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Path to Enlightenment Mystery School

 was founded by

Nasrin Safai & James Foster in 2009.



Path to Enlightenment Mystery School is an On-Line Academy which offers Instruction and Guidance in the Science of Spirituality for those who wish to serve the Light and walk the Path to Spiritual Enlightenment.

Mission of PTE Mystery School

The Mission of PTE Mystery School is to take the information that Divine Mother and the Ascended Masters have channeled through Nasrin over decades and create a structure that will provide a path to Enlightenment for any sincere seeker and then to provide a foundation for aspirants to bring this knowledge, wisdom and Light into practical application in their everyday life.

Course Format

Courses are offered On-line so that students can work from the privacy and comfort of their home. Each course typically contains the following:

  • Written study material
  • Audio recordings of Guided Meditations
  • Graphics when required

Courses within the Mystery School curriculum are designed to provide a logical and scientific path for the aspirant to pursue non-secular spirituality and to offer a means by which to serve Earth and Humankind. To review additional background on PTE MS, go to:  Your body and Yourself.   To review PTE MS Courses, go to:  PTE MS Curriculum, click here.

The Origin of the Wisdom offered through PTE Mystery School

Channeling is a collaboration between the channel and the Ascended Being wishing to speak.  The style and presentation of the words through the channel are, therefore, unique to each channel. The knowledge and wisdom offered by PTE Mystery School is derived from the words of each Great Being of Light, as channeled through Nasrin Safai.  In order to maintain consistency and continuity and reduce ambiguity, we present almost exclusively, material channeled through Nasrin.

Quality information exists in the public domain regarding many of the topics and concepts presented at PTE Mystery School and we respect all spiritual points of view and reference many authors. However, we are living in accelerated times. The Quotient of Light held by Earth and the Five Elements is increasing. The energy is dynamic and is constantly changing and shifting to higher vibrational levels. The way concepts were presented 50 years ago were restricted by what the Earth and 5 Elements could sustain, energetically. The information presented by celebrated authors such as Helena Blavatsky and Alice Bailey, was by necessity, taught through a methodical and repetitive process. The Earth had not yet reached the level of Light that would accept and allow this information to be anchored without a slow, deliberate and sometimes repetitive recounting of it.

Because of the great work of Helena Blavatsky, St. Germain, Alice Bailey, Elizabeth Claire Prophet and the living Masters: Sri Karunamayi, Ammachi, Mother Meera, and the recently departed Sai Babba, to name but a few, the Earth has raised her Quotient of Light to the point that it is much more resilient. The Five Elements are much more malleable allowing PTE Mystery School to move at a much quicker pace. This also means that the concepts the Masters brought through Nasrin just ten years ago are now being updated and adjusted by Divine Mother and the Council of the Divine Feminine to be in sync with the energies prevalent today and tomorrow.  Through Nasrin and the Path to Enlightenment Mystery School, Ascended Beings of Light will continue to bring forth, as every day passes, the wisdom, the knowledge, the energies and the meditational exercises that will be the most beneficial at each given moment for each aspirant, as well as for Earth and all humankind.

Why the Curriculum is organized in Levels

The information and meditational techniques taught at PTE Mystery School result in accelerated spiritual growth for the student. Since Universal Law requires that this information only be given to those who consciously choose to receive it, the academic format formalizes a student’s request to serve Light, their Soul’s Divine Mission, Earth and Humankind. The choice to seriously pursue spiritual growth accelerates the aspirant on their spiritual path, which in turn results in intense energy movement.

In the same way that going to the gym and exercising muscles that have not been trained results in discomfort and sometimes pain, opening up your connection to and inducing greater flow and greater quantities of Light to your physical and energy bodies will do the same. When you pull Light to yourself, energetic pollution inevitably comes to the surface to be released. When you accelerate yourself spiritually, the events and circumstances that lie on your path in order to resolve karma and karmic entanglements and your Soul’s contractual agreements can be compressed into a shorter period of time. This can bring circumstances to you faster and with more intensity. Emotions that have been dormant for many lifetimes can come to the surface to be released.

Because of the nature of this work, the Curriculum of the Mystery School is organized into Levels according to the nature and intensity of the material given in each course. In this way  a structure is created where an aspirant can accelerate themselves spiritually on the fastest, yet smoothest possible route and in greater service to Earth, Humankind and our Hierarchy which serves this Reality.

The Science of Spirituality

While Spirituality is typically placed at odds with science, this is not accurate.  Society accepts that science demands exhaustive study and examination of apparent physical reality and then determines conclusions which fit the empirical evidence. A trust has developed over time and society accepts scientific conclusions. However, society overlooks the fact that Spirituality requires intense inquiry and exploration within oneself. Further, empirical science is in a constant state of revision, as yesterday’s preconceived truths are replaced by today’s “newer and improved” theories. The Science of Spirituality, as presented through PTE Mystery School, focuses on examination of the Self using the wisdom, tools and assistance of Divine Mother and the Ascended Masters to remove obfuscation regarding the nature of humankind and to heal and release the emotional and mental obstacles that prevent connection with our Soul, Soul Lineage and our Source and to ultimately recognize and embody our Divine Mission in service to Light.

For additional background information to provide context for this work, you may go to dissertations on the following topics: 

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Guided Meditations

All PTE Mystery School Courses include Guided Meditations. For additional background information on Meditation, you may go to the Meditation tab on the bar menu above.

PTE Mystery School Reference Library

The Reference Library includes a bibliography with recommended books and web sites as well as a Glossary of Terms. In order to familiarize students with common words and phrases used by Divine Mother & the Masters of Light, we have compiled a Glossary of Terms. This Glossary presents a list of terms and phrases with definitions and explanations in the words of the Master’s, as channeled by Nasrin.  We have often included two or three excerpts from different readings in order to provide a greater understanding of some of the more unconventional concepts. This glossary is not intended to be a source for exhaustive definitions, it is a data base of channeled information on a given topic which has many levels of meaning and energetic effect; as with all spiritual work, the student must look within and arrive at their own meaning from the words given.

This glossary will be a living entity and will continually expand to become an Encyclopedia of Spiritual Sciences.