At Waves Of Bliss and PTE Mystery School, we offer Meditation Techniques which help you learn how to Meditate Properly and to receive the highest benefits from your meditations.

What is Meditation?

On this web site we will present to you the general terms, methods and techniques of Meditation. We will help you focus on exploring the meaning and the scope of Meditation and gain an understanding of its benefits. Furthermore, we offer you our perspective in using Meditation as a tool to accelerate growth and promote health and wholeness. Our perspective is based on our understanding of the teachings of the Masters in using Guided Meditations as an important and integral tool for Spiritual Growth and Material Success. Most importantly, we offer Meditational Techniques and exercises as a means for gaining perfect health and wholeness in the body, mind, emotions, soul and spirit. Within this context, a definition of meditation would be as follows:

If you think of prayer as a way of talking to God, (or Higher Power, Supreme Consciousness, etc.) then Meditation is a way to receive answers, feel the presence of that Higher Power and to remember once again that you are a part of the Supreme Consciousness.

Why Meditate?

Meditation can be a bridge to connect you to the Supreme Consciousness and bring you a feeling of support and Soul Connection. This is a connection which has been severed over eons of time, leading each persona to feel that they are often misfits in society and all alone – left to fend for themselves. There is a sense of Oneness that is gained from Meditation.

There is a story told of Maria Calas, the Famous Greek Opera Singer of the Twentieth Century. She was asked what made her sing the way she did. She said, when I sing I see and I feel the Oneness which exists between all souls. I sing in the hope that I can bring that sense of Oneness to all.

You may say, “but Singing Opera is not a meditation.” And our answer would be “Oh –  But it is.” Every action can be a Meditation if it is executed in such a way that it delivers the right results. And that statement is a great example, specifically, of what makes our perspective on Meditation unique or different.