Master Hilarion

Ascended Master Hilarion is the lord of the 5th Ray, for truth, hope and healing. In a lifetime on Earth, Master Hilarion was St. Paul (Saul), the great apostle of Jesus. He is the holder of the Flame of Truth which is held in the heart of God. At this moment in the evolution of Earth, Master Hiliarion is very active to bring the energies of truth back to Earth and the establishment of the 1,000 years of peace. The 1,000 years of peace began on March 21st, 2005.

Lord Metatron and Master Hilarion

on the Equinox and the Energies of Truth

Beloveds of truth, I am Hilarion.

You are moving into the light of the truth. The energies that are coming to the planet are bringing with them what I have in the past called the absolute truth. In the past I have guided you into knowing that the absolute truth simply “is.” It does not require to be discussed nor defended. It may not be questioned. For what is, simply is. You never question if your right arm is truthful to your left arm. Or if the right side of the body is truthful to the left of the body. Absolute truth is light and this planet has been waiting for the time when the absolute truth can be brought upon this planet and within the hearts of all humankind. Absolute truth is coming. People will shift their consciousness as the energies of truth will begin to reign upon the planet.

You all have wondered lately (and for a while) in various circles-even in the circles of light-why the truth is not held as it should be. I give you an example. You enter into a circle of healing. The idea is that a new healing modality be brought to earth and humankind. In the process of teaching the healing modality such enormous sums of money are charged for the teaching that it leaves you questioning the truth behind the modality. You have no doubt that the modality is useful; your question is, “Is it standing in truth to charge exorbitant amounts of money to teach something that should be given for free, or for a nominal charge, or even for a reasonable charge? Reasonable by today’s mundane standards-even if those standards were to be simply measured in commercial terms. And it leaves a sour taste in your mouth and then you question whether the earth is ever going to move into the truth and stand holding, upholding that truth and defending it, being it, accepting it, living it.

So much energy and effort in the spiritual arena goes into the image of standing in the truth but to stand in the truth from one’s heart is different from the image. It is not what people think of us that makes us truthful. It is what we know of ourselves. It is our conscious, our conscientious belief and acceptance. It is taking for granted that the absolute truth must be upheld, just as you take for granted that the left side of the body will never be untruthful to the right side of the body. Just as you take it for granted that within the family, members of the family will not lie to one another. Just as you would expect from those who uphold the law to uphold it in truth. Just as you would expect those who are teachers of our society to teach in truth. And most importantly, just as you would expect those who uphold the spiritual law to maintain the truth of those spiritual laws. And in the process of maintaining them, not fall into greed or other negative emotions. Because those negative emotions are in themselves, untruths.

What I have come to bring you with love from my heart and through the energies of the emerald green ray is to inform you that the energies of truth are being implanted back upon the planet. The gateways of the ray of the truth are opening wide upon the planet as we speak. Upholdment of the truth can only happen if it already exists on the planet. Furthermore, it can happen if it already exists in your hearts. From your own hearts you must be in that space of upholding the truth for your own self. For your own true self. For your own divine spark. Not for the image, not for the family, not for the society, nor even for the spiritual family. That for every cell in the structure of your own beingness. For that to happen, it has to exist in the atmosphere for your body to absorb it. It has to exist in the mental body of Mother Earth for your mental body to absorb it. It has to exist in the emotional body of Mother Earth for you to pick it up and absorb it into your emotional body. It has to vibrate through every cell, every iota, every molecule, every electron of your physical body. And it hasn’t existed in this form for a while-for a long while.

It hasn’t existed in this form that we are now bringing back to the planet and to the entire solar system
for many thousands of years. That is not to say that it was there and then suddenly it got withdrawn. It is to say that it has been a gradual deterioration that from the point of deterioration where you couldn’t breathe it in air and you couldn’t smell it in the flowers and you couldn’t feel it in your heart until now. It has been a very long time.

