Melchizedek is the Universal Logos. Logos in Greek means The Word. Thus, Melchizedek is The Word. He is the ultimate guardian and ultimate architect of our universe.

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Lord Melchizedek, our Universal Logos, offers us a grid to re-unite us with the thirty-three members of our Soul Lineage of Light and unburden ourselves from the feeling of being alone in this world.

Chapter III

from Path to Enlightenment Book III, The Seed of Life, by Nasrin.

In this chapter Melchizedek talks about his own Soul Lineage of Light. As the Universal Logos, Melchizedek’s Lineage reaches from Universal Level all the way down to Earth in the Third Dimension. There are many Souls on Earth today who have a direct connection to the Melchizedek Lineage. Even if your Soul Lineage is most closely tied to that of Sanat Kumara, Melchior or other Great Beings, eventually your Lineage merges into the Soul Lineage of Light of Melchizedek.

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Soul Lineage of Light

My Dear Hearts, I am Melchizedek.

Take a deep breath. Visualize yourself standing before Lord Melchizedek, the Universal Logos. Visualize Melchizedek in his ceremonial robe and cape of Royal Blue. In his hand is the Scepter of Universal Power and on his head, a Crown of Gold. Over his chest the Golden Cross, an Emblem of the Universal Logos, is displayed.

Visualize that Melchizedek is standing with his arms outstretched. Purple-Blue Light of the Universal Logos is emanating from the palms of his hands, Third Eye, Cosmic Heart, Personal Heart, and his Solar Plexus to you. Light is entering your entire Five Body System. It brings you the healing which removes all the pain and damage from many lifetimes of incarnation into the density of this mundane realm.

I now call forth thirty-three members of your Soul Lineage of Light. They are closely connected to your soul and aware of your Soul’s Mission. They come forth to stand in a circle around you and Lord Melchizedek. They stand shoulder-to-shoulder, beaming Purple-Blue Light which is the essence and substance of Pure Melchizedek Light. Take a deep breath and make an intention for the healing that you are about to receive. Say,

“I ask for the energies of Lord Melchizedek and the thirty-three members of my Soul Lineage to merge with me through my Five Body System. I ask that we connect through the Cosmic Heart Chakras over-lighted by the energies of Lord Melchizedek. I ask that all the pain, dross and damage inflicted upon my body, my soul and my personality aspects and those of all Soul Lineage members, be released through this healing.”

Take a deep breath and pause to allow the healing energies to penetrate into your Five Body System and your soul and personality aspects.

Now visualize Legions of Archangel Michael creating a circle around this entire formation. They too are standing with their shoulders touching. Their Swords of Mercy are drawn out of their sheaths and held up above the entire formation with you, Lord Melchizedek and the thirty-three members of your Soul Lineage inside the circle. Visualize that the points of their swords touch at the center of the dome creating an electric charge of Aquamarine-Blue Light. Shimmering Aquamarine-Blue Light of Divine Mercy, Divine Protection and Divine Guidance pours down from the points of their swords into the dome, down to you. This Light will continuously charge you with energies of Divine Mercy and protect you from all lower vibrational frequencies.

Visualize that this entire formation is placed inside the Pillar of Pure White Light, brought down from the Throne of Absolute, the Abode of Divine Mother. Inside this Pillar, your energies are drawn upward to all the thrones above. Take a deep breath and pause for a moment.

We now begin the journey to ascend to each throne inside of the Pillar of Light. We reach the Throne of I Am That I Am. You stand before the Presence of I Am That I Am inside the Formation of Light with Lord Melchizedek, members of your Soul Lineage and the Angelic Forces of Michael. Visualize yourself as you merge and expand, uniting with the essence of God in Form, held within the Presence of the I Am That I Am. Take a deep breath and bathe in these energies.

We move upward inside the Pillar of Light, passing through all the Thrones in the Higher Realms until we reach to the Throne of Undifferentiated Source. This is the Throne of God in Non-Form. This is the Abode of Pure White Light. We stand before this essence in the Formation of Light with Lord Melchizedek, members of your Soul Lineage of Light and Angelic Forces of Michael. Unite, merge and receive the Light of the Undifferentiated Source. Expand in this Light, healing the pain, struggle and dross accumulated from life in physical embodiment. Now ask to be brought to the state of purity and innocence, which was originally intended for you. Say,

“I ask that all my Five Body System, mind, emotions, and my Soul’s and Personality Aspects be brought back to the state of purity and innocence originally intended for me in the Divine Plan, from the heart-core of the Undifferentiated Source. I ask this on behalf of all members of my own Soul Lineage.”

