Meditation Classes

At Waves of Bliss and PTE Mystery School, all courses contain Guided Meditations.

We offer free Guided Meditations for the beginner under the category, PTE Orientation. The Tranquil Mind Meditation Series and Loving Heart Meditation Series can be found under the tab Soothing Meditation. This series of meditation Techniques is geared to give you an understanding of what meditation is and to help you learn to meditate, even if you have been unsuccessful in the past. Even though at beginner level, these meditations can benefit those at all meditation levels, from beginner to intermediate to advanced. These free courses are intended to prepare you for our Online Home-Study Courses offered for purchase at PTE Mystery School.

To go to Soothing Meditation, click here.

PTE (Path To Enlightenment) Mystery School, Level I courses are especially designed for the beginner who desires to explore the true benefits of Meditation from the perspective of the spiritual sciences which influence the mechanics of various meditational practices. To learn more and browse PTE MS Level I courses, click here.

PTE Mystery School courses, Levels I thru IV offer a full range of Guided Meditation, from healing release to energy anchoring to becoming a Master at Spiritual Sciences. To learn more and browse, click on the Level you wish to review: LEVEL II, LEVEL III, LEVEL IV.