Maha Lord of Light

Throne of the Maha Lord and the Seven Lords of Light

Based on the teachings of the Masters, it is my understanding that these Thrones were established as recently as Nov. 2007. Before this point in time, the Thrones of the Lords of Light and the Maha Lord of Light, as their own separate entity, were not established within the hierarchy of thrones. At first they held their throne in the form of seats arranged in the crescent moon shape at the Throne of Absolute in front of Divine Mother. After our success in anchoring the energies of the Maha Lord of Light and the Seven Lords, new thrones began to emerge in the realms between the Thrones of Absolute and Paramatman to house these Lords. With the establishment of the thrones of the Maha Lord and the Seven Lords of Light, another note worthy event occurred.  The Thrones of the Maha Lord and the Seven Lords of Light began to pour their Light to the Thrones below. Then each throne below them began to stretch down to pour energy to the  lower thrones.

Return of the Lords of Light

The Light Quotient for this planet and for all humankind is increasing. Many Portals of Light are opening up from higher planetary bodies like our sun and other suns of this galaxy. All this Light is coming to Earth to help us move to a new phase of our evolution where peace and harmony will replace chaos and confusion. Reaching a permanent state of peace and harmony is our right as human beings. It is the Divine Plan that we live in that state at all times. In the course of many civilizations throughout the history of Earth, there have been such times.

The Seven Lords of Light and their leader, the Maha Lord of Light, are the guardians of Light for this planet. When the Quotient of Light is maintained at a certain level, the result is peace and harmony. When it falls, chaos and confusion abound. The presence of the Lords of Light in positions of leadership and guardianship over Earth brings forth a permanent state of peace and harmony. This is why Master Jesus asks that we constantly repeat the intention for the return of guardianship of the Lords of Light. The great news is that the Lords of Light have already returned to take their positions as guardians! The Lords of Light shine their Light upon our planet as we speak. Your participation in calling upon the Seven Lords of Light and the Maha Lord of Light to take over the Guardianship of Earth will raise the Light for the planet and all souls. This happens because of our focus and our Will Power. It will enhance the Quotient of Light and accelerate the involvement of these great beings in our planet. (More on the Lords of Light can be found in Path to Enlightenment Books II, III and IV by Nasrin Safai.)

Many Masters of Light under the leadership of Christ Maitreya are planning to physically walk on Earth at this critical time. It is therefore of utmost importance for us to participate in this great endeavor. We can add our efforts to that of the Masters by saying the prayer of The Great Invocation and performing all individual and group ceremonies, rituals, pujas, invocations, meditations, and any other exercise which facilitate greater Light to shine upon the planet and make the job easier for the Masters responsible for this enormous task.