As Ascended Master Thoth, this being has been involved with the evolution of Earth for more than 30,000 years.  Perhaps one of the longest standing Ascended beings, he has been known as one of the gods by more than one faith on Earth throughout time.  In the time of Egypt he was Tahuti, the God of Justice, who wore the Ibis bird headdress.  As the Atlantean God his name was Chikutet.  In the Emerald Tablets he declares that anyone who wishes to commune with him must call him three times by his name Chikutet Arlich Vemilitus.  As the Mayan God he appears as the serpent plumed Quetzalcoactl (Ketz-Al-Co-Atel).  As the God of the Incas, he is Viracoha.  As the Persian Messenger of God, Zarathustra (Za-ra-toos-tra) or Zoroaster (Zo-Ra-Ster).  As the God of the Greeks, he is Hermes and Hermes Trismejistus, that is three times glorified because he seems to have incarnated and resurrected three times.  As Mercury, he is the God of the Romans.  He returned back to Earth after his service in the heavens as Mercury to bring to the Earthlings the secret mysteries of the lesser gods’ plot against humankind.

As Tehuti or Tehuty he is known as the wisest of the Egyptian gods.  He wears the mask of the Ibis bird, which is a fish-eating bird that lived in the reeds grown along the Nile River during the time of the majesty of Egypt.  He is usually depicted with the head of an Ibis as his headdress and holds a scroll in his hand.  In the scroll is written the mysteries of all creation.  He is the keeper of all the records of humankind’s evolution on Earth.  He is therefore the knower of the Akasha and the keeper of the Akashic records.  These records are the account of every soul’s deeds on Earth throughout multitudes of incarnations.  When he brought the mysteries from Atlantis to Egypt he had to create languages for human beings to communicate with one another, as humanity had fallen to levels of darkness where the knowledge of communication through telepathy was closed.  Thoth created all five sacred languages which are the roots of all spoken word on the planet.

The greatest magician, Tahuti, knew all the secrets of all realities as he was appointed by the Sun God “Ra” to create those realities.  Knower of the secrets of light and dark, in the Emerald Tablets he gives many of the secrets of conquering for the light and bypassing or rather remaining unharmed by the dark lords.  The Emerald Tablets are fourteen pallets of imperishable materials upon which he wrote the secret mysteries of the universe and the means to become invincible to the dark.  These tablets are supposed to have been discovered at a predetermined time by those he had appointed to find them in secret crypts somewhere in South America.  These tablets have been translated with a commentary by Doreal in The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean.

As the Atlantean priest, he is believed to have built the great Temples of Wisdom and Knowledge in Atlantis and have imparted the knowledge directly to priests and priestesses of the temples.  As the record keeper of all civilizations, he knows the deeds of all souls.  As the caretaker of the Atlantean civilization, he brought all the wisdom and knowledge to Egypt and is known by many names such as Tehuti, Zehuti, Sheps and the Lord of the Khemenu.  Egypt was known as the land of Khem and Egyptians as the Khemenu.  The knowledge of alchemy which means from Chem (Khem) is the secret of turning base metal into gold.  Thoth brought these mysteries from Atlantis to Khem (Egypt).  He anchored the knowledge in different parts of the world to prevent the loss of the secret mysteries as a result of the demise of one civilization.  He brought the same mysteries to the land of the Mayans and became known as Quetaelcoatl (Ketz-El-Co-Atel).

To the Greeks, he was known as Hermes and Hermes Trismegistus (three times glorious) because he had appeared and disappeared in the history of the Greek empire in three different eras.  He is believed to have appeared as the prophet Zarathustra or Zoroaster during the great days of the Persian empire.  During this time, the people of the land of Persia were of Zorastrian faith, revering the glory of the sun and respecting the element of fire by keeping it upon sacred altars in every home and temple.  To the Romans of the Roman empire, he was known as the God Mercury who knew the secrets of astrology and cosmology and brought those secrets to Earth to help the Earthlings (human beings) overcome the curse of the lesser gods who were jealous of God’s love for humanity.

As Hermes he brought forth the great body of material known as Hermetica.  This is the story of the creation of humankind by the God of all Gods and the resistance of the lesser gods to accept humanity as having equal rights and value as them.  Hermes recounts the attempt by the lesser gods of heavens and Earth to convince the God of Gods to allow them to test humankind by throwing the obstacles of the signs of zodiac on the path of their growth.  God of all Gods agreed to this test, and the twelve Gods of the zodiac went to work on this project.  Jupiter, Mars, Neptune, Mercury, Pluto and other lesser gods developed the astrological influences that affect each human from the moment of birth and throughout each lifetime.  As the planets move through the different astrological signs, they leave marks and traits that become positive or negative influences in the lives of those humans beings.

In the teachings of Hermetica, Hermes brought from the heavenly realms the secret mysteries to overcome those obstacles.  As Mercury, Hermes himself was one of those lesser gods.  Therefore he had access to the secrets of the gods.  The materials and the body of knowledge that became Hermetica also gives the secrets of alchemy, the art of turning base metal into gold, literally and metaphorically as well as spiritually.  I do apprise you however, that reading this material is one thing, but understanding and applying it is quite another matter.  For more information, read The Hermetica: The Lost Wisdom of the Pharaohs by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy.  When you understand the concepts and put them to work, you have obviously earned the merit to turn base metal into gold, overcome the influences of zodiac and all the negative traits of your birth signs and quite possibly attain enlightenment.  As hard a read as it may be, we are grateful for the attempts that Master Thoth made in his lifetime as Hermes and as the God Mercury.

When you call upon the presence of Master Thoth and other great and powerful Masters of light, please remember to say something like this: “The electromagnetic influence of the light and energy of the Masters will not affect the electromagnetic charge of my house, shop, space, car, room (name whatever space you are using).”  Master Thoth is especially powerful in moving electrical currents of energy through whatever medium he is using.  Our bodies are perfectly capable of receiving and digesting these energies, and our angels and elemental devas who are in charge of our protection go to work diligently.  The electrical equipment however, is a different story.  I always take an extended warranty for my recording equipment.  On average a decent quality recorder that is used daily would last me a few months, but if used consistently for Master Thoth it may last no longer than four or five channeling sessions.  A couple of recorders ran through only one session and refused to work ever again.  Usually I have more than one recording system going because invariably, the magnetic strip of the cassette tapes can’t handle the charge.  The tapes come out with my voice announcing the date and name of the workshop, the participants say their name out loud, and the rest is silence with static.

In our first Hermetica workshop series at Women of Wisdom in Easton, Massachusetts, we came out of the session to be informed that all the electrical equipment was burned out.  My dear friend Katie, the owner, was extremely graceful about the whole matter and took it at her stride.  Master Thoth had come full of power and zest for his first appearance here and none of the tapes had recorded anything either.  I did remember to say the protection invocation from then on.  Nothing went wrong with the electricals but the recordings remained sporadic.  Some sessions were taped and others were not.  I do believe that the energies which were not to be repeated simply did not record and all the rest did.

A session at a friend’s house was a different story however.  I had been instructed by the Masters to invoke and to bring the energies of Master Jesus and Christ Maitreya for the group to experience.  The following day after the session, my friend discovered that the electrical equipment and wiring where we had invoked the Masters were not working in that entire zone in her house — upstairs and downstairs, including the automatic electrical switches and the television sets.  The electrician informed her that all her wires had burned to a crisp.  She also was very graceful about the whole matter but brought it up in one of her readings with Master Jesus.  She asked why such a large sum of money and energy was wasted on this project when it could have been used for something productive.  She had difficulty in finding the parts to replace some of the equipment.  The Master answered that it was done for you to accept and believe in the reality of our existence in your lives.  He said that the group present at her house was all new to this manner of teaching and the impact of the presence of the Masters.  They all wanted proof.  The event was given to bring proof that indeed the power of the Masters can influence your life and even your homes and electrical equipment.  Those pieces of the equipment which had not been repaired were there to be a reminder of the event, and now that the belief had been established, they would be repaired and the monies would be brought back by the grace of the Masters.  The Masters do have great compassion for us, but they will have no problems making a point where necessary.  Remember, therefore, to say the invocation for the equipment!

In one of my early encounters with Thoth, I asked him to take his mask of the Ibis bird off.  He told me that I wouldn’t be able to bear his gaze.  This made me more curious and more determined to continue to ask him.  Finally, he did take it off, I looked into his eyes which looked like the clearest and the deepest of oceans.  Looking through the window of his soul, he touched my heart, and I melted in the love I felt pouring out for all humankind.  His love has no bounds and his power seems equally as great, at least from our human standpoint.

