How I Select My Crystals

A large percentage of the Earth’s crust is composed of quartz. There are several types of quartz, the most widely known are clear quartz, smoky quartz, and rose quartz. Clear quartz ranges from completely clear to slightly clouded and in most cases, the clearer the crystal, the greater its magnification capacity.

A small piece of completely clear quartz can be a better conduit of Energy and Light than a larger, cloudy piece. For this reason, we only offer A1 and A2 quality. A1 indicates a completely clear crystal body and tip. A2 indicates a mostly clear crystal with some milky or cloudy patches.

You will not be receiving the exact crystal that you view on the web site. You will receive a crystal from your selected category that has been specifically chosen for you by the Masters and your Guides. The Masters will know you and they will guide Nasrin to pick the piece(s) they want for you. The Divine Mother and the Masters will then energize the crystal(s) for you through Nasrin. When you receive them you will activate each piece as directed below.

If you are unable to purchase any of these pieces at the present moment, it is a good idea to print out a picture of your favorite crystal or cluster and put it in a special place of your choosing, e.g. on an altar, in your bed, under your pillow, or even under your bed. The energy of these amazing crystals will radiate to you even through the pictures.