We always talk about reaching critical mass. Reaching critical mass is when so many people focus their energy and their consciousness on something happening and upholding a measure. The consciousness of something then spreads through all the elements and is imbued in all people, places and things. That consciousness is returning to earth. And with its return, you will begin gradually but steadily to find your own beingness respond to the absolute truth. Gradually you will begin to feel it in the air. Gradually it will not be attractive simply to make things look truthful, look good, look acceptable. But you will be more consciously aware that you yourself seek the truth and uphold it. And as each individual person does it for themselves, the planet does it for herself. And as the planet does it for herself, it is imbued in all the five elements. As the five elements embody the truth, then it is available for the consciousness of all souls to exchange it with the elements and to imbue themselves.

So it becomes a circle. Each individual element in the circle is vibrating it and passing the truth on. And all the souls of humankind are vibrating it and passing it on. Then standing in the truth, the absolute truth would be a given amongst family members, amongst countrymen, amongst countries, amongst the consciousness of all souls. Then the image will not matter, but the truth will matter. And upholding that truth will be the final desire. At that point, it will be simply given. At that point, “the essence of truth is,” will spread.

I’m here to tell you that these energies are entering into the planet. My presence will be felt everywhere. The energies of the truth will be reigning on earth. The color of the emerald green ray will be very prominent. People will enjoy wearing that color. Emeralds will be more sought-after because they uphold the energies of truth.

Hope is another pillar that will be vibrating throughout the solar system for a very long time. Hope has been receding from the planet. Upholding the hope within one’s own heart, within family members, within spiritual family especially has been harder and harder. Because as each one of you have given up a new mundane level life to join the spiritual family, the hope of succeeding in the world has receded. And you have had to sacrifice much to uphold your spirituality. Hope will return to your hearts and your minds in the same way that truth is returning. Hope will carry you on its wings. You will begin to see that nothing is impossible and that you have as much, as great a chance of succeeding and benefiting yourself and the multitudes and masses from your success as anybody in the commercial world.

In fact, gradually you will come to see that you even have a better chance of succeeding than those in the commercial world who are in it for the money, the fame, the greed. And gradually the energies of greed will subside. Because as truth and hope extend and expand your wings, there is no need for greed. Greed is a fear-based emotion. Truth is a love-based emotion. As truth will spread and the hope of success will beat in your hearts, you don’t see any need for hoarding and keeping and hiding and greeding over things, over control, over yourself.

This is a great turning point. In the past few days from the 5th of March, most everyone has been out
of sorts, energetically. And these energies will continue until the 17th of March. From the 17th of March of 2005 until the 24th, the energy shifts again. We will continue to pour down the emerald green rays of truth upon the planet and the five elements. And we will increase and accelerate the rate of downpouring from the 17th to the 24th because it is the most critical time, turning point for the planet. Critical because the Masters of Light and the Karmic Board have agreed to announce the moment that the sun goes into the equator on the 20th of March of 2005 as the turning point for the energies of truth and for the thousand years of peace to begin to reign upon the planet, 7:33am EST,
4:33am PST.

With the energies of truth and peace come great changes. Changes are happening as we speak.
Those of you who can see these changes and have the foresight to look into the future are already
envisioning a great world of mass enlightenment, of mass spirituality, of massive consciousness shifts
in the direction of truth and hope, peace and harmony. Keep focusing on peace and harmony. Keep
opening your heart to absorb hope and truth. Keep remembering that your own true essence is the
divine spark that only knows goodness and light, purity and innocence. Keep telling yourself and
each other that in your lifetimes you will see the dawning of the golden age of truth, knowledge,
wisdom and light, pure white light. In your lifetime, truth shall reign within the hearts, the minds and
the beingness of all souls. Truth shall vibrate through the essence of all the five elements. And hope
will guide you to union.

