experiences in this lifetime (for example, being deathly afraid of water while never having gone into a body of water before) can be residue from another lifetime.

Awareness of our Collective Consciousness: Just the understanding that traumatic emotional and mental experiences occur through our Personality Aspects and we have the opportunity and the ability to acknowledge and address our Collective Consciousness as we experience life to reduce the negative effects, is a huge benefit.

To understand how to care for ourselves and others, we must become aware of all the parts that make up our Self. Our Chakra and 5 Body Systems and our Conscious Self as well as our Soul and Soul Lineage of Light are all parts of who we are.

PTE MS Levels I and II provide courses that introduce the student to these systems and to our Personality and Soul Aspects. These courses will help create the awareness of these systems and help clear and cleanse dross and heal scars throughout our Being, returning to greater health and wholeness and maintaining it.