Master Jesus

Master Jesus

Master Jesus whose given name is Jeshua Ben Joseph which is Jesus, son of Joseph is an Ascended Master.  He came to Earth to anchor the energies of Divine Love and was successful in that endeavor. When he left Earth, He became the Master or Chohan of the Sixth Ray, The Ray of Self Sacrifice for the Good of All, or the Ray of Universal Service.

Following is an excerpt from Path to Enlightenment, The Pillar of Light by Nasrin Safai

“Master Jesus will take us on a journey to Atlantis at a time approximately 30,000 years ago.  Atlantis was a large continent whose existence spanned from approximately 250,000 years ago until about 12,000 years ago.   The continent of Atlantis was a large land mass in the Atlantic Ocean which included parts of the Eastern and Southern coasts of the United States. The mode of travel was with large vessels that moved on water.  Air travel was made possible by vessels that took off from the ships and from land for inter-planetary and galactic travel.

The continent sank somewhere around 12,000 years ago leaving a great rip in the time-space continuum and in the hearts of the Atlantians.  Atlantis plays an important role in our present life because the majority of present population of Earth is the returning Atlantians.  Many are returning to Earth after a long absence.  When rekindled, the memories of the glory of Atlantis and the disaster which lead to its destruction, brings back feelings of both ecstasy and agony.

Many of the souls who have returned to Earth have chosen to shut the memories and hence the abilities to greater inner sight and power.  The powers which to us seem extraordinary and supernatural were common place and natural during lifetimes in Atlantis.  We begin our journey on the path of Enlightenment with a guided meditational exercise given by Master Jesus.  In this exercise, Jesus beckons us to return to Atlantis and retrieve the powers which we held and have since chosen to ignore.  The simplest and most necessary exercise on the path of Enlightenment is to open the Third Eye.  The Third Eye is a space between the eyebrows on the forehead.  This is a center or chakra for communication with the inner realms and a means through which the Masters can communicate with us.

On this meditational journey, we will meet with Sanat Kumara, our Planetary Logos, to receive into our hearts the Divine Flame of Eternal Life.  Sanat Kumara is the Father of this planet or the Planetary Logos.  In the English dictionary Logos means word of God.  I felt this discourse was appropriate for this time of the year; when the energies of Master Jesus and Sanat Kumara are prominent on Earth. This will be a memorable experience and help guide us through the year.

I wish you a great journey into the Light in the presence of our beloved Master Jesus and our Planetary Logos, Sanat Kumara.

Adonai. I am Jeshua Ben Joseph.

At this present juncture in Earth’s history, the Masters and Great Beings of Light are deeply engaged in increasing the vibrational frequency of Earth and all humankind. Higher vibrational Light is therefore being brought to Earth to heal Earth and humankind.  One of these is an energy which combines the Light of the First Ray of Divine Will with the Fifth Ray of Divine Truth. That means combining the Aquamarine Blue and the Emerald Green Rays together. When mixed, these two create a healing Ray called the Citron Green Ray of Mental Clarity. This energy will be instrumental in clearing the dross from the mental body of Earth and humankind.  This cleansing energy is coming directly from the sun. Take a deep breath.

Healing with the Citron-Green Ray of mental Clarity

Visualize this healing Ray showering upon your body. It begins pouring down from the top of your head and moves down your body clearing, cleansing and healing you as it moves down. Visualize that it travels down your torso to your hip, down your legs to the bottom of your feet.  The sensation may feel like a shower of Light and energy. Pause for a moment to bathe in these energies and to absorb the healing Light.  Take a deep breath.

Feel the sensation of a pulse in the center between your eyebrows at your Third Eye chakra and begin to see the small flicker of a flame. The flame begins to get bigger until it is about an inch high. You may begin to feel a sensation of warmth or tingling in this area. Continue to hold your focus on the flame.  This flame will illuminate the area of your Third Eye and open up your inner visual perception. Once open, it will help you to connect with the inner world to receive direct guidance. Over time, with persistence and continued exercise, you will be fully connected with the Masters directly.  As you maintain your focus on your Third Eye, you may feel pressure or discomfort in the area.  This is because the flame is facilitating greater opening of this chakra to increase your inner vision. The opening of the Third Eye is an important step toward your evolution on the path of spiritual growth and Enlightenment.  The first step to re-establish a connection with the Masters and their realms is by opening and enhancing your inner vision.