I, Master Hilarion, will stand by your side. I hold the vibration of truth and hope. The emerald green ray is being showered upon this planet in large doses, in great measures. I will stand behind every individual soul who chooses to call upon the energies of truth. I ask of you, as we approach the moment as the sun moves into the equator, 7:33am EST, 4:33am PST focus on truth, focus on the shifting the consciousness, focus in accepting and opening yourself to the truths and hope that is your own divine right. The truth and hope which will take you through the next thousand years and let us rejoice that it has happened in your lifetimes. And that you have succeeded to bring this turning point and anchor it into the grid system of the planet. Now believe it and anchor it in your own hearts and continue with great zeal, with great zest to
uphold it, to live it, to become it.

And we will have heaven on earth, here and now, in your lifetimes. And you will see your children and your grandchildren thrive on these energies. You will see them grow, taking the truth for granted, standing upholding it without even realizing that they have to struggle to uphold it. For they will not need to struggle as you have done. You have sown the seeds of truth and hope for them to reap. And they shall reap the fruits of truth and hope and it shall bring joy into your hearts to see them enjoy the taste and grow strong from the nectar of truth and hope.

Once again, I will stand by the side, in your heart. I will stand beckoning you-any one of you who chooses to focus your energies upon the truth, is welcome in my heart. Call upon Hilarion morning, noon and night and say, “In the name of the I Am That I Am, I call upon Hilarion to uphold truth in my heart. I call upon Hilarion to uphold the truth through the five elements in the name of the I Am That I Am. So it is. It is done. Amen.”

The words have meaning. The words have influence and impact. They impact your hearts. They impact your souls. The intention behind the words has an even greater impact. Make it your own words, but intended from the core of your heart. Stand in that truth as you speak of it out loud. Spread the words to each other from your heart while you’re standing in the truth. Desire it from every iota of your beingness. With every breath remember it, especially in this time.

With much love, and great joy, I stand vibrating the emerald green rays of truth and hope to each one of you individually and to the entire planet and the solar system.

I am your servant, Hilarion.

Beloveds of my own heart, I am Metatron.

The only thing that I would like to add is the three days of equinox which is the day that the sun goes into the equator, which falls on the 20th of March for most of the northern hemisphere, the day before and the day after are very important manifestation times because we are moving through this enormous turning point. I will give you an example: imagine that all the rules, all the laws that have been followed as you’re driving on a one-way system are now going to change because you come to a junction and it’s a four-way system and it’s no longer one way but you will have the choice as you move through the junction to enter into highways where you can move with great speed in both directions. And where the pathway is smoothed out and the obstacles have been removed, imagine going from a windy side road with a one-way system to a beautiful highway where whichever direction you decide to go, you know there will be no obstacles. And you can move fast to your destination. This is the analogy of what will be happening as we move from the age of darkness to the age of light. As we move from the duality and separation of what we have experienced and what we are leaving behind to the light of the thousand years of peace, hope and truth.

Imagine making a short turn around the corner, walking in a dark alley not knowing what to expect when this alleyway ends. Making a sharp corner and finding yourself suddenly in a dark alleyway somewhere in a rough neighborhood. You turn the corner not knowing what to expect. You’ve stepped into Disneyland. You’ve stepped into Wonderland. Just hold onto that image. Hold onto that vision. Hold onto that belief system. As you enter into this world of wonder and joy, hope and truth, believe and trust and uphold the knowledge that the thousand years of peace are upon us. Metatron has told us on his discourses relating to the events of 2005 posted on previous newsletters that the dawning of the one thousand years of peace will be the equinox 20th of March 2005.

