Anxiety Release

This guided meditation is especially beneficial for the release of anxiety and stress. Please sit in your favorite meditational posture and listen to the Guided Meditation. Deep breathing is an essential element for release of stress and anxiety, as gentle deep breathing oxygenates tissues and organs at deep cellular level.

For instructions on breathing, click on Yoga Meditation.


Guided Meditation: Celebrating the Mind, from PTE Mystery School

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Meditation Transcript

Hello everyone, this is Jim and welcome to Tranquil Mind Meditation Series, Phase I, Session 3, the final session of this series.

Take a deep breath. Sit on the floor with legs crossed if possible. You may also sit on a chair with feet flat on the floor and shoes off. Sit comfortably with your back straight. You may also lie down if you prefer.

Focus on taking long, gentle, deep breaths through your nose. Bring the air deep down, as if it reaches to the base of your spine, oxygenating your body and all the tissues and regenerating them with fresh oxygen. Now exhale through your nose and release, along with the breath, all the pollution and dross from your body.

Be aware of your breath and your heart beating, I Am, I Am.

As you are slowly breathing, in and out, focus your attention on your heart. Listen to the rhythm and the pulse of your heart resonate with the sound of I Am, I Am, I Am. Feel the presence of the Witness standing right behind you, watching over you, I Am, I Am, I Am. He is reminding you that you are not only the drop but you are also the ocean. And the Ocean says I Am through you as you.

How to Properly Meditate

Guided Meditation Technique to create the Pillar of White Light

Visualize that a round Pillar of Bright White Light is descending from the heavens above, around you; a round cylinder, about 10 feet in diameter, with you standing in the middle. White Light is pouring down in a continuous stream inside the Pillar. Light is pouring all around you and also pouring into your Crown at the top of your head.

Imagine the Light filling your head until it spills down your neck and down into every part of your body. Pouring down until your entire body is like a lit light bulb. The Light is pulsing with the beat of your heart. I Am, I Am, I Am.

This Light is washing away the dross and pollution in your body, washing it out through the bottoms of your feet and into Mother Earth.  As Light pours out, a continuous stream pours in, keeping your body saturated in Light.

This Light can help you remove negativity and lower thought forms from your mind. This Light can help you to stabilize your emotions in times of duress.

Visualize the Light washing through you, raising your vibration and removing from your being all that cannot sustain this level of Light.

See that the Light pouring out the bottoms of your feet may look darker and dimmer as it takes pollution and dross with it.

 Benefits of Meditation-Celebrating the Mind – Mindfulness Meditation

When the mind is involved in the meditation, it stops getting in your way of meditating properly. It is therefore beneficial to help the mind to become peaceful by inviting the mind to engage in the Meditation process and become peaceful.

As you stand in this Pillar, become aware of your thoughts. What are you thinking right now, this very moment? Your mind is bringing thoughts to you – probably fast and furious.

I want you to interrupt your mind for a second and tell it what a great job it is doing and what a great job it has always done.

For those of us in the west, we Doers, we rely almost completely on the mind to navigate us through life. Our minds have been trained by life to be as sharp and as knowledgeable as possible and to control every situation of our lives for our benefit. In fact we have become so reliant on our minds that we have acquired a certain involuntary mental momentum that takes us through each day. When we wake up in the morning our minds have already begun organizing the day and we often move through the day on automatic pilot, with our minds as the pilot.  So, I want you to thank your mind for all it does for you and all it has done for eons of time.

Up to now, your mind has probably felt a huge responsibility on its shoulders, since it has done everything alone without any help. In fact, it has probably seen no evidence that there is any hope of help on the horizon coming to assist in keeping you safe, fed, housed or in providing for your wishes and your wants. This has fallen to the mind to figure out and to carry out. Is it any wonder the mind, on your behalf, has taken control and is reluctant to give it up. Your mind probably feels, and rightly so, that when it doesn’t stay in control, bad things happen to you.

This is the main reason why it is very hard for westerners, particularly Americans to meditate. You have to quiet the mind to connect with the Witness and bring the Doing into Being. In fact the mere idea of meditating often throws the mind into a frenzy. Your mind says, “I don’t have time for this. What about this task, what about that. If we don’t make that call now, it’s going to be a problem? Wasting 20 minutes sitting here is just going to make getting it all done that much harder for me.”

We need to celebrate the mind. We need to acknowledge that we know what it goes through day after day on our behalf, without complaining, just taking care of business. Thank and bless the mind and tell the mind you have a gift.

Guided Meditation Technique for relaxation, to release the Mind from anxiety and dissolve the Chatter -The Good news for the Mind

Tell your mind that you are bringing a gift, the gift of help. You are going to introduce the mind to the Witness; and through the Witness, to the awareness of the ocean, the Cosmic Consciousness. Through this type of Guided Meditation, you are introducing the mind to a higher power who can help to release the anxiety and help the mind to dissolve the ongoing chatter which is a constant companion to you 24 hours a day seven days a week. There is enormous joy in becoming peaceful and listening to the silence for a change. You are introducing the Mind to the knowing that the it is not alone and there is help available and ready to make life peaceful and harmonious and to live safely, securely and contented. Help that can take the burden that exists in Doing – and dissolve it into Being. It is in being that we can connect to the higher power and allow grace and joy shower upon us.

So, for a few minutes; just 20 minutes ask the mind to step aside and let you have a chance to connect with the help that is waiting to come to the rescue. Assure the mind that after the 20 minutes is over, you will give your full attention to the mind. To a mind that has now had a chance to experience, with you, the Witness, the Ocean of Cosmic Consciousness and is already figuring out ways to bring this help further into your reality; a happier, stronger and calmer mind, feeling supported and protected.

Become aware you are standing inside the Pillar of Light. The Light is pouring down, moving through your body, clearing and cleansing you and raising you in vibration. Focus on your breath and your heart beating, I Am, I Am, I Am.

Spend a few moments or as long as you wish, to commune with your mind. Listen to what your mind has to say to you. About meditating, about life in general, whatever the mind wants to say. See if you can make a deal to take a few minutes out every day to meditate. A deal that will allow you to help your mind and your entire Being, connect to the vast ocean that you truly are, bringing you the help and sustenance your mind deserves.

This is the end of this session meditation. I thank you for your presence.