Metatron’s Grid of Protection

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Have you ever left a shopping mall and felt completely drained of all energy? Being a Light worker and living a mundane life means we have to be diligent in using all resources available to us in order to protect ourselves from environmental dross.

During the past couple of years, I have noticed my extreme sensitivity to public places. When I have to buy something I always opt for a small store outside of a mall. I really do not leave the house without setting my usual protection grids around me. However, I find that this simple grid given by Metatron is easy to remember and a great addition to all other grids. I often just set it up in my mind wherever I am, whether it is at work, in a grocery store, gas station, at a friend’s house or just walking in the neighborhood.

When you go to a public place, you are subject to the energies of all present, both good and bad. Does this mean that we just stay home? Absolutely not. We can protect ourselves by setting a protection grid before we leave home and sometimes we may have to reset it when we are out. We take vitamin supplements to protect us against physical ailments so why not use prayers and grids of Light to protect us against emotional and spiritual dross!

Metatron gives a beautiful and very potent protection grid with Goddess Hecate, Mother Mary and Quan Yin that we can use when we go to public places. Beautiful Goddess Hecate, a very powerful Being of Light who keeps the leash on dark forces, Quan Yin, the Mother of Compassion and Mercy and Mother Mary, the Mother of Divine Love join forces and combine their energies to give us this magnificent Grid of Light for Healing and Protection.

May you always be surrounded by the love and protection of the Divine.

 Grid for Healing and Protection

Metatron channeled on May 1, 2009


Beloved of my own heart, I am Metatron.


Take a deep breath with me. I will call upon Quan Yin, Goddess Hecate and Mother Mary to create a grid around you, like a triangle. Goddess Hecate will be sending you Red Light. Mother Mary will be sending you Pink Light. Quan Yin will be sending you White Light. Visualize yourself at the center of the triangle and receive the Red from Hecate in the direction of southwest and Pink from Mary in the direction of southeast and White from Quan Yin in the direction of north and let that be directed to your hip and to your Heart Chakra and to your neck. Those are the three points where energy can get stuck and movement of energy and movement of Light is very helpful. The Red energy connects to Earth because that is the pure essence of energy and that is the blood that runs through a human body. That same life force in the form of Red Light coming from Earth will recharge you. Pink is the energy of the heart and is the energy that is the combined forces of the Earthly and Heavenly Light and White is the energy of the Heavenly Light. These three are wonderful combination of energies and it is very good that you set yourself up in that grid. In fact, what you can do is to go stand in a patch of grass or somewhere where the ground is not artificially made or on top of soil, real Earth and then visualize that Quan Yin is standing in front of you in the direction of north, Mary in the direction of southeast and Hecate is in the direction of southwest. Quan Yin is bringing you a Pillar of Heavenly Light. As the pillar comes down from the Heavens above, you feel the energy of Heavenly Light connecting to you. You also feel Red Life force pulling from the Earth, coming up and Goddess Hecate is guarding that. Then the white and the red merge and you notice that in the space of your Heart Chakra, you are receiving the Pink that is the signature energy of Mother Mary and you focus this Light, Pure White Light, most especially in the area of your head, your Crown Chakra, your Third Eye chakra, your Throat Chakra, your Cosmic Heart Chakra.

Focus the energy of red, most especially in you Root Chakra, your Sacral Plexus, your Solar Plexus, even the energy of the Seat of the Soul and then as the white pours down and the red moves up, this pink begins to form from the Seat of the Soul to Personal Heart and moving to Cosmic Heart and the Throat so that pink will start meshing and merging in the center of your Personal Heart and then moving upward to your Cosmic Heart and Throat and downward to your Seat of the Soul and Solar Plexus. Solar Plexus is supposed to be your power center and we always use bright Orange Light in the Solar Plexus to mix the energies of the sun with the energies of Earth. The gold of the sun, with the red of the Earth makes that bright Orange which we usually put in the Solar Plexus but if you’re not struggling in the world of the mundane and you’re trying to be sustained in love, then the pink is a better light to put in your Solar Plexus.

If you want to find peace and harmony, balance the Light from the Heavenly Realms and the love from the Earthly Realms, then it is good that once in a while you replace the bright Orange in the Solar Plexus with Pink to give love to the Solar Plexus. We push the bright Orange into the Solar Plexus to bring in creativity, action and power, but like anything else, once in a while it is good to back off  and move to the energy of being rather than doing. It brings you love, the Heavenly Light and it nurtures you with the Earthly Light, all at once.

Now I am going to call Legions of Michael. Archangel of Michael will now stand behind you holding his sword above your head protecting you in your travels and journeys, whether it is just to drive from your home to the grocery store or a trip on an airplane. Archangel Michael will stand behind you holding his Sword of Mercy behind you, protecting you from all harm and making sure that you are always in the right place at the right time where harm cannot affect you. The legions will stand shoulder to shoulder with Archangel Michael holding their Swords of Mercy above their heads pouring Light at the center, creating a dome of Light above your head and from that dome Aquamarine-Blue Light is emanating down. This is your Grid of Healing and Protection.

Focus on this every morning. Put the people that you prefer not to be in contact with in that grid and send them on their way. Put the people that you love and you want to bring in your life in the same Light and magnetize them to your energy field. You can even do that with places and things. If there is a business opportunity that you desire, then put that event, the thought of that business opportunity, the exact way that you want to manifest it, at the center of this triangle and put Quan Yin, Mother Mary and Hecate around it and bring the Heavenly and Earthly Lights to it. If you want to buy a new house or if you want to live in this place that you are living, put the desired place in this grid. If you want to go to a place for a visit and you want to prepare the energy of that place to be good, put that place in this grid. If you have an event planned and you want it to go smoothly, then put that event in the Light of this grid.

I hold you in my own heart. I am your very own Metatron.


It felt like a sign from the moment I was reading the words of Metatron and Metatron’s grid of protection.
Then I realized that I had found a protection that would suit me better than the one I was using already. Did I grow out of my latest one, or did I just find the one that suited me the most? That does not matter.
I feel blessed with the supporting energies of QuanYin, Hekate, M. Mary and the protecting help of Archangel Michael and his Legions!
With loving gratitude,

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