Gradually as you move through the energies, you’re going to feel it. We will accelerate from a gradual experience to one where you can have a smooth ride on the highway of truth and hope, envision it to be here from this now moment on. Become excited about it spreading. Become excited about you being in the middle of it. Become excited about living it and loving it. Loving every moment of it. And make sure that as we approach this time, you consciously seek it. You consciously live it. You consciously resonate it through your body. You have to eat to nurture your body. Think of the truth as the food that your consciousness needs. Resonate that truth throughout your consciousness. Think of it as food that you have to feed yourself. At first, you have to force feed yourself. Gradually when it begins to achieve critical mass, it will resonate throughout all the five elements. So much so, that you don’t have to make yourself believe it-it is already there. Before this, as we have scaled down and deteriorated, you have had to struggle to uphold the truth. Truth had become a utopia. It was the lost world that everyone was seeking.

Now the gateways, doorways to the lost worlds have been found and those gateways are opening wide. As you feel the opening of the gateways, trust and let the vibration resonate inside of your own bodies and your own beingness. 19th, 20th, and 21st of March focus your own energies on resonating truth and hope, peace and harmony. Remind yourself. This is the age we are now entering.

Prepare yourself, just as you would prepare yourself to go to a wedding. You plan for a wedding reception, even if you’re not the bride or the groom, or the close family members. You set aside time. You prepare yourself. You change your outfit. You get together with other family members or friends. There’s excitement in the air when you’re invited to a wedding, when you’re planning a wedding, when you are the bride or the groom or the close family members. Put yourself in that position. Anticipate the dawning of the golden age, a thousand years of peace and hope and truth to reign upon the planet. Anticipate it as though you’re planning a wedding or planning to go to a wedding. Think of the 19th, 20th, and 21st as the plan coming to fruition, as the reception. All those three days.

And call upon the Masters of Light and Wisdom to shine the path with pure white light. Call upon the presence of the I Am That I Am to uphold and to accelerate the dawning of the thousand years of peace, hope, and truth. I now call upon the Masters of Wisdom, the Ascended Masters of Light, in the name of the I Am That I Am to accelerate to accelerate the dawning of the thousand years of peace, hope, and truth. I now invoke in the name of the I Am That I Am, the acceleration process. Through the five elements in my body and in the body of Mother Earth, in the bodies of the multitudes and masses of all souls from all species, in all realities, I am the truth and the light. I am the light of the truth. See the words of Master Jesus as final chapter that will bring us to eternal union. As he said, “I am the truth. I am the life. I am the way.” The truth is the life-giving force and is the way that will, that we will attain final union, that we will enter into eternity with the I Am.”

I bid you great joy and great celebration. I bid you great light. I, Metatron, stand in jubilation for the glory of what we have together achieved and what we shall as yet conquer in the name of the truth the truth of the I Am. In that I Am I stand in your service.

I am your humble servant, Metatron.



Emerald Green Pillar of Light from the Monad for Cleaning Body and Planet 

Beloveds of truth I am Hilarion.

Take a deep breath with me and focus you energies in the center of your heart. With permission from my Lord Metatron I am here to give you a grid for yourselves and everyone.

My purpose for coming forth today is to offer to each of you the pure essence of the emerald green ray of truth from the monadic realms. This I do through a meditational journey. We will work with the emerald green ray of truth. By bringing the emerald green ray inside of the pillar of white light into your body then down into the Earth’s crust and into the Earth’s core we will achieve three levels of clearing.

1) we will clear the atmosphere of Earth,
2) we will clear your bodies and
3) we will clear the physical body of Mother Earth from the crust all the way to the core.

The impact is the release of the pollution caused by untruths, deceptions, misconceptions, impurities and such, from the body of the planet, the body of humankind and the atmosphere. In turn the clearing will enable the planet to absorb greater vibration of light and of truth.

The hearts and consciousness of humankind will then begin to vibrate to the purity and truth as God intended in the original plan. The desire to deceive, to exert pressure and violence and to pollute one’s self, each other and the planet will recede and ultimately be released from all people, places and things. The veil that has been so thick around the hearts and the minds of humanity and has effected all souls will gradually thin out and be lifted as a result of this clearing.

