Christ Maitreya

Excerpt from Gifts from the Ascended Masters of Light – Journeys into the Inner Realms of Consciousness by Nasrin Safai

Christ Maitreya

Introduction to Christ Maitreya

Christ Maitreya is our World Teacher and the leader of the Masters of Wisdom and their disciples. He is the planetary Christ in that he carries the consciousness of the Christed self, or the true Self — the enlightened Self. His presence on Earth at this juncture of Earth’s evolution is to assist the Masters of Light to bring their disciples, those who have already awakened to their divinity, to Mastery and to awaken the spiritually unawakened souls to the consciousness of the divine spark.

At this present moment, the Earth is populated by a very large majority of unawakened souls (more than 99%). It is the hope of Christ Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom to bring one percent of the population of Earth to receive their first level of initiation, which is awakening to the divine spark within. It is foreseen that critical mass can be achieved at one percent to trigger the awakening of the multitudes and masses. This will also trigger those who have attained the first level of initiation to move through the second level of initiation, as I have explained in the introduction. The critical mass for the second level of initiation is one-tenth of one percent of the population of Earth.

Those of you who are holding this book in your hand are at least in this category of spiritual evolution. You would not have been drawn to this book and the energies of the Masters otherwise. Christ Maitreya is physically present on Earth to bring forth the manifestation of this great feat for the present civilization of Earth. Christ Maitreya’s mission is to accelerate these two levels of initiation for the multitudes and masses. And to push those who have already attained these levels to their next spiritual attainment, the third and fourth levels of initiation, and entry into realms of Mastery.

At the first and second levels of initiation, humanity is awakening to its own divinity, realizing two very important factors in connecting with one’s own soul and spirit.
One: “I am not this body, therefore I am not bound by the limitations of this body.”
Two: “I am not these emotions, therefore, I am not bound by the limitations of these emotions.” As the World Teacher, this is the greatest and the most important of the teachings that he has brought to Earth.

All the religions of the Earth have professed to the return of the World Teacher, calling him by different names relevant to each faith. The Buddhists are awaiting the return of Maitreya Buddha, the Buddha yet to come. The Muslims are awaiting the return of Imam Mahdi, the messenger who is the knower of truth, the revealer of knowledge. The Jews are awaiting the return of the Messiah. The Hindus are expecting the return of Krishna. The Christians are ready for the second coming of the Christ. The Zoroastrians, return of the light of the sun, the son of Zarathustra. And the Bahai, the return of the glory of the light of God. All other faiths in one form or another are expecting peace and harmony to return to Earth through the second coming of the light of God. All peoples of faith are expecting his return.

Christ Maitreya is the title of the office that he holds, the office of the World Teacher. He holds the energies of the Christed self, the consciousness of which was brought down to Earth through the energies of divine love. Master Jesus anchored the divine love energies on Earth in his lifetime as Jeshua ben Joseph, Jesus the son of Joseph through the sacrifice he made upon his crucifixion and resurrection.

Christ Maitreya, the being who resided in the office of the World Teacher during the life of Jesus, was the guiding force and the Master light that gave of his own divine light for the life, the crucifixion and the resurrection energies to be anchored on Earth through Jesus the man. In his life as Jesus the man, he was a third level initiate, a disciple of Christ Maitreya. In his crucifixion, he renounced the world and attained the fourth level of initiation, becoming the Master who is no longer bound by the limitations of Earth and the karma of earthly entanglements in the wheel of birth and death. In his resurrection, he entered as an initiate of fifth level Mastery, where he was no longer bound by a physical body of matter and could manifest the etheric body of light to complete his mission of service. Once the soul that we know as Jesus graduated from his fifth level of initiation, he became an Ascended Master. At that point he attained the title of Cohan of the sixth ray, the Ray of Universal Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Service and the Peace of God. After many centuries of service, Ascended Master Jesus graduated from the office of Cohan of the sixth ray to that of the World Teacher. He held the office of World Teacher with Master Kothumi who was the Cohan of the second ray, the Ray of Illumination and the Wisdom of God. These two Ascended Masters together moved up to hold the office of World Teacher, freeing Christ Maitreya from his responsibilities as the World Teacher. (This sequence of events took place in the mid-1950’s. (For more information, see the chapter on Soul Lineage of Light.)

Christ Maitreya chose to return to Earth to assist all souls to awaken to their spirituality and reach first and second levels of initiation. This event is happening right now as we speak. He will assist those who have already attained first and second levels to move to higher levels.

Christ Maitreya works with Sanat Kumara, our planetary logos. It is to him that Christ Maitreya brings the initiates who are about to attain their third level of initiation. Once they receive their third level of initiation, they are connected with the energies of Sanat Kumara.

Christ Maitreya instructed me to make his energies available in this book.

The objective is to help the first and second level initiates become consciously aware of his presence and invoke his guidance in all walks of life.

Also to create a bridge from Christ Maitreya to Sanat Kumara where third and forth level initiates can connect, at much greater and deeper levels, consciously to the planetary Logos. The spiritual evolution of the high level initiates can be accelerated enormously once this connection is made. Until then, attainment of full mastery is halted. A full master is bound to have made contact with the planetary Logos for this final phase. The initiate, as highly evolved as she/he may be, cannot attain full mastery without training under the planetary Logos.

