Meditate Properly

There are several components which make a meditation more fruitful and enjoyable. But before we go into these, please know that you can meditate on any issue at any time, anywhere. The meditation techniques and props offered are simply to enhance and optimize your experience. Yet the process must not become cumbersome or difficult to pursue. We intend to optimize the benefits of meditation by providing you the overall perspective and the general guidelines. Our perspective at the Mystery School is that every moment of living life properly and righteously is a meditation. To live in righteousness we must contemplate and meditate on every thought and every action, ours and other’s. When we react to other’s actions we are not in righteousness but in reactionary mode.

This is why meditation from the perspective of the Mystery School is in one sense broader than the traditional perspective but in another sense more specific, tailored and focused on incorporating and integrating real life experiences into our meditation.

With great respect to all schools of thought on meditation, we will provide a wide overview of common techniques and methods.

In my personal experience, I began receiving guidance from the Higher Realms and connecting with and walking the Higher path before I knew how to meditate using any of the traditional common techniques. In fact before I even knew what meditation was.

Therefore, we feel that it is not necessary to strictly adhere to all of the techniques we will present. It is more important for the person to understand the point of meditation and to develop their own techniques which over time bring them the greatest results. This will likely be a gratifying lifelong adventure.

Proper Posture for Meditation

Perfect Yoga and Yogic Meditation Techniques demand that you sit on the floor with legs crossed, preferably in lotus pose, which is the intertwining of the legs, enacting the shape of the lotus flower. This posture places the legs and feet in a shape mimicking the lotus flower and places the back strait (for unrestricted flow of energy along the spine) and the base of the spine against the ground (for grounding to Earth).

When you sit with back straight, your head is pointing to the heavens and the base of your spine is pointing to the center of the Earth. This aligns you with the energies of heaven above and the Earth below. You become a receiving and transmitting antenna of heaven and Earth energies. You receive the heavenly Light, absorb and digest it into your body and you release the Earthly aches and pains, stress and anxiety to the Earth for transmutation. While this is missing from the lying down posture, you may certainly intend that the heaven and Earth energies be transmitted and exchanged trough your body while lying down.

Meditating in discomfort will likely bring no positive results. It is better to do what you can when you can and intend for the best results to be applied, and trust that the Universe will provide.

This is a difficult thing for people who have been raised sitting on chairs and unaware of lotus postures. It is as effective to sit in a chair with back strait which allows the energy to flow up the spine and with your shoes off and feet flat on the floor which helps you ground yourself to Mother Earth.

Alternately, to relax your body, you may lie down on your back and stretch your limbs, then allow your limbs to rest wherever, however they may fall – completely at rest without tension. This type of lying down posture is called the dead pose. While this is not superior to the sitting pose, it is a great alternative for people who have back problems or other maladies which prevent them from sitting comfortably.

Meditation Techniques using hand mudras

Meditation using Breathing Techniques

Creating sacred space for Meditation

Creating a Sacred Altar

Meditation Clothes

Taking shower

Burning candle