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PTE Mystery School Overview

Path to Enlightenment Mystery School is an On-Line Academy which offers Instruction and Guidance in the Science of Spirituality for those who wish to walk the Path to Spiritual Enlightenment.

Courses are offered On-line so that students can work in the privacy and comfort of their own home. Each course contains the following:

  • Audio recordings of Guided Meditations
  • Written study material

Courses within the Mystery School curriculum are designed in Levels to provide a logical and scientific path for the aspirant to pursue non-secular spirituality and to offer a means by which to serve Earth and Humankind.


Curriculum Overview by Level

Level I: Awareness, Healing General Knowledge and Angels

Level I courses help you understand your connection to Earth and the Higher Realms through knowledge of your Energy Bodies and Chakra System. You will then be given tools with which to apply this knowledge in clearing your energy bodies and stripping away the lifetimes of dross to then begin the healing process, thus raising your vibration.

Level II: Intensive Healing and the Science of Spirituality

Level II courses provide wide and in-depth healing and release. After eons of lifetimes in the density of the 3rd Dimensional world, we have forgotten that we are more than this Physical Body. Our Inner Sight, our Inner Connection with our Energy Bodies and the Higher Realms have become dull and dim at best or completely disconnected and dormant at worst. The Level II courses provide awakening, restructuring, recalibration and repair to reconnect our Energy Bodies with the Physical Body and with our Higher Self and Soul Fragments. Once sufficient clearing has been attained, we are able to fill the space vacated by the dross, fear and pain with higher Quotients of Light.

Level III: Energy Anchoring and Metaphysics

From the higher vibrational platform attained from Levels I and II, we can work with Divine Mother and the Masters to anchor energies critical to Earth and Humankind at this juncture of Earth’s history and really begin to serve Earth, the Multitudes and Masses, Divine Mother, the Masses and the Light.

Level IV: Living with the Masters and Special Projects Programs

You are now walking the Path of the High Level Initiate and can do even more on behalf of the Ascended Beings.

There are 2 Programs in Level IV.

Program  1: Living with the Masters Series.

The objective of this series is to understand and experience from the standpoint of a specific Master or Great Being and to build a personal and intimate relationship with each over time. As you walk with each Master, you will learn to look at the world from their individual and unique viewpoint, receive the teachings embraced in their specific Light, experience their protection, guidance, love and feel their Presence by your side at all times.

Program 2: Special Projects Series.

2A: Energetic Balancing Series
2B: Hear Thy Soul Series
2C: Project Awakening Series

Level V: Anchoring the Divine Feminine

The 13,000 year cycle of the rein of the Divine Feminine has begun. Level V focuses on the teachings of Divine Mother and Goddess Victory. Divine Mother took charge in 2010 to anchor the Energies of the Divine Feminine in order to prepare us and take us through the 12/21/2012 Portal into the 5th Dimensional Octave. Goddess Victory has chosen to be the Patroness of the 5D Octave and has brought her own series of amazing courses.


Click here for a list of all courses at Path to Enlightenment Mystery School.

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