The energies of the emerald green ray move through the body, chakra by chakra. From the crown to the third eye, to the throat, to the thymus, to the heart chakra, solar plexus, sacral plexus and the root. Through that same pillar of pure white light of the I Am, one pillar of light extends through the root to the crust of the Earth into the core of the Earth pouring down the emerald green ray. This establishes the connection from the higher levels of consciousness for each individual to their own monadic level in the 10th chakra above your head and to the monadic level, the 10th chakra of Mother Earth above the body of Mother Earth in the atmosphere.

The monad is the energy of all aspects of the soul that mix and merge and unite as they move up in levels before you find your Council of Twelve and before the presence of the I Am That I Am for each individual soul. At this present moment the monad sits on the 10th chakra. The lower levels are polluted. The higher that we move into the atmosphere of the Earth, the less pollution and the greater the purity. The Council of Twelve, the Council of Light for each individual sits on the 11th chakra and the presence of the I Am That I Am for each individual person sits on the 12th chakra. There will be a time when all these levels will be lowered and reside at the crown chakra. At that point human beings will reach to much higher levels of spiritual attainment. They will be able to maintain those states of consciousness at all times.


Concentrate and focus your attention and feel your energy behind your third eye. Invoke the pillar of light, the pure white light of the I Am That I Am to descend upon you. The pillar of light forms a cylinder around your body. You stand inside the pure white light inside the pillar. Invite the presence of the I Am That I Am to descend in the pillar and to sit in the center of the 1,000 petaled lotus on the crown. On top of your head, on your crown chakra, envision a lotus flower which has 1,000 petals. At the center of that flower, envision a disk like circle the size a CD.

This disk holds the energy of the full moon. Invoke the disk of the full moon. Visualize your golden silver cord which is a thin cord of light (anthkarana) connecting your higher self to your body. This cord is now extended and expanded to become wider holding more light. Pure white light spins through this cord reaching inside the disk of the moon and through the crown chakra. The size of the cord entering into crown chakra is now expanded to be the size of the disk.

I now invite the presence of the I Am That I Am to gradually lower its energies through the top of your head and enter into the space of the third eye.

The energies of the I Am That I Am move down that pillar of light from the crown to the third eye and further down into the neck, the throat, the central spinal column reaching into the thymus chakra or cosmic heart, down to the personal heart, the solar plexus, the sacral plexus and the root chakra. It then extends from the root chakra in the form of one pillar of light directly into the crust of the Earth down into the core of the Earth creating connection from the levels of the presence of the I Am to the core of Mother Earth.

Now say “In the name of the I Am That I Am I invoke the presence of Hiliaron and the emerald green ray of truth from outside the atmosphere of the Earth to come down and enter this pillar. I call the emerald green ray of truth from the monadic realms of the 10th chakra of the Earth plane.” Around the monadic level of the Earth plane lies the planetary grid. This is the planetary grid we, the masters of light have been working with, restoring it to perfection as God intended it. Restoring all the tares and rips and damage that the lower consciousness and all the negative emotions released from the planet have caused.

It is very important that the flow of energy be in only one direction, from above to below. The pollution that is released from your body will be sent to the core of Mother Earth and transmuted there. It is not necessary to move the polluted energy from the core of the Earth back through your body. Waves of fresh emerald green vibration flow from the monadic levels down into your body from the base of your spine into the crust of the Earth and then down to the core where the pollution is transmuted.

It is important that you practice this visualization each morning as you awaken and each evening before you sleep. Do this for 22 days. Whenever you begin, try to continue for 22 days performing this visualization in the morning and at night. If you have the time and the inclination, practice during the day wherever you may be so that the concentration of the energies to magnify and the purification to accelerate.

As you carry on with the visualization, repeat this simple mantra.

The pure light of truth I Am.
The green light of truth I Am.
The true light of truth I Am.
I Am. I Am. I Am.

Remember to repeat is as a mantra as many times a day as you can. Train the mind to say it with every breath. In doing so, you will receive tremendous benefits.