You may have resistance in allowing this process to take place. The resistance may be physically experienced as pressure, or headaches. The resistance can be due to fears and pain from experiences in past lives and the fear of being able to see and know more. This may have to do with the events that transpired in certain lifetimes during the time of Atlantis and the pain resulting from the sinking of that land. To release the pressure, you must tell your mind to let go of the fear. Mentally allow yourself to let it go. The pressure will gradually diminish and ultimately release.

The great Generator Crystals imploded leading to the sinking of the land masses directly under them. This alone was a great disappointment and a fearful experience for the inhabitants of that land.  The clear quartz crystals were an important and integral part of the Life Force and energy of Planet Earth during the time of Atlantis. They also played an important role in maintaining a high Quotient of Light for the inhabitants of Atlantis.

Some of the available clear quartz crystals are fragments from the original Generator Crystal Clusters. These are found in Brazil.  Many pieces are found washed ashore and buried with river rocks.  Those who are especially sensitive and remain connected energetically to the events of Atlantis have a special fondness for clear quartz crystal formations. Being in the energy of these crystals can be both healing and helpful in restoring the memories of the events of the time. Merely by touching them, you may feel a current of energy move through you. Sometimes there is the experience of great heat generated by merely touching a piece of these crystal structures.  You will therefore benefit from keeping some clear quartz pieces around you when you meditate.  The clear quartz can also help accelerate your healing.

At the beginning of the civilization of Atlantis, Sanat Kumara was able to come to Earth every year. He came at the time of each Equinox and Solstice to rekindle the Eternal Flame in the hearts of all humankind by re-igniting the flames at the altars in the Temples of Atlantis all across the continent.

As time went on, density and darkness began to set in.  The Light of Earth gradually became dim.  Then Sanat Kumara had to remove his energy from Earth, at first gradually and then completely.  He finally fully retrieved his energies back to Venus.  Some of you were in his service and in his entourage at the time. You made the choice to stay here on Earth. However without his Light and his support, life was exceedingly harsh. The pain of separation and the deep longing to reunite with him, coupled with the harsh state of life on Earth, led to such disappointment that you chose to shut yourself off and forget the connection. Gradually over time as the memories faded and the connection severed, you shut your Third Eye fully and built a few layers of resistance around your heart to protect yourself from further pain and disappointment. Yet the deep longing never ceased. This is why you may feel a yearning even as I recount the story to you and the longing to reunite your energies with him returns. This could be the case with any soul who chose to stay here on Earth. You long to go home, yet you may not even remember where home is, what you are yearning for or who you miss.  Take a deep breath.

You may feel a tingling sensation in different parts of your body. This is from the opening of the spiritual energy centers of your body.  Energy moves along energetic lines which run throughout your body. There are more than 80,000 points along the energy lines, also known as meridians, where energy moves through the body. Every impulse or tingling sensation is a sign that the healing energy is moving through your body. As the movement of the energy intensifies, it leads to the opening of all your chakras which are important energy centers connecting various layers of your energy bodies to your physical body. This will ultimately lead to bringing the memories of many of your previous lifetimes back to the consciousness of your body. You will recollect the events from many of those lifetimes where your connection with Sanat Kumara and your Soul Lineage has been strong. Connecting with members of your own Soul Lineage and with Sanat Kumara who is the head of that Lineage is like a homecoming. You will re-ignite the memories at your cell structure. Your DNA will be strengthened through the connection with your Soul Lineage members and Sanat Kumara. The memories can awaken in your cell structure and be brought to your conscious recollection.