Connection to the Cosmic Sun

This is a very important journey that Thoth is offering us.  In this journey he first requests and receives the dispensation to create a rite of passage to visit the Palace of Shamballa.  Then to go to the initiation chamber and receive the pure white light, the original blueprint of divine self and to commune with the male and female aspects of the Kumaras.

He then requests on our behalf and is granted the dispensation to offer everyone the purification and removal of pain and dross of eons of lifetimes through the transmutational power of violet flame.  He asks that this be in effect for as long as is necessary in order to bring us to one hundred percent pure light capacity through the downloading of original pure white blueprint.  This is a feat absolutely unheard of in the scheme of dispensations.  Because one hundred percent pure light can only be granted to the initiates at the fifth level, the level of resurrection.  Please note that he is asking for the dispensation that such quotients of light be given.  To be given it is one thing, to receive it, fully embody it and maintain it long enough to become one hundred percent pure white light is completely a different matter.  We will have to work to maintain such levels of light.  That work requires discipline to purify the body, mind and spirit and willingness to stay in the pure state.  It also requires that we continuously exercise this meditation to maintain the level of light and purity and to release impurities with the help of the Masters.  Nevertheless, he is setting the pace and paving the path for this to become a reality, which members of our generation of souls or those who come after us can attain.

He also requests on our behalf that the removal of past pains be done without going through the mental and emotional process of clearing and the subsequent pain of remembering the trauma, which is generally the norm.  This meditational journey and the decrees of intention within it are extremely powerful, and they can completely change your life and accelerate your spiritual growth and the evolution of your soul.

Adonai, Adonai, Adonai.  I stand at your feet with great love.  I am Thoth.

I offer to make a pathway directing you to the retreat in Venus, the abode of the Kumaras, in Shamballa.  First I make a pathway around your body, mind, emotions, thoughtforms, etheric and auric energy fields.  Feel your energy field extending and expanding.  Feel a sphere of light 30 feet in diameter spinning pure white light from Shamballa in Venus to encompass you.  To create the light fields, I will pull a cylinder of light from Shamballa on Venus down to the crust of the Earth and around each one of you.

I also pull this cylinder of light to the heartcore of Mother Earth.  What you hear is the heartbeat of Mother Earth.  In the ancient traditions of the old people of Earth – those from the five corners that you call the Native or the Aboriginal people of Earth – permission is always requested before, during and after every ceremony from Mother Earth by entering into the heartcore of Mother Earth.  The space of illumined light which is known as the heartcore of Mother Earth is connected directly to the heartcore of the God Flame – to the heartcore of the Undifferentiated Source – that part of Mother/Father God who has never taken form, never manifested itself physically and is above and beyond physical matter.  The heartcore of Mother Earth maintains that connection to the heartcore of the Undifferentiated Source.

As you are extending and expanding your energy field outward, be sure to connect your own heartcore to the heartcore of Mother Earth.  She, in turn, will take your offering (the heart connection) directly to the heart-flame that burns within the heartcore of the Undifferentiated Source, All That Is. See the cylinder of light become more illumined in light.  Visualize the vibration of 100 percent pure white light become more intense within and around you, spinning and spiraling, into your heartcore, pulsing from your heart outward, connecting to the heartcore of Mother Earth, from the heartcore of Mother Earth to the heartcore of Shamballa on Venus, to the seven male and female Beings of Light, the Kumaras.  Visualize the pure white light spinning and spiraling, expanding wider and brighter, from Venus through the Sun of the solar system, through the heartcore of the central Sun of the galaxy, through the heartcore of the Cosmic Sun, to the heartcore of Alpha and Omega, the great deities of the Sun of your Cosmos.  Pause, take a deep breath and feel the energies at the final destination in the center of the cosmic sun. Meditate on these energies for a moment.

Now we begin the return journey.  Bring that vibration of light back through the same channels, through the same cylinder, spiraling from the heartcore of the Alpha Omega in the great cosmic central Sun, through the levels and layers of the Cosmos into your own Solar Sun, to the presence of Lord Helios and Lady Vesta, the deities of the sun.  It is fully intensified, as it returns to the light on Venus, magnifying the light on Venus, returning to the heartcore of the Kumaras.  From the heartcore of the Kumaras and the flame of Venus to the heartcore of Mother Earth.  From the heartcore of Mother Earth, with great blessing and love, it brings healing and wholeness to your own heartcore.

