Lord Buddha is most famous for founding the Buddhist religion. Followers of Buddha who offer themselves in similar service to the light are known as bodhisattvas. Quan Yin is a bodhisattva of compassion. Buddha has incarnated in human embodiment 14 times to rescue humankind from pain and suffering and to teach compassion. The Dalai Lama, the Spiritual Master and Leader of Tibet, is the current and fourteenth incarnation of Buddha.

Rethinking a Future of Nonviolence

My dearly beloveds, I am Buddha.

For a period of five years I have a great dispensation to hold the energies of nonviolence over Earth and humanity. The year 2000 was the beginning of this dispensation. The Weasak Festival of 2000 brought with it great many cherished and blessed events. The birthday of Buddha is to be known as the Festival of  Weasak and it happens to fall in the same month as the month of our blessed divine mother, Mother Mary. In this month of May 2003, as we come together to offer you our blessings, I say to you that together we have two more years to build upon this special vibration that I have holding upon your planet. This vibration is the vibration of nonviolence. Nonviolence and compassion. I understand that as I speak these words your mind may be moved to think of all the violent events that have taken place ever since my reign on the Ray of Nonviolence. And it will; be justified for you to ask me that: How is it possible that if you are given the Ray of Nonviolence since May of 2000, and here we are May of 2003, so many violent manmade and natural disasters have hit Earth and humankind? My answer would be: Imagine what could have happened had I not been given this dispensation, had I not been holding the energies of nonviolence over your heads like a blanket of light over your planet. Imagine the degree of violence that could hit you. Imagine how much of this violence I have assisted in diffusing. Imagine if I were to tell you what you have experienced is perhaps less than five percent of what you could have experienced had I not been given this dispensation since May of 2000. And here we are three years into this course, three-fifths into its completion and we are getting many violent disaster-natural, in the form of floods, volcanoes, hurricanes, typhoons and so forth. Manmade, in the form of wars and trespassing amongst human beings whether it be violence against children, violence against one another, assault and battery amongst family members, violence in the streets of all different countries, violence imposed from one nation to another, intentions of violence from one nation to another, actions of violence from one nation to another.
Imagine if you had to multiply this by 95 percent. And imagine that we are three-fifths into this cycle. We have two-fifths of the cycle left. We must work harder to hold out the energies of nonviolence like an umbrella of light over the planet, over the continents, over the countries, over our towns and cities, over our villages, over our street corners, inside the houses, within the family members’ hearts. We must go into the peace and light of nonviolence. We must observe and exercise and propagate the peace and light of nonviolence. We must begin to rethink our future, the future of our children, the future of our countries, the future of our nations, the future of our continents, the future of our world. We must rethink our future as one globe, one world, one being, one heart beat, one life force, one light, one light returning to its source as pure white light. I am here to offer you the energies of nonviolence. There are buddhas and bodhisattvas of compassion making vigilant prayer, discourses, invocations to bring the illumination of light to offer energies of nonviolence, to become beacons of light, illuminating and transmitting the vibration of nonviolence. It is time for your mother planet to shake herself off of all violent energies. What that means is whatever violence has been absorbed by her surface, by her heart core, by her skin, by her © Copyright 2001 Nasrin Safai body, by her organs are now coming to the surface to be released. As it comes to the surface, much like the pain that comes to the surface of your body, you will feel it. As it comes to the surface to be released, that violence will be experienced in the street corner between two brothers. That violence will be experienced between a husband and wife. That violence will be experienced by a mother to her unborn child. That violence will be experienced by a father to his toddler, infant, child or the child of a friend or neighbor. That violence will be experienced through floods, hurricanes, typhoons, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and other natural disasters because that violence is coming to the surface. Just as a boil on the surface of your skin has to come to its pus and the pus has to break until it is released from the surface of the skin until the skin can heal itself, this violence has to come to the surface and the atmosphere and the body of Mother Earth in the form of natural disasters. This violence has to come from the heart core of your emotional body to the surface of your body. Verbal conflict is the result. If verbal conflict does not suffice, some of you will take more violent action, going from verbal to physical to harm, harm that might even take lives. This is part of the process. To curb this process you must constantly and continuously be antennas of light vibrating nonviolence. Just as the violet transmutational fire is the light that sheds its transmutational forces, absorbing to itself the darkness, you must send out nonviolent thoughts, nonviolent prayers, nonviolent invocations, beaming from your own body, using your body as beacons, sending out nonviolence so that you can absorb to yourself and transmute into the light those violent thoughts, those angry thoughts of the angry people around you. Do not join the anger, even when you feel righteous. If you are demonstrating for peace, make it a peaceful demonstration. How does a peace demonstration that ends on violence help the peace? Ask yourself that question. How does a peace demonstration that ends up in assault and battery help nonviolence? How does your desire to act nonviolently serve itself if you raise the anger or the opposition of others that leads to violent actions that are used against you? Are you in any way responsible when a violent reaction is directed to you? Is it possible that if you had not instigated the violence, you would not be at the receiving end of it? Is it possible that instead of being a mirror and sending back that violence, you could be a sponge, absorb the violence and transmute it in golden white light, in pure white light. Which one is more effective? If you have to choose one out of the two, choose the sponge. But if you have to choose between being the mirror or the one holding the baton in the mirror, then just be the mirror. If you have to be the one who holds the rifle or the one that is the victim, which one would you choose? Mahatma Gandhi was a holy, sainted ascended master of light who came to Earth to anchor the energies of nonviolence. In the course of his lifetime, he was tested, pried and prodded with violent energies everywhere he went. He maintained his poise in nonviolence. His death scene was a testimony to the proof of his purpose. He attained with glory the victory of the service that he had brought as his offering to Earth. Remember him as a role model. Lord Master Jesus brought the energies of divine love to Earth. His life and his crucifixion is a testimony to all the testing, prying and prodding that he went through throughout his life, even to his death. He succeeded in anchoring the energies of divine love and nonviolence. Mother Teresa is another testimony. Princess Diana is another testimony. Quan Yin is another testimony. Mother Mary is another testimony to nonviolence, to divine love, to prayer, invocation and the awakening of the light. Use them as your role model.

Open your hearts and your homes to the presence of Lord Buddha and the energies of nonviolence. Let Buddha sit facing your entranceway, your doorway, so that Buddha can send a prayer of nonviolence to everyone’s heart who chooses to enter your home. Face a small statue of Buddha on your desk facing outside. Let Buddha with his surrender and nonviolence face your world, your career, your external world and transmute conflict and bring to you the cleared and cleansed forces of nonviolence. Take Buddha with you in a small pouch where you go when you need to take steps and measures in the hopes of changing the world for better. During ceremony and ritual let Buddha sit with you in your ceremonies. Invoke the presence of Buddha and bodhisattvas of compassion so that together we can hold the energies of compassion and nonviolence. It is not through violence, it is no longer through an eye for an eye that we will attain ascension. We will attain ascension when we can deflect the anger of another to the point that they will put their gun away, to the point that they will put their knife away, to the point that the power of our love diffuses their need to be violent. Become powerful in your love for humanity and the world. Become powerful in shining your light and your nonviolence upon the world so that the world can learn from you and use you as a role model. As the beacons of light, hold the light in nonviolence. And to practice this until you become perfect, call upon the Buddha’s and bodhisattvas of compassion to assist you in the
process. With great love, I offer you my heart of nonviolence. I offer you my hand in assistance to diffuse violence.

I am Buddha.


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