Your Soul Lineage members are your Soul Family of Light. They are connected to you at a much deeper level than members of your maternal family. Your present family members are with you for this lifetime. Your soul family has been with you since the beginning of time.  Once you make this connection, your dreams become more lucid and your meditational journeys more vivid. You may begin to remember the Atlantian temples; the Temples of Wisdom, the Temples of Rejuvenation, Temples of Love, Understanding and Healing.  In various lifetimes you have studied there to become the priest or the priestess of these temples.

This was the highest rank.  In their advisory role, the priests and priestesses of the temples were the leaders and the rulers over the continent of Atlantis. This was a time when Earth was the scene of interplanetary travel. Let us prepare to take a meditational journey.  Take a deep breath.

Meditational Journey to Atlantis

Envision yourself standing in front of Jeshua Ben Joseph. I hold both your hands in the palm of my hands. I hold you close to my own heart to give you greater sustenance.  I will take you through the time-space, inside the Pillar of Light.

I call forth the Pillar of Pure White Light of the I Am That I Am. Our destination is The Great Temple of Wisdom in Atlantis. As we move inside the Pillar of Light, our consciousness moves from today’s Earth to the Atlantian civilization of 30,000 years ago.  We begin to hover over the continent, take note of the design of the city. Everything is in concentric circles. It is night time. You will see the lights illuminated. The illumination of the light has a golden pink hue.

The main dome of the Temple of Wisdom is at the very center of the inner concentric circle. We will visit this dome. When we reach the entrance you will see a golden gateway. The golden gateway will only open when the emanation from our heart reaches a certain frequency of Light. Those whose level of emanation is lower than necessary will not be allowed to enter. The emanation must be from the heart. Take a deep breath and prepare to enter. The doors open and we enter. We arrive inside the Great Hall.  Notice there, a great crystalline structure made of clear quartz.  It vibrates a gentle peach pink emanation. We stand before this enormous crystalline structure. Now you will be moved to place the palms of your hands on the flat surface of the crystal. Your head will lean over and you will touch the Crystal with your Third Eye. You will experience an electric charge of energy running through you. The energetic charge will begin emanating from the palms of your hands, your Third Eye and your heart to the Generator Crystal. The Crystal responds by allowing you to penetrate into it. The structure will become fluid and cloud-like and pulls you inside it.  You will find yourself inside of the structure and aware that energy is moving through you.  You are being recalibrated by the Generator Crystals of the Temple to be brought before the presence of Sanat Kumara.  Pause and take a deep breath.

You will walk through the Crystal and find yourself on the opposite side from the one through which you entered. You are standing before a Great Altar. The Altar is circular. Around the Altar the Flame of Eternal Life is burning. The Flame has a pink hue. Take a deep breath.

Stand still and get centered because you will now be in the presence of Sanat Kumara. You will know him as Father. You may find yourself swept by a feeling of loneliness and longing.  You are yearning for the loving embrace of a true father and for Divine Love, different from that which is experienced in mundane realms of physicality in this body of matter. Remembering him will allow you to forget the pain of separation and recall the joy of union. This is a healing gift from the Masters to you.  Take a deep breath.

Now visualize the image of Sanat Kumara appearing before you. When you have him fully in your reach, touch the hem of his robes and ask him to give you the Eternal Flame. Ask him to place the Eternal Flame from his own heart into your heart. This is the Eternal Flame of Union between God and humankind.  As the Planetary Logos, Sanat Kumara guards and bestows this Flame in the hearts of those who request it.  This Flame is the symbol of God-Unity.  Visualize yourself standing before Sanat Kumara at the circular Altar.  Pink flames are emanating all around the Altar. Sanat Kumara places the fingers of his right hand around his left wrist.  With his left hand he reaches into his own Heart Chakra and takes out a Spark.  This is the Spark of the Eternal Flame which has been emanating in his heart for many thousands of years.  With it, he re-ignites the Flame at the center of the Altar.  The entire Altar becomes fully illumined with a deep Fuchsia Pink Light.  The flames jump high from the touch of his own Spark.  He then takes a Spark from this deep Fuchsia Pink Light and places it inside your Heart Chakra, the Flame warms up your entire chest and brings comfort and peace to you.  Take a deep breath.

