In these pages you will find time related messages from Metatron channeled through me. It is my honor and privilege to bring these golden nuggets of wisdom to you.

Metatron has brought this entire universe into manifest form in alignment with the will of God. God, the Undifferentiated Source, chose to become many and to experience itself in form, the spark of light from the heart core of God was given to Archangel Uriel. Uriel became the guardian of that inner (non-manifest form) light and handed it to Metatron for external manifestation. Metatron took that light, ignited and illuminated the entire Universe with that light and brought it to existence. Metatron became the guardian of outer (manifest form) light. The entire manifest Universe sprang forth by the Will of God through the hands of Metatron. In his love for all things manifest he has consequently taken form of Archangel Metatron, Enoch, El Shaddai and holds the vibration of YHWH (Yahweh), known as lesser YHWH, or Yaho-weh-El.

Many other names are attributed to Metatron that are also among the names of God in the Kabalistic tradition. For more information on Metatron’s names refer to page 240-242 of The Encyclopedia of Angels by Rosemary Ellen Guiley. In Kabala, the mystical teachings of Judaic faith, Metatron sits in the highest house (sephiroth) of the tree of life. Everything in the manifested Universe is manifested through the body, the light, and the vibration of Metatron.

In the Love and Light of the Paramatman,

I am Nasrin

The following message relates to the events of the first quarter of the year leading us to March equinox of 2005 and the 1000 years of peace. The mantra was given to us while members of our group were sent to different parts of the world to recalibrate the energy grid of Earth after the event of the Christmas 2004 tsunami. The mantra is given as a new dispensation to establish balance and equilibrium back to the grid of Earth. It also established a Cord of Light reaching up and out from Earth and our hearts to the highest and ultimate realms of Light –that highest realm of light, Paramatman Light. Atman is the highest God soul presence. When a human being realizes the self they become the Atman – Paramatman is the all encompassing Light. Let us join together in calling forth this Light with sincerity of heart and clarity of focus for the good of all to pour upon us and heal us.




Flame of Compassion


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pdf Mantra for the Descent of Paramatman Light
January 12, 2005 Excerpt from GIFTS II – Gifts of Practical Guidance for Daily Living

pdf Receiving a New Contract for Highest Service to the Light
Excerpt from GIFTS III – Journey Into the Inner Realms of Consciousness

pdf Coming of the 1,000 Years of Peace – January 19, 2005

Unpublished Discourses from Metatron

pdf Establishing Ascension Day – March 24, 2005

pdf The Equinox and the Energy of Truth – March 1, 2005 with Master Hilarion

pdf Guidance through 2012 – Excerpts or Full Text – December 6, 2004

pdf Heeding Guidance – October 14, 2004


As part of a channeling, Ascended Masters will often deliver Mantras for humanity. A mantra is usually composed of short syllables of sound which is recited over and over again for clearing the mind, body and environment. The mantras given by Metatron are in effect invocations and decrees given for specific events or healing purposes. When recited alone or in groups during ceremonies these mantras and invocations speed up the process of healing, bring forth greater assistance from the realms of light and speed up our spiritual evolutions. In this section, you will find the mantras and invocations which Metatron has asked us to recite for various purposes.

Mantra of Universal Support

The mantra below was received while Nasrin was in Germany, February 2005.

I am the Light of the universe.
All my needs are met.
The universe supports me in meeting all my needs.
In return, I become the Light of this universe.

Repeat the above mantra over and over again in sequence of 3 which is the number for creation. It anchors the energy of the mantra into our field through the creative force of the universe.

The energy of repetition creates a circle of light around us. This begins a new cycle of the evolution of our soul. As human beings in darkness and separation from our soul we have forgotten our true origins within God’s heart. We are lost and lonely trying to meet our own needs as well as the needs of our loved ones. Repeating the above mantra helps bring us back to the universal circle of light which is our true source and divine origin. In this instance “the universe” represents the God-Father/God-Mother energy which unconditionally provides for all our needs in total love and acceptance. Repeating the above mantra over and over awakens the DNA of our cell structure to that memory and brings us back to that place of total fulfillment and therefore needlessness. When we begin to live without fears of lack and neediness, we then pull the abundance of the universe to ourselves.

Mantra To Clear Negative Emotions

This mantra was received as part of a reading in March 2005.

In the name of the I Am That I Am I call forth the pillar of pure white light to descend upon me.
I call upon the presence of the I Am That I Am to clear my body, my being, my mind, my emotions, my thought, my spirit and my soul from this experience; [state the emotions that your are experiencing i.e. anger, fear of abandonment, fear of betrayal, lack of trust etc. If you cannot name it, just say “this emotion.”]
I call forth Archangel Michael and his Legions of Light to release these energies from my body, my being, my mind, my emotions, my thought, my spirit and my soul from all negative emotions and to fill me with the blue light of divine love and divine wisdom and divine mercy from the heart of the Undifferentiated Source.

Additional Mantras

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