Sanat Kumara

Sanat Kumara

Sanat Kumara is a great cosmic being whose consciousness over-lights planet Earth. Many eons ago Earth was at the brink of extinction. Sanat Kumara offered to rescue Earth from its demise. He and six other Great Beings of Light, who are collectively known as the Seven Kumaras, began the task of rescuing Earth from darkness and pain. Sanat Kumara’s light is too brilliant for Earth to withhold and therefore he resides on Venus. It is our hope that some day Earth’s vibrational frequency will reach to such great light where Sanat Kumara and other great cosmic beings can walk among us. Great work has been rendered by the Masters and Cosmic Beings of Light to this end.

Sanat Kumara is now offering us the opportunity of greater acceleration in acquiring light and wisdom. He invites us to merge into his consciousness in the Throne of the I AM THAT I AM, God in form. We stand to gain great growth and acceleration on the path of enlightenment and in release of pain and struggles of many lifetimes. Furthermore, we stand to serve the Earth and to raise the consciousness of the multitudes of masses who are unaware of this great opportunity. Sanat Kumara is calling upon us, his most beloved disciples, to remember him as our great teacher and friend and to assist him in bringing greater light down to Earth.

Excerpt from Gifts III

Sanat Kumara is the second theme which weaves its golden light through the tapestry of this book. Sanat Kumara is our planetary logos, or the “word” for our planet. (In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. John 1:1.) His word is the life giving force which keeps all the souls on the planet away from harm and extinction. It is because of him that the life force on the planet bears the consciousness of light and shall remain to see the dawning of the seventh golden age, the Age of Aquarius. In a channeled book by Alice A. Bailey, called Initiations Human and Solar, Master Djwal Khul (known also as the Tibetan) p. 28, says, “In the middle of the Lemurian epoch, approximately 18,000,000 years ago, occurred a great event which signified the following development-the planetary logos of our Earth scheme, one of the seven spirits before the throne (of God) took physical incarnation and, under the form of Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days, and the Lord of the world, came down to this dense physical plane and has remained with us ever since.” He then goes on to say that because Sanat Kumara’s nature was pure, he could not take a dense physical body but functions in his etheric body. This body however, is so vast and so strong that the entire Earth is held inside its radius. He left the high lofty places of glory and light to come to the density of Earthly planes to help the evolution of humankind. Sanat Kumara resides in the Palace of Shamballa in Venus. He has been waiting for the time when the quotient of light on our planet and in the hearts of humankind is raised to such high levels where he can walk on Earth again. And that time is here, now.

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