Meditation for Beginners

How to Meditate for Beginners

In this Guided Meditation, tailored specifically for Beginners, you will learn new Meditation Techniques that will show you how to Meditate Properly. The Meditation Benefits include using the cleansing properties of water and the awareness that we are all One – as each drop from an ocean is One with the ocean.

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Phase I Session 2: A Drop from the Ocean of Cosmic Consciousness, from PTE Mystery School


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Meditation Transcript

Hello everyone, this is Jim and welcome to Tranquil Mind Meditation Series, Phase I, Session 2,

Take a deep breath. Sit on the floor with legs crossed if possible. You may also sit on a chair with feet flat on the floor and shoes off. Sit comfortably with your back straight. You may also lie down if you prefer.

Focus on taking long, gentle, deep breaths through your nose. Bring the air deep down, as if it reaches to the base of your spine, oxygenating your body and all the tissues and regenerating them with fresh oxygen. Now exhale through your nose and release, along with the breath, all the pollution and dross from your body.

Be aware of your breath and your heart beating, I Am, I Am.

As you are slowly breathing, in and out, focus your attention on your heart. Listen to the rhythm and the pulse of your heart resonate with the sound of I Am, I Am, I Am. Feel the presence of the Witness standing right behind you, quietly and diligently watching over you; repeating softly in your ear, I Am, I Am, I Am.

Guided Meditation Technique: visualize a vast Ocean

Now I want you to visualize that you are standing on a high rock overlooking the ocean. It is about dusk. You gaze out over the water. There is nothing but ocean in front of you as far as your eyes can see.

Feel the breeze. Feel the salt air on your skin. Feel how refreshing it is.

As you gaze across the ocean, let yourself energetically expand and extend out over the water.

Be aware of your breath and your heart beating, I Am, I Am.

Feel all the stress and anxiety in your body release to the ocean. Offer all your stress, all your pain, all your struggles to the healing waters. Feel the huge expanse of ocean soaking up your pain and dross like a sponge.

Feel the lightness in your body. Feel how clean your energy body has become.

Be aware of your breath and your heart beating, I Am, I Am.

Once again look across the vast ocean. You can see the rolling waves. The waves roll up and down. They roll up, expressing themselves as waves for a moment, only to disappear again, becoming indistinguishable from the ocean. They are always the ocean but sometimes also a wave. It is as if they are saying, I Am the Ocean, I am the Ocean but for a moment, I wish to also be a wave, and they become a wave rolling upon the surface, until they become one with the ocean again and are happy to say, I am the ocean, I am the ocean.

Once in a while a wave breaks into a white cap that splashes up in the air. See the drops of water separate themselves from the wave and become individualized droplets. They fly through the air for a second and fall back into the water, becoming indistinguishable from the ocean once again. A drop that is always the ocean but was also a drop.

Now imagine that you are that drop. And imagine that you are flying through the air. Now you fall back into the water to become the ocean once again. How does that feel. You are no longer a small drop but the entirety of the ocean. What would that feel like?

Be aware of your breath and your heart beating, I Am, I Am.

You are a Drop of Cosmic Consciousness

Now imagine that you actually are that drop only you are a drop from the ocean that is Cosmic Consciousness.

Eons of time ago, we chose to experience the Universe as individualized drops from the ocean of Cosmic Consciousness. Somewhere along the way we forgot that we are that ocean, and that we are only expressing ourselves, temporarily, as a drop of that ocean.

Cosmic Consciousness is our Source and a connection to the ocean of Cosmic Consciousness is our birth right. We only need to realize it and to seek it. The role of the Witness, once we awaken to that realization, is to be the bridge to bring us back to that Cosmic Consciousness.

The Witness is the bridge that can connect our consciousness to the ocean of Cosmic Consciousness. Once we make that connection and are able to maintain it, the Doing becomes Being. Each task then becomes the Cosmic Consciousness, experiencing a part of itself “Doing” the task. And once the task is complete, the outcome is only the Cosmic Consciousness experiencing a part of itself observing the result of the task. Both the task and its outcome are one continuous flow of Being.

When connected consciously to Cosmic Consciousness, we experience; tasks, outcomes, up and downs in this continuous flow, without expectation, without anxiety, only with the contentment of Being. And we do not do this alone. Every one we see and every thing we see is a drop from the same ocean.

Bring your attention to your heart beat. Hear and feel, I Am, I Am, I Am.

Know that the Witness is standing behind you as your vigilant companion, reminding you that every beat of your heart, is the heart beat of the Ocean saying, I Am, I Am, I Am.

Become aware of your breath and hear the heart beat of the Ocean say, through you, I Am, I Am, I Am.

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