You do for yourself and the entire planetary grid.  The joy is magnified to that intensity.  If you feel pain, it is because you become the catalyst to remove the pain from the planet and the masses in order to unburden Earth and humankind.  The pain at times may feel like more than one person could bear, and yet together we make an agreement: joy, peace and harmony will abound on the new Earth.  It is only a matter of time.

For your own peace of mind, ask for a specific sign to be given to you.  You can be as specific as you like or you can just say, “Give me a sign that would remove my doubt and would give me the courage to walk this path, a sign that would give me even greater determination to walk this path.  Give me hope.  Give me joy that in a tangible world of dualities,  I truly am making a difference.”  And then see for yourself.

Sometimes it is beneficial to ask for something tangible to guide you upon your path, to give you hope, to help you focus your intention and your attention on the brighter horizons that are within reach and yet may seem far away.  Ask for a personal sign if you wish it.  Ask for the sign when you reach the heartcore of Mother Earth and unite your heart with her.  Ask for a sign again when you reach the presence of the great central sun of the cosmos, Alpha and Omega.  Ask yet again on your return journey when you arrive at the sun of your own solar system in the presence of Lord Helios and Lady Vesta.  Ask for encouragement, hope, peace and harmony to walk on this path of straight and narrow.  Take a deep breath.

The Kumara Twin Flames

Come with me now.  Allow yourself to spin in the cylindrical white light tunnel (previous exercise), by first moving outwards through your crown chakra, follow your golden silver cord of light at the top of your head, the antahkarana, to the presence of The I Am.  (There is a cord of light that connects us from the top of our head, which is our seventh chakra, to our twelfth chakra where our presence of the I AM THAT I AM – God in form – resides.)

Let us call upon the I AM THAT I AM, to protect you and assist you to attain the highest and brightest essence of pure white light on this journey.  Let us call upon the legions and hosts of angelic forces of light to protect your physical body while your spirit is on this journey.  Through the golden silver cord of light, together we join the golden gate of the synchronic lines that bring us to the sacred Temple of Shamballa on Venus (synchronistic lines are like highways of light in the etheric realms).

Upon entry through the golden gateway you are in the great hall meeting with the seven  female and male Light Beings (the cosmic female and male aspects).  These are the seven pairs of the Kumaras which form the male and female counterpart.  Each one of you has a connection with one of the seven pairs.  You will walk in a procession through an archway of light with the male Kumara to your left and the female Kumara to your right.  The pair of Kumaras holds your hands and walks you through the illumined archway to a golden doorway into an initiation chamber of light.  Inside that chamber you may communicate, request or offer whatever your heart desires.  Ask for a boon (or gift) from the male/female pair.  Offer a prayer, personal or global.  Say what you wish and pause to receive.  Take a deep breath.

An initiation of light is now performed to your essence, giving you a rite of passage to visit this abode of light whenever you choose to request it.  This is performed by the pair of Kumaras, male and female.  You may request this encounter again and again during dreamtime, in meditation or in your fully awakened state while performing daily activities.  It will not interfere with your daily life.  You do not have to be in mediation to receive the illumined light from Shamballa through the presence of the male and female essence of the Kumaras who have established an illumined light connection with you.  However, consciously you can attain more when you allow yourself to sit in meditation or before retiring and falling asleep.

The benefits will be awarded to you merely for the asking.  It is the same when you call upon the Consuming Violet Flame. By divine right, when you ask, you do receive.  Whether you consciously become aware of its impact, or physically feel the energetic encounter does not matter.  When the cause is transmuted it will remove all effect and return you to your original blueprint as light.  When you call upon The Consuming Violet Flame, the Violet Flame of Transmutation or the Purple Ray, because you have asked it is decreed to you.  It is given whether you fully and tangibly or energetically feel it or not.

You are now given the rite of passage to enter into the initiation chamber in Shamballa and to request the initiation blaze of white light and a communion with the male and female pair of the Kumaras who have established a light connection with you.  You can set up a decree that a transmission of this light be given to you at a certain time, in a certain manner.  You can make a general intention to receive every hour on the hour.  You can even make that intention to be with every breath, the blazing white fire of initiation to be administered to you until you become a hundred percent pure white light.  Pause for a moment and state your intention.  Call upon the Consuming Violet Flame to remove the pain and dross that your spirit and your soul have encountered in many lifetimes in the physical body of matter, enabling the return to the original blueprint of pure white light.

