Healing Meditations

There are many techniques for meditation to induce healing. At Waves of Bliss and PTE Mystery School, all of our Level I and Level II courses are geared specifically toward healing.

One essential element in healing and maintaining the body is to clear and activate the Chakra System of the Body. In Level I of PTE Mystery School, we offer 2 Chakra meditation courses. These Chakra Meditations are a form of Guided Meditation to open and energize the Chakras of the Body. Chakra, in Sanskrit, means wheel. There are circular energy centers in our body where energy pools and spins freely when we are in good health. This energy provides the necessary Life Force for our Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual sustenance.

Chakra Meditation Techniques:

The experience of Meditation is greatly enhanced with the opening of the chakras, the spiritual energy centers of the body. In fact some believe that true meditation can only be experienced after the chakras of the body are fully opened and capable of absorbing and emitting Light. These Chakra Meditation Techniques are beneficial to beginners, as they provide guidelines and build a solid foundation to meditate properly. PTE Mystery School offers the following courses, especially for chakra opening.

I:A001 Chakra System I, The Key to the Inner Kingdom. CC
I:A002 Chakra System II Chakras above the body and the Antahkarana Cord. CC

Other related courses in PTE MS Level I are:

I:A003 Five Body System I, The Gateways of Universal Consciousness. CC
I:A004 Five Body System II. CC

Another course called Angels of the Chakra System, allows you to call upon a specific set of Angels who are responsible for guarding your chakras. By acquainting yourself with these angels during a series of six guided meditations you will enhance the experience and accelerate your growth with the help of angels. Each of these angels bring you a gift in the form of a crystal relevant to the opening and beneficial for each of the chakras of your body.

I:C002 Guardian Angels of the Chakra System. CC