Visualize Sanat Kumara move to the other side of the Altar where there is a large Throne. He walks to the Throne and sits upon it. Visualize yourself walking behind him. You kneel before him and place your head on his lap. He begins to gently caress your head with his loving hands. Imagine that all your fears, worries and concerns completely disappear.  Remember he is the Father who can and will remove your troubles. Feel the warmth from the Eternal Flame in your own heart. Feel it warming your body as you sit calm and relaxed in the presence of Sanat Kumara.

Ask him for whatever you wish to receive from him.  Ask for boons and gifts and fulfillment of desires, worldly and spiritual, mundane and sublime, for yourself, for your loved ones, for the planet and all humankind.  Ask him to give you guidance. Ask him to make his presence known to you in dreamtime and in wakefulness.  Ask him to give you a sign that will help you know when he is around. You may experience an electric sensation in your body.  Take a deep breath and pause for a moment to commune with Sanat Kumara.

It is now time to begin to return from this journey.  We thank our Lord Sanat Kumara for his love and for all that we have received.  We return to stand before the Altar and gratefully bless the Altar. We take our leave. Our return journey will be back through the Generator Crystals which sit at the center of the Great Hall. When you enter into the Generator Crystal, ask to be recalibrated, this time to face the mundane world and maintain your Quotient of Light at a higher vibration. Feel the energy move from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. You may feel waves of energy moving through your body, causing a sensation of lightness.

Ask for the removal of all energies which no longer serve you. You may feel the release of something from your body. It can be release of dross, forgetfulness, pollution, pain or trauma, loneliness, or abandonment from many lifetimes.  Standing at the center inside the crystalline structure, feel yourself showered by Pink Light emanating from the Generator Crystal to restore you to health, wholeness and fill you with love, power, and courage.

We will leave through the golden gateways. Visualize yourself standing close to me as we leave the Temple. We begin to spin through the time space continuum. You might feel nauseous coming back into the consciousness of your body. Take a deep breath.

Remember the presence of Sanat Kumara in these high energy days at the beginning of the year and into the New Year. Ask Archangel Michael to put a Bubble of Light around you, your loved ones, and around your house. Ask that he hold his Sword of Mercy above his head, and over you, your loved ones, and everyone who comes into your house, whether for a visit or to stay. Ask that the same bubble be constructed over the home of your loved ones, wherever they may be.

I offer you golden tulips for this entire year. Tulips are the symbol of spring and the dawning of the New Age. Gold is the symbol for transmutation of dross and return to purity, abundance and prosperity. I offer you a field of golden tulips to bring purity and abundance to enter into the New Golden Age.

Remember to call upon Sanat Kumara everyday from this day on. Remember to visualize the Eternal Flame fully illuminated in your heart.  To meditate, call upon me, Jeshua Ben Joseph, hold onto me, let me take you into the Temple of Wisdom; inside of the temple you can contact Sanat Kumara. Repeat this meditation every night; even if it is for a minute or two, you do not have to sit in a long meditation. Right before you fall asleep, visualize yourself going to the Temple of Wisdom with Master Jesus to visit with Sanat Kumara and to re-ignite the Eternal Flame in your heart.

Once the Flame is fully illuminated and anchored in your own heart, you can begin to offer the Flame to all people, places and things.  You can ignite the Flame by placing the energy into a flower, into a seed, into the food that you eat, into the air, into the drinking water to energize it.  Place your hand around the glass and visualizing the Flame.  Wherever you are, you can bless whichever of the Elements you are in contact with. Be aware of the five elements. The five elements are the building blocks of all creation.  This entire planet is built by the force of the five elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether.  Embody and imbue the five elements with the Flame of Eternal Life, and call upon Sanat Kumara. Call him a hundred times a day or more.  You can call upon him as Father, Abba.  I will be by your side through these auspicious high energy times.

In your love, I am your brother, Jeshua Ben Joseph.”

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