The attainment of full mastery is halted pending this final phase. Once the connection is made, the scope is no longer limited. The opportunities expand to service at global and interplanetary levels. I have come across very frustrated and unhappy 4th-level initiates who found true bliss once they connected with Sanat Kumara. The lonely heart and joyless life gave way to great leaps to action in service of the beloved Logos and the Masters of Light.

The scriptures say that in the age of Kali Yuga (where we are now in the evolution of Earth) simply remembering the “Word” will bring you to self-realization. The “Word” is the planetary Logos, Sanat Kumara.

It is a pleasant surprise and a great gift to both Susan and I to present this material to you. In the process, we have grown leaps and bounds in our own spiritual growth and in appreciation of the energies that move through us by the grace of the Masters presented in this book and the honor of working directly with Sanat Kumara and Christ Maitreya.

I first heard of Christ Maitreya in the early 1990’s while attending a four day angel workshop in the Blue Ridge mountain area of Virginia. After each day ended, groups of participants would sit at dinner together discussing various spiritual subjects. In these types of settings, one can learn great beneficial information to equal and sometimes surpass the content of the workshop itself. One such subject was the return of the Christ Maitreya to Earth. I listened intently to the information that was given and felt the vibration of the energy as the conversation moved around the table, with each group member adding their own bit to the pile.

I heard that Christ Maitreya as the World Teacher had chosen to walk on Earth to bring higher light to humankind. He is the one who taught Jeshua ben Joseph, or Jesus son of Joseph and Mary, the higher spiritual wisdom and the potent words and parables which he relayed to humankind. Another added that he is the long-awaited Imam Mahdi whose return to Earth is expected by those of the Muslim faith as the final and greatest messenger of God. One said he lived in the Middle East and had recently moved to the west residing somewhere in Europe, but he manifests at will wherever he wishes to appear and gives his blessings to all present. Another talked of the crosses of light that are mysteriously appearing on walls and windows of people’s homes, water wells which have magical healing powers and statues of Mother Mary that cry tears of blood. They claimed that these were all acts of Christ Maitreya who has promised to manifest many more miracles, including a total of 777 healing water sources all around the world.

As people talked, I listened and prayed that if indeed, such a man existed, I want to know about him. Furthermore, I want to be in his presence–his physical presence.

That night, I lay in bed in my hotel room and began to pray and meditate. Remembering the stories of the evening, I called out that name Christ Maitreya and said, “Master, if you are here on Earth, I would like to be in your presence. Universe, if there is such a being available to Earth, I want to know him.” My prayers became more fervent, and the heat began to build around me as I repeated my desire to know and be in the presence of Christ Maitreya. Suddenly, I felt my consciousness pulled out of my body, and I experienced myself kneeling at the feet of Christ Maitreya who appeared sitting in the armchair in my hotel room. I had not moved from my bed, but my consciousness was pulled out of my body and was kneeling at his feet by the side of the armchair in the corner of the room. He was a big and very strong man, with big features and large limbs. Stroking my hair, he said, “Not now. Now is not the time. You must wait three years.” I bathed in his love for a moment longer and my consciousness was pulled back to my body.

My next encounter with Christ Maitreya was when someone handed me an article from a spiritual new age magazine. In it, an American woman had recounted her travel to London, England in a quest to find Christ Maitreya. In her article, she reported reading the story of someone who had visited with Christ Maitreya in a house in Marble Arch, a Middle-Eastern neighborhood in London. She shared the information with two of her friends, and together they decided to make a trip to London in pursuit of Christ Maitreya. Upon arrival at the airport, they took a taxi and asked to be taken to Marble Arch. When the driver asked exactly where in Marble Arch, they replied, “We will know it when we get there.”

Once in Marble Arch, they chose an Indian restaurant to gather more information and to refresh themselves. Inside the restaurant, waiting to be served, each woman suddenly found their consciousness pulled out of their bodies. The sound of the voice of the waiter brought them back when he asked, “How can I serve you?” Returning to normal conscious state, each woman recounted their experience to one another. They each had left the consciousness of their bodies and found themselves kneeling at the feet of Christ Maitreya while he stood in a room alone with each of them. As they lifted their head from his feet, he placed his hand on their head and said, “I am here. You have found me. I will take care of you. Don’t come looking for me, for you will not find me physically. Go back home and dissuade others from coming out in search of me. I can hear you and will answer you wherever you are.”

The next thing they each remembered was the sound, the voice of the waiter in the restaurant, bringing them to their bodies. They sat around the table in the restaurant very quiet and absorbed in their thoughts for a while. Finally, they paid their bill, called another taxi, went to the airport and returned home to tell their tale.

