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Sanat Kumara, our planetary logos, has given us an important message regarding new energies of light which will be coming to Earth imminently. He is now offering us the opportunity of greater acceleration in acquiring light and wisdom. He invites us to merge into his consciousness in the Throne of the I AM THAT I AM, God in form. We stand to gain great growth and acceleration on the path of enlightenment and in release of pain and struggles of many lifetimes. Furthermore, we stand to serve the Earth and to raise the consciousness of the multitudes of masses who are unaware of this great opportunity. Sanat Kumara is calling upon us, his most beloved disciples, to remember him as our great teacher and friend and to assist him in bringing greater light down to Earth.

The Grid of Light was given to us in three phases. Phase I is posted in the November 2007 newsletter. Phase II and Phase III were in the two December 2007 newsletters. There is also an audio meditation of the Grid of Light which you can listen to online or download.

In the Light of the I Am, Nasrin


Hi Laura,

Yes you can and more importantly when the jar breaks it is actually a wonderful thing especially at the end of a cycle because it means that the masters took on some karma and released it through the jar breaking. While we rationalize with our minds about the fact that it was the end of the candle and the jar got hot etc, if there was no ending to that Karma, the jar would still be intact and you would be burning those candle grids.
So I congratulate you for a job well done and encourage you to start the other one. please be reminded that the special edition Newsletter for the July of 2009 has a fantastic candle grid which is very important right now. You will be energizing yourself and anchoring great light for the Masters with this grid. You will find it in the newsletter section on our site or in your emails from a few days ago if you are on our subscription list to receive newsletters.

Good luck and God bless,
Love Nasrin

Hi Nasrin,

I’m writing because I stopped working on the grids of Light, dedicating my life to the Lord Maitreya, alone with Hecate, Metraton and Sanat Kumara. The Jar where I used to have the big round candle with the tree wicks broke. I let it burned to the button and it got fire and then it broke, so I was upset and I stoped it. Now I have noticed that my energies went down, so I started again with the dedication of my Life to Lord Mytreya. and I want to start the grid from May 2009, Quan Yin’s of Hope,Creativity and happiness with Christ Maitreya and Archangel Ariel, but when I was reading it, it is for summer solstice. My question is, can I still start working on it and continue working with the dedication of Lord Maitreya grid?

Dear Laura,

You can turn them off or leave them on as long as you are watching them so there is no fire hazard. If they are lit already, you can say the prayers out loud over them. It will be even more powerful.

Good luck,

Hi Nasrin,

I’m working with the Ritual “Pledging my Service to Christ Maitreya.” I do the ritual at night, and then I light the candles. In the morning, I blow out the candles. I don’t know if should leave the candles flames lit all day and night, and if I do, how do I recharge the ritual if the candles are already lit?


Dear Laura,

You are so beautiful. I am glad that you have found the Masters and that you feel good. The four books in the Gifts series are being translated to Spanish and I will have them available as E-BOOK on my site. If Spanish is your first language you may enjoy them even more. There are no secrets, only oneness. Thank you for your beautiful heartfelt comments.

In Love and Light,

Hi Beloved Nasrin,

For so long, I have been looking for somebody to teach me about the true wisdom of God, our Creator. I was never raised in any religion, neither was I educated. I looked in different places. Always people have too many secrets. So I got tired and I didn’t know that I could ask and that it will be given, but I was never educated so I didn’t know. After so many years of looking I found you, and you don’t have secrets and God has no secrets neither. If I want to learn he will teach me or send me a master and I guess he sent me you. Now I have to do my work, that is to read the books and put in practice the grids. Right now I am working with “Pledging my Service to Christ Maitreya.” It’s a mystery how the masters work.

I send you all the blessing of love,

It is absolutely perfect. Light the candle during ceremony and leave them for as long as you can to allow it to take effect. You can sit and pray for as little as a 5 to 10 minutes or as long as you want. You can do it for 6 months. You will be helping the world and your own life and loved ones if you do it for six months.
Good luck with it.

Much love,

Hi thanks so much. I found one it’s not in a jar I have it on a glass platter it’s perfect and looks that ok it’s not in a jar?? I know these are probably silly questions, I want to
do it correctly…….Do I just light the candles during ceremony, and is this done once a day
and is there a time as to how long I sit and say prayer.. thank you so much.

PS. Do I do this for 6 months correct… hope I’m not bothering you…again many blessings to you.

