Meditation Audios

Live Guided Meditations

At Waves of Bliss and PTE Mystery School we offer FREE meditation audios at every Gateway Portal Group Channeling Event. These take place every month on Gateway Portal days of: 2/2, 3/3, 4/4…12/12 throughout each year.

We invite you to join us, via conference call, by registering for these FREE monthly live Gateway Portal Events, here. You may also listen to the audios of previous months and years at the same web page. An enormous wealth of information is given at each of these events. These meditation audios explain the conditions of our time and provide meditational exercises to invoke and invite Angelic Guides, Guardians, Masters, Gods and Goddesses to come to our aid and to smooth out or lives, bringing peace joy and happiness to our hearts. Although the conditions described in these sessions may be specific to particular events, great benefits are gained from listening to these sessions and performing the guided meditations. The transcript of many of these Meditation Audios are also provided for your convenience.

Monthly Newsletter

We also offer a FREE monthly Newsletter called Messages from the Masters, which provides a meditational exercise to perform throughout that month. Once again, you may read through this month and previous month’s Newsletter and perform the Guided Meditational Exercises given. Please note that whatever you are led to read is what you need to know in that moment. Your Guides, Masters, Guardian Angels are directing you to that specific Meditational Exercise, Meditational Technique or Guided Meditation, even when it is a piece given years previously. Time is not a limiting factor. The teachings are meant to benefit humankind for many more decades yet to come. To read more, click here.

Audio Guided Meditations for Beginners (and veterans as well)

Audio CD’s for Purchase

Synopsis for CD: Guided Meditation to Clear Chakras and Embody the Higher Self, is a special meditation that brings the Angels of the Four Directions, Uriel, Raphael, Michael, Gabriel to perform healing and clearing to your energy bodies and to connect you to your Higher Self. This connection enables you to receive guidance from your Higher Self to make better choices. The Four Angels bring you help and protection from the Higher Realms.

Synopsis for CD: Mother Mary and the Guardian Angels is a guided meditation narrated by Mother Mary, where you meet your Personal Guardian Angel and receive healing and Light from a circle of Guardian Angels.

These and other CD’s are available at our Gifts store for those who are interested.

FREE Soothing Meditation Audio Series

We Highly Recommend our Free Soothing Meditation Series. This series is comprised of 6 Guided Meditation Audios. The first three Guided Meditations are called, Tranquil Mind Meditation Series and the second three are called, Loving Hearth Meditation Series. The purpose of Phase I of these meditations is to first help the mind understand the process and the benefit of becoming quiet, resting and observing. Phase II focuses on the heart and the emotions to promote an environment conducive to emotional healing.

Audio Instructions

  • Click on the title of the recording to begin playing
  • To download a recording, click on the link icon to the right of the time stamp


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