The advantage of removing the dross and the pain with the Violet Flame is that you do not have to bring to the surface of your consciousness every event to be transmuted and the scars to be released.  You can relieve yourself from the pain and dross through the transmutational potencies of the Consuming Violet Flame merely by calling the Consuming Violet Flame.  You can make a general intention for the release to happen with every breath.  This dispensation is given to you who are the pioneers, spearheads, torchbearers and way-showers.  The original blueprint of a hundred percent pure white light can be established through your bodies, upon this globe, illumining the grid of the 100 percent pure white light original blueprint on Earth for the benefit of all humankind.  The more you focus your intention on the illumination of this global grid, the faster the process can be established.

As for yourselves, you have been given the rite of passage, you have been offered by your request that with every breath in and every breath out you will receive the higher light.  And that you will transmute through the Consuming Violet Flame the pain and the dross and the scars of the eons of time.  The more intently and intensely that you focus upon the same for yourself and for the globe, the faster the process can be accelerated.  One voice can go so far.  Ten voices together can go further.  A hundred can take it even further.  A few million would reach critical mass.  We can begin with one voice.  We can begin with one individual voice, and together we begin with one group voice.

The rite of passage has been established.  If you so choose, you can specifically ask this male and female being to give to you a name by which you can call upon them.  Take a deep breath.  Move to their energies and ask for a name, a symbol, a signal to communicate with this cosmic pair and to feel their presence with you.  Meditate.  If you have not received a name, patiently ask again in your future encounters.  It will be given to you.  Once you have it, use it wisely, for the benefit of light, in service to light, in advancement of light.  For you are 100 percent pure white light, and it is your divine right to demand it, to command it, to decree it and to become it.

Let us offer a prayer of thanksgiving and blessing to the Kumaras who have received you.  As we part company, moving back to the great hall, reentering through the archway this time, the male being is on your right and the female being is on your left.  You move under the same archway greeting each individual pair, returning to the golden gate on our journey homebound, through the golden silver cord of light to the crown chakra.  If you are experiencing pressure headaches or neck pains, stomach upset or nausea now, request that these pains be removed by the Masters.  Let your spirit essence which has been purified, cleansed and infused with pure white light return to your physical body.  And sit in peace for a moment as your body and all aspects of your personality receive the illumined light.

I stand with great joy in your love and in your presence as your friend, your guide, your teacher and your companion on the pathway of light.  I am Tahuti.  Adonai


Viewing the Solar System from Space

In this exercise, Thoth holds us suspended in space to show us the view of Earth, Mercury, Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter as well as Venus.  As I have explained in the introduction to Thoth, in his incarnation as the god Mercury, he was the deity of the planet Mercury and was involved in the evolution of all the planets and laws governing the planets and all souls.  The Greeks called him Hermes.  He brought the knowledge of Hermetica to Earth from that level.  Hermetica is the wisdom of the gods and the mysteries of magical knowledge such as alchemy and eternal life.  In this meditation Thoth brings us to the presence of Goddess Venus, the guardian of the planet Venus.  Known by the Greeks as Aphrodite, she is the Goddess of love and beauty.  Worshipped in Rome as Venus, she is the Goddess of Love and Fertility as the ancestor to the Romans.  As Venus Felix she is bringer of good fortune.  As Venus Victrix, the bringer of victory and as Venus Verticordia, the protector of feminine chastity.  Venus is also a nature goddess in charge of the spring season and the bringer of joy to humankind.  Many nude statues of Venus have been sculpted by artists, yet as Venus Pompeiana, the patron deity of Pompeii, she wears a crown and is fully clothed.  Sanat Kumara’s encounter with Venus in Janet McClure’s book gives an account of a great cosmic being filled with love of the highest caliber.  Her essence permeates everywhere on Venus.  All initiates of the twelve Temples of Wisdom, where training for planetary and galactic service is given, receive her love and are nurtured by it.  Thoth brings us back to Atlantis to retrieve the secret mysteries from that era before he brings us back to full consciousness of our bodies on Earth.

Beloveds, Adonai, Adonai.  I am Thoth.

Prepare your bodies by envisioning one pillar of light extending from the bottom of each of your feet into the crust of the Earth, into the body of Mother Earth, to the core crystalline structure in the heart of Mother Earth.  The Sun that shines in that heartcore welcomes you and holds you grounded.