As we move through May into June and to summer solstice, entering the first summer season since the beginning of the 1,000 years of peace, the energies of the truth become more prominent. As more people practice standing in their truth and absorbing the emerald green ray, the impurities can come to the surface faster. Once they are at the surface, they can be released. Once released the planet and humanity will unburden themselves from all the pain and the dross of misconceptions, conceit, deception, pollution and impurities. As impurities are released, the veil is lifted. As the veil lifts, the light shines upon your path and walking on the path of your mission become easier. Obstacles dissolve and the journey picks up speed. When your path is clear and illumined with light, when you can pickup the pace, when your heart is no longer weary and your shoulders no longer heavy, your gait becomes stronger and your hopes become higher. Life shines brighter.

For those of you who choose to exercise this visualization past the 22 days into the summer solstice on the 20th, 21st and 22nd of June and beyond, you will be helping the planet release its impurities and you will be assisting humankind release its dross and pollution.

The lighter we can become between now and the moment the sun enters the solstice, the faster the speed of the planetary shift to greater truth and greater hope and greater light. How far we can push ourselves to stand in truth can be a determining factor of the potency and the purity of the energies that will begin to be transmitted to the Earth from the moment of solstice for the next three months until we arrive at fall equinox.

It is therefore imperative that you share this information with as many people as you can and request that everyone will perform the visualization on a daily basis from now through the summer solstice and the following three months to the fall equinox for the benefit of the multitude and masses. For each individual person, 22 days of repetition will give you a continuous flow of the energies that will clear and cleanse and remove pollution. When you continue this visualization beyond the 22 days, you are helping to release the energies and purify the planet and the energies of the multitudes and masses.

That becomes your service. With the repetition of the mantra, you clear the atmosphere and energy around your bodies and the energies of the five elements. Purification of the elements will extend and accelerate the process of establishing the energy vibration of truth back on Earth.

To anchor the seventh ray and enter into the seventh golden age, we need to restore hope and truth in the hearts of humankind, in the bodies of all souls including Mother Earth herself. The seventh ray is the ray of order and organization. To organize ourselves, to return to our own divinity, to unite in oneness we must all together stand in truth. We must all together live in hope. Presently many parts of this planet have lost hope of ever gaining enough sustenance to live life in favorable conditions. Even amongst people in the civilized nations, many have lost hope of feeling joy in their hearts.

To proceed into the seventh age with such heaviness of heart and such low esteem will not benefit humankind or the planet nor the solar system and beyond. The masters of light are in your service. The rays of light, truth, hope, transmutation, love, wisdom and will are all lining up ready to clear and cleanse and penetrate into the heart core of people, places and things for the asking.

I call you all to rise and raise your voices in unison and ask for the truth to be known, for hope to reign, for light to proceed, for love to engage all hearts in acts of service, for wisdom to be your guiding force and for order to pave the path ahead of you. Command that the light shall set you all free of pain, of sorrow, of need and of fear. Command your brothers and sisters of ascended light to shine their light upon you. Call upon the angelic forces of light to relieve the impurities from your body, mind and emotions and to replace them with mercy and compassion.

As you will it, so shall you reap the benefits.

As you focus your intent, so shall you receive the order and organization with which to proceed on the path of light.

As you desire, so shall you reap the harvest of your deeds and your desires.

As you intent on behalf of light for the benefit of multitudes and masses, so shall you release yourself and the masses from the dross and the impurities.

In light we stand united together. In truth we shall conquer and in hope we shall open and move through the gateways of the seventh golden age, prosperous and glorious.

In the joy of that truth, I stand guiding you and illuminating your path with the emerald green ray of hope and truth. And so it is.


Below messages from Master Hilarion are available in PDF.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.


pdf The Equinox and the Energy of Truth from Master Hilarion and Lord Metatron
pdfEmerald Green Pillar of Light from the Monad for Cleaning the Body and Planet

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