Take a deep breath and bathe in these energies, allow the healing to be administered to you. Together with Lord Melchizedek, the Soul Lineage members and the Angelic Forces of Michael, we travel higher and further into the depth of Light to the Throne of Absolute, the Abode of Divine Mother. We stand before the Throne of Divine Mother. Visualize that the silhouette of a female being appears from the Throne and stands before you. She may appear to you in a form of her choosing. She places her left hand on your chest and her right hand on your back, aligned with your Heart Chakra. Her Divine Light is emanating from her hands to your heart. This is the Light of the Creative Force of the Feminine Principle of Existence. This Creative Force triggers this entire creation to come into manifest form. Everything has been created from her Divine Love and Divine Grace. Through her Grace, all things are manifest and all things are possible. We shall ask her for the Original Blueprint of Perfection to be imprinted upon your body and being. Take a deep breath and pause before we receive the Blueprint.

Now say,

“I ask from the Throne of Absolute and the Presence of the Divine Mother for the Original Blueprint of the Melchizedek Light and Order to be awakened in my DNA structure and all the Fragments of my Soul to be reunited. I ask for healing, health, and wholeness for all my Personality Aspects and Soul Fragments. I especially ask for healing of my nervous system and strength in my personality and character to help me to continue on my Soul’s Divine Mission. I ask for the blessing and grace of Divine Mother to reconnect my Life Force with the Life Force of the members of my Soul Lineage, under the guidance of Lord Melchizedek, the Universal Logos. I ask to be energized, recalibrated, refreshed and reunited with the Melchizedek essence and be brought to complete health and wholeness. I ask Lord Melchizedek to over-light all my Soul Fragments and my Personality Aspects to accelerate me to fulfill my Divine Mission.” Take a deep breath and visualize yourself receiving this blessing.

Now visualize that each of the Thirty-Three Members of your Soul Lineage join to overlay their own Light signature upon yours. Finally, visualize the Presence of Lord Melchizedek over-lighting your energy bodies as he sends you emanations of his Universal Light in the Presence of the Divine Mother. Health, wholeness, healing, joy, peace and harmony are restored to you from this reunion. Your Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Bodies are refreshed, rejuvenated and overlaid by the Brilliant Light of the Universal Logos. The entire structure of your Light Body is now overlaid by the Presence of Lord Melchizedek, the Universal Logos. On your behalf, I, Melchizedek, ask and decree the following; Say,

“We ask this entire Formation of Light to continue to charge this Grid of Light with the blessings and healings which have been requested, from this day on. We ask this healing to continue and accelerate with every repetition of this meditational exercise.”

Now, offer a prayer of thanksgiving to the Presence of the Divine Mother and the Throne of Absolute as we take our leave. Together with Lord Melchizedek, thirty-three members of your Soul Lineage and the Angelic Forces of Michael we spin down through the Pillar of Light back to the Throne of the Undifferentiated Source. Offering a prayer of thanksgiving at this Throne, we continue on our downward journey to the Throne of the I Am That I Am. We offer a blessing and prayer of thanksgiving and lower our essence and energy back to the consciousness of our bodies.

Repeat this meditational exercise every day for twenty-two days and beyond. This is a great exercise to connect you with your Soul’s Mission and accelerate you on your spiritual path. It will facilitate the return and reunion of all your Soul Fragments who have withdrawn their energies from you as a result of hardship and difficulties through many lifetimes in the density of Earthly Realms. A Soul Retrieval of this grand scale can bring a sense of wholeness and familiarity or belonging back to your body and being. The energies of the Universal Logos and the Melchizedek Brotherhood will support you in all your tasks and endeavors; sublime as well as mundane. Call upon the entourage of these beings to join you in dreamtime every night before you fall asleep.

With great love, I am Melchizedek. So it is.

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