Envision from the top of your head your cord of antahkarana extending your life force to your soul.  Moving through your entire soul lineage, you become aware of the hierarchies of the self, the Higher Self, the presence of your own I AM.  From there you move to the presence of the Elohim, the energy field of the Throne of Grace, and finally to the presence of the Undifferentiated Source, All That Is within the void.  Envision the Great Central Sun of this entire Cosmic Constellation at the heart of the Void.  Envision wrapping the antahkarana around a crystalline structure like the disk of a sun, and wrap the antahkarana around this disk inside the heart of the central sun.  Now you are connected through your lineages of light and your own soul structure to the spirit of oneness.  From this viewpoint, look at the planet Earth within the solar system.  Now look at the Sun.  Feel the love and the warmth that comes to you from the Sun.

Now become aware of the planet Mercury, where many of the high level initiates are gathered. Hierarchies of the Ascended Beings of Light and even the cosmic beings of light have made Mercury their homes.  Become aware of planet Neptune, very far away from your own planet. Feel the energy vibration of this planet.  Bless it and love it and feel the love returned to you.  Become aware of planet Saturn, a very large planet with many levels and layers of rings around it.  Feel the energy vibration from this planet.  Become aware of planet Jupiter.  This is very highly evolved planet in your own star system.  Its energy is very similar to the energy of the Sun, only gentler and not quite as bright.  But nevertheless, it is far, far advanced in the levels of planetary mastery.  Now become aware of Venus.  Venus has a purple light structure around it, a mixture of emerald green and purple.  This energy field around Venus is somewhat similar to the energy field that the Children of the New Age bring forth to Earth. It brings healing and order to life.

Many children, especially those born since August of 2002, have auric fields of exactly these colors, and many are destined to become healers.  The green relates to the Fifth Ray, the Ray of Truth, and the purple relates to the Seventh Ray, the Ray of Transmutation of Dross and Return to Purity, also the Ray representing Ceremonial Order.  These children come to Earth on this specific Ray to bring order to the Aquarian Age.  They come to heal the planet and the multitudes and masses of souls.

Goddess Venus, The Cosmic Guardian

I would now like to present to you the presence of the Cosmic Being Venus.  See this wondrous Cosmic Being of Light standing in the center of a circle.  She is very tall, somewhat slender, although very feminine.  Look into her eyes.  It is as though you are looking into the depths of the ocean.  She has very big almond-shaped eyes.  As strong as these eyes are, they are innocent, as innocent as looking into the eyes of a newborn baby.

Look at her attire.  These gossamer garments of light are normal attire in the retreat of Shamballa on Venus.  These garments of light protect the wearer from lower forces and transmit the higher vibration of light to the environment around them.  It is as though she is illuminating the room, and her garments are lit.  Yet the garment itself is transparent.

Become aware of her hands.  She is holding her hand in a certain position.  Her right hand, palm up, is facing your heart.  Her left hand, palm down with the back of the hand showing, is pointing to your solar plexus and sacral plexus area.  A beam of light is emanating from her right hand.  The color is a bluish-white.  The beam of light emanating from the left hand is a golden-yellow-orange color.  Absorb and receive these energies.  Take a deep breath.

As the beams of light reach within your body, they expand; the beam of golden-yellow and orange spreads in the area of the hip and the stomach, and the beam of bluish-white spreads in the entire chest area.  The beams reach toward each other mixing and merging, and they unite in a pure white light in the area above the solar plexus, close to the bottom rib.  A vortex of light is created in that area. T his is where the Soul is in residence.  This is the Seat of the Soul.

When complete awareness of divinity exists, this light resides on the right side of your chest.  When complete awareness is yet missing this vibration falls down below the cosmic heart and even below the human heart, hiding itself under the ribcage, sitting on top of your diaphragm.  When facing trauma or in an anxiety attack, the breath is imprisoned, not reaching the core of the body, and you may begin to hyperventilate.  In those circumstances, the pain and suffering affects the Seat of the Soul and causes the contraction of the diaphragm, which interferes with your normal breathing process leading to hyperventilation or shallow breathing.  Over many instances of trauma you become numb to this abnormality.  With these beams of light permeating the area, healing will ensue.

Feel the warmth of the two rays in your body as beloved Venus continues to send healing.  Allow your being to absorb these energies.  Ask the Goddess to  heal all trauma and to release all pain so you can begin to breathe deeply again.  From now on, in anxious moments remember to call upon Cosmic Being Venus.  After any anxious or traumatic moment, request the restoration of your breathing through the emanation of the light from her hands.  Pause and take a deep breath.

Now become aware that a beam of pink light is emanating from her heart, shooting out directly to your own cosmic heart chakra in the area of your thymus gland, spreading in your chest , throat, neck, and shoulders.  Take a deep breath and absorb the pink light of divine love emanating from the heart of Venus to your own heart, and make the intention to release all pain, depression, hopelessness and fear.  Ask for the restoration – to perfection – of the plan in your own heart.  Ask for the perfected divine plan and the original blueprint to imprint at cellular level in the cosmic heart.  Ask for the connection from your own heart to the cosmic heart of the central Sun of this Cosmos.  If you wish, using your own free will request that this connection never be severed ever again.  Pause and take a deep breath.

From this moment on, you are connected to the cosmic heart of the great central Sun.  This is the highest source of your own beingness.  It will guide you through Mastery and beyond – prepare you for communion with your own Lineage of Light, Soul group, sisters and brothers of light, teachers, guides and guardians.  Connecting with the soul group members will bring you wholeness, a feeling you may have lacked for awhile.  There is no one closer to you than members of your own soul group because your soul group has been with you through many lifetimes.  It is highly probable that some are not in physical embodiments at this present moment.  And those who are in body may not necessarily be in your life.  In fact, the idea is that members of the soul group scatter in different parts of the world or the universe in order to learn from different experiences, in different circumstances, on different planets or Star Systems.  However, there is nothing stopping you from joining and merging telepathically with members of your own soul group.  Therefore if you wish it, put in the intention that at nighttime or at any other time where you are in a relaxed, meditative mode a reconnection with your own soul group members would take place.

It is now time to have one final experience with the Cosmic Being Goddess Venus.  She offers you to step into her body, stand inside of her and merge and join into her beingness, allowing your own beingness to be imbued by her cosmic vibration of light.  Do this with your own free will and with great love and sincerity.  As you join and merge and expand inside her cosmic being, your own cell structure become lighter, the atoms in your body vibrate faster, your electronic structure become recalibrated and your body and being fill up with pure white light, the bluish-white light which is her signature light.  Take a deep breath and visualize yourself fully and completely merged into the presence of the Goddess Venus.  Expand into her beingness and receive from the pure essence of this cosmic being of light.  Meditate for a while and return to your normal consciousness when you are ready.

Return To Atlantis – Union With Twin Flame

From here I take you back to Atlantis.  Along the way I bring you to the cave of the mysteries.  In this embodiment you will be in a better position to absorb those mysteries.  As we enter into the cave, the writing on the walls of the cave come to life and begin emanating different colored light.  And as you look down at your own body, you will see that the corresponding point of light in your own body is illuminated.  This exercise will help to activate the memories of the great knowledge and wisdom which existed in those times.  Your own being is reactivated to absorb those mysteries and recall the knowledge and wisdom once again.  The awakening of the memories of the mysteries in your own body will assist in transmission of these energies back to Earth at the present time.  This is why I bring you here.  You are drawn to the different parts of the cave.  There are many walls, many labyrinths.  You are called to places where specific knowledge and wisdom is transmitted through the illumination of lights into your bodies.  Pause and take a deep breath.

We will exit from a different point than the one we entered.  This exit point is a crack in the time space continuum and will directly guide us to the Temple of Atlantis.  You will find yourself standing in the center of the Golden Temple around a pyramid-shaped structure.  You begin to emanate from your third eye and the palms of your hands, and the pyramid disappears.  You then enter and move to an inner chamber of light to receive your own guidance and revelations.  A being who is your counterpart – or your Twin Flame – from that time is awaiting you.  In the presence of this being we will continue this journey in silence.  You will receive your initiation, and you will return to me for our journey back to Earth.  Pause and take a deep breath.

Let us bless the presence of all these beings of light.  Let us be thankful for all the merits that we have earned on this auspicious day.  You are now beacons of light transmitting this light.  You have the choice to anchor these energies consciously, vibrate them to others, decree and command these lights to reign on Earth.  You have the divine right to choose this with your own free will.  Pause and make your intention.

Now, I take you back.  Together we bring the energies of the Mayan, the Egyptian and the Atlantean civilizations.  Together we pave the path of light that will remain open to all those who wish to benefit from these energies, provided their intention is pure light and service of light.  Together we have become the bridge.  Together we have become the pillars of light that hold this bridge together.  This bridge extends from this present moment in Earth’s history to the Atlantean era with a stop to create a double arch to form the coming together of the Mayan, Aztec, Egyptian and Aboriginal energies of Australia and New Zealand.  We will replenish these energies with the Lemurian light of wisdom.  A vortex of light will open up to bring energies from that civilization.  You can invoke and awaken this moment in time and space by practicing to reconnect with the high point of the Lemurian civilization.