That night after I returned home, I lay in bed praying and meditating. I remembered my last experience with Christ Maitreya and I said, “Master, I know you wouldn’t want me to come to see you, but if you would give me permission, I would really like to know you and work with you. I long to be in your presence.” Next, my consciousness was pulled out of my body. I was fully prostrated with my head on his feet. I could feel the warmth of his large and strong feet and the other-worldly fragrance that was permeating from his feet and his body. He placed his hand on my head, and I lifted my head and looked at his eyes. He raised his hand and pointed his finger at me, and very gently but firmly said, “Not now. Now is not the time. You must wait three more years.” My consciousness was pulled back into my body in my bedroom and I realized that three years had gone by since my first experience with him.

While speaking with my friend Toni Maria one fall day in 2003, she told me that she had found a meditation group that gathered at a house ten minutes away from mine. Her father who now lives in the Midwest had highly recommended this meditation. I heard myself ask if I could join her. I was somewhat surprised at myself for asking because I am perfectly happy to meditate anywhere alone at any time. While driving with Toni Maria in her car on our way to the meditation group, I asked, “What kind of meditation is this?” She said, “Transmission meditation.” When I asked, “What is transmission meditation and how is it different from other types of meditation?” she went into an elaborate account explaining that this was the meditation in which we receive the transmission from the Masters of Wisdom and the hierarchy led by the World Teacher, Christ Maitreya. “Christ Maitreya!” was the sigh that let out of my chest uncontrollably. Toni had now pulled her car into a driveway. No time to get over my shocked awe of what had transpired.

We were greeted at the door by a friendly couple and sat together around a table. We listened to the instructions given by our hosts, and a tape-recorded message. We were to recite the Prayer of the Great Invocation out loud together and sit in meditation for about one and a half hours to receive the transmission from the Masters of Wisdom led by the Christ Maitreya. The lights were dim, and I closed my eyes. Immediately my consciousness was drawn out of my body, focused on the figure of Christ Maitreya standing in front of me. Without further ado, he began a discourse relating to me, my life’s mission, the books, publications, workshops, people to work with, places to go and things to do. He talked nonstop until the little angel bells announced the end of meditation.

Christ Maitreya has arrived and is here to stay. You will experience his presence through the chapters of this book. He makes his presence known. Masters are honored to invite and invoke his presence into circles, workshops, group and individual readings.

To feel his presence directly, sit in meditation and say The Great Invocation and allow the transmission to begin. Continue to say The Great Invocation daily to receive full benefits. If you wish, ask from the core of your heart that he will make his presence known to you in any way that he sees fit, and be patient. You will reap the harvest through patience and perseverance. Remember that he is the World Teacher, and as a teacher he is very gentle and loving, but he does take your personal will very seriously. If you are serious, you must ask and persist to receive his presence and his blessing.

I remember in one reading for two great members of one of my groups, Lord Metatron invited Christ Maitreya to bring a blessing to them. Christ Maitreya poured his energies into the room, and both recipients felt and received great love. Lord Metatron then relayed a message to them from Christ Maitreya that if they were willing to receive him daily in meditation, Christ Maitreya will awaken them between the hours of 4:00 and 6:00 in the morning and offer them his teachings and his energies for a while. This was a day in October on the east coast of the United States, right around the time when the cold weather sets in. After the session, the two participants looked at each other and conferred, “Oooh, getting up so early in the morning is not going to be fun,” and, “Can we sit in bed and do it instead of getting up in the cold?” Right around then, I felt that the energy of that offer was withdrawn because there was resistance. I knew then that it would not happen.

I was on tour for a couple of months visiting New York and the east coast and leaving for Europe and India. When I returned, I had an email from one group member saying, “We were not woken up for our morning meditation after our reading. We take it that all is well since we were told that we need not do anything but we will be awakened by Christ Maitreya.” Yes, that was absolutely true. You will be awakened when the time is right!

If you are ready and eager, the gifts will be bestowed upon you. If you have resistance, the gifts will be withdrawn, not as a sign of punishment, but as a token of love, in respect of your free will. When you are ready to offer that free will at the feet of the Masters and receive their blessings, you will do so with great joy, and they will bestow their gifts upon you. Remember then, if you are serious about walking on the path of light and desire to accelerate your spiritual growth, be consistent. Mean what you say and only say what you mean. Watch your personality and don’t allow it to get in the way of the work of the Masters. Because even though your personality is the servant of your ego and the Masters know that, they will not interfere in the free will of your personality until and unless you choose to offer your free will up to God through the Masters and align your will with the divine will.

The most beneficial response in the above case would have been, “Your will be done.” Failing that, “I would prefer to stay in bed and keep away from the cold in the early morning hours, nevertheless, not my will but thy will be done.” This will give the Masters a chance to find the optimum beneficial solution to make you happy and serve the light.

Christ Maitreya has been waiting very patiently for humankind to receive him back on Earth. More than twenty years have gone by since the time that he has made himself available right here among us on Earth, and he is still patiently waiting. His offers to be interviewed by television and radio stations have been declined. His messages through his messengers have been disregarded. His miracles of the crosses of light and wells of miraculous healing waters are hushed. And his dignitaries sent to heads of states with proof of his existence have been ignored, as well as his requests to end war and world hunger. (For more information, read Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Beings by Wayne S. Peterson.)

Christ Maitreya is still waiting. How long he waits depends on you and me. We have much work to do.