Connecting and Clearing with the Red Life Force of Earth

St Germain

Connecting and Clearing
with the Red Life Force of Earth

Channeled By St. Germain on January 29th, 2008

This is an exercise which will connect you and your energy to the abundant, creative, grounding and life giving Red Life Force Energy of Earth. Sometimes as a result of mental, emotional and physical stress our bodies become depleted and we feel disconnected. When disconnected, daily life becomes even more stressful.

Misplaced car or house keys, forgotten papers and documents, partially accomplished daily chores can add to the stress of the day and can lead to further disconnection.

When you are unable to express your needs clearly or when you find yourself unable to understand the words of others or to even identify with what goes on around you; or when it seems as though people do not hear or understand what you say, you may be ungrounded or disconnected from the Earthly reality.

Long hours of work behind the computer or even a long meditation exercise, can render similar effects. One way to remedy the experience of “disconnectedness” is to reconnect with the Earth. This can be done through an exercise which reconnects you to the Red Life Force Energy of Mother Earth.

Do this exercise whenever you feel out of sorts, when you are emotionally down and mentally stressed. Do it also to bring greater creativity, abundance, hope, optimism and joy into your life and your body. St. Germain offers us this grounding exercise.

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