With great love and in thanksgiving, I call the completion and culmination of this session of communion.  I bless you; I stay with you for as long as necessary until we have completed the last phase of the last job at hand or in the future.  I am Thoth.  Adonai. Adonai. Adonai.  So it is.


Enjoy the light and the intensity of his energies through the following pages. What you have just read is the introduction to the teachings of Master Thoth. To read more of his messages  or practice his meditations,

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Excerpts from Gifts II, Gifts of Practical Guidance for Daily Living
by Nasrin Safai – pp 139-142


Master Thoth the Atlantean, ascended Earth over 25,000 years ago. For thousands of years before that, he brought the secrets of alchemy and instant manifestation for anchoring on Earth through many civilizations during the Lemurian and Atlantean time. Thoth is responsible for creation of all the spoken and written languages of Earth. He has been especially involved in rescuing the knowledge and wisdom from Atlantis before its destruction. He was instrumental in reseeding the Atlantean wisdom into the civilizations which became Egypt (Land of Khem, or Chen, where the secrets of alchemy were brought) as well as into the Mayan and Aztec civilizations. I have given extensive descriptions of Master Thoth in Gifts III.

Emerald Tablets is a great legacy left by Thoth for humankind.  It consists of fourteen emerald green tablets made of an indestructible material:

“…formed from a substance created through alchemical transmutation, upon which Thoth had inscribed the knowledge of the mysteries of the universe and the cosmic laws governing all bodies of matter, including our own bodies and Mother Earth. Also knowledge of how to conquer all that is in matter or form and move beyond it into immortality” (Doreal, p. ii).

Doreal, who translated the original inscriptions of the Emerald Tablets, has compiled them into a book called  The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean. He states that they date back to 36,000 years before Christ, and their original author was called Thoth, the Atlantean priest king. He founded a colony in Egypt after the Atlantean continent sank. He built the pyramids of Giza and inside them stored the wisdom and hid the knowledge of the mysteries which he had brought from Atlantis:

“For some 16,000 years, he ruled the ancient race of Egypt, from approximately 50,000 B.C. to 36,000 B.C. At that time, the ancient barbarous race among which he and his followers had settled had been raised to a higher degree of civilization. Thoth was an immortal, that is, he had conquered death, passing only when he willed and even then not through death. His vast wisdom made him ruler over the various Atlantean colonies, including the ones in South and Central America.

When the time came for him to leave Egypt, he erected the Great Pyramid over the entrance to the Great Halls of Amenti, placed in it his records, and appointed guards for his secrets from among the highest of his people. In later times, the descendants of these guards became the pyramid priests, while Thoth was deified as the God of Wisdom, The Recorder, by those in the age of darkness which followed his passing. In legend, the Halls of Amenti became the underworld, the Halls of the Gods, where the soul passed after death for judgment” (Doreal, p.1).

Thoth himself, having ascended, moved his ego personality through the bodies of humankind and incarnated three more times on Earth in the body, but with intelligence of superhuman nature. The last of the three incarnations, he came as Hermes Trismejistus, “three times glorified” or “three times born.” In that lifetime, he left a large body of written materials know as Hermetica which is the wisdom of the planetary influences of the signs of zodiac in the body of Earth and in the lives of humankind and how to override these influences. These writings influenced the great thinkers, scientists, artists and philosophers of the world such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Roger Bacon, Milton, Boticelli, Thomas More, Paracelsus, Shakespeare, Kepler, Copernicus, Victor Hugo, and Carl Jung as well as Islamic and Jewish philosophers. The esoteric philosophers have equated Thoth and the writings of Hermetica to equal the mysterious prophet Enoch and his writings.

Hermetica is considered “a cornerstone of western culture” (Freke and Gandy, pp. 7-8). As Thoth, the God of Wisdom, he is believed to have revealed to the Egyptians the knowledge of astronomy, geometry, architecture, medicine, religion and spiritual knowledge and wisdom. In this book, Thoth, through channelings in group workshops, has given us the Emerald Green Sphere of Manifestation and the following segments which are great manifestation tools. Quan Yin and Metatron are two of the other contributing Masters in this section. Metatron is an archangel as well as an Ascended Master, whom I will explain in detail in the Enlightenment section.

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