Love you,

many thanks to you and those at Nasrin’s bliss for your guidance to search for our spiritual knowledge through the teachings of the masters. I had joined your family since July 08. I had followed each suggested prayer and meditation from the newsletter. with the last grid do we do it straight for 22 days and stop or do we continue as long as we need too? After we are done using the grid do we pour the cinnamon out in the garden?

Lord Melchezedek’s Reuniting Soul Fragments Activation

I’ve been working with Lord Melchezedek’s Reuniting Soul Fragments Activation, a “meditational exercise” for approximately the 22 days he suggests.

I’m grateful to have this opportunity to describe my own personal process.

First, I must put my experiences into context. I am approaching the 5th anniversary of living with ME/CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome). My genetic heritage, nervous system and on-going stress load were impacted by the European 2003 heat wave with devastating consequences.

Consequently, I live a very minimalist life-style, and am acutely aware of even small changes in my 5-body system. Well, that is to say, my physiology, mental, and emotional bodies. My etheric and spiritual bodies are also registering changes, and it has become clear over the last 6 months that this is now the level from which the healing of the rest of the system is coming.

In December I began working with Sanat Kumara’s Merging with the Planetary Logos Activation. I have posted elsewhere my “miraculous” experience during that process. I had , through over-use + stress, created a “frozen shoulder syndrome” for myself in 2001, which still left with me restricted movement of my left arm, a feeling of stuckness all around the sides and back of those ribs. During the 2nd week of this Activation, there was an eruption of “shingles” (herpes left over from chicken pox) in this exact area, followed by a complete freeing of my arm and ribs.

Later in December I began working with Lord Kuthumi’s 12:12 Twin Flame Activation. Not only did this open my heart and mind to the possibility I might not remain a reclusive crone forever, but more significantly, it opened me to the understanding of Alchemy Consciousness. He suggested that within 99 days of initiating use of this 12-day process, (for the ultra-daring, he offered 12 days every month; I took the challenge), we would come to understand Alchemy Consciousness and the Alchemy of Consciousness. At just about that 99 day mark, I really did have some deep understanding of these two, including the distinctions between them.

So I had a wonderful foundation with which to begin Lord Melchezedek’s Reuniting Soul Fragments, aligning with our Divine Blueprint.

The shifts I’ve experienced over these last weeks have been profound. On the external, someone I knew slightly from a network found ourselves involved together in a project. Synchronously, for no “good reason”, I shared that I’d been dreaming up living in a Dolphin Light Community in Hawaii in a year or two, when my body was more healthy. She’d also been looking for such a location, and overnight we agreed we could find a place to do it in Australia, where I’m living and to which she’s returning after 8 years in China. And so a soul family reunion has begun.

Internally, whew…the shifts have been profound. A sense of calm has entered me in a way that this poor nervous system has never experienced except in meditation. Nearly 20 years ago I was able to narrow down my patterns to: irritability, agitation, low tolerance of frustration. Initially this illness heightened all those symptoms, my nervous system was on fire. Through much research and implementing an exacting nutritional supplement protocol, relaxation came.

During my weeks with Melchezedek’s Reuniting Soul Fragments, Original DNA Imprint, and Soul Family and Mission, I have drastically cut back on the amino acid that allowed me to express my thoughts in a focussed and coherent manner. (D-Ribose helps with CFS due to its strengthening effects on the heart. Now it became intrusive, revving up my heart rate.) In fact, something quite new has happened. There has been a connection between my mind and intuition that has given me a far more focussed, incisive, and decisive ability to cut through the periphery and get to the core of what’s being presented to me. Without thinking about it, there is a far more spontaneous understanding, that term “grokking it”, and an ease of responding appropriately.

I feel far greater resilience, and, in the words of Melchezedek, “…healing, health and wholeness for my personality aspects and soul fragments…healing of my nervous system and strength in my personality and character to continue on my soul’s Divine Mission.” I also have had contact from Future Self, just hanging about, reassuring and “smiling” upon me.

These are not vague, indefinable, “could-be” changes. They have allowed me to go through days of computer frustration that would have had me reeling. They have allowed me to cope with sleep-deprivation that would have had me in misery. My feelings of wholeness, certitude and trust have replaced my life-long edgy temperament. Many times over the years I felt that my temperament was mis-matched with my view of who I really was. I felt myself to be an “Earth Mother” type, but nothing in my life supported this vision, which in fact is a version of the Divine Feminine. I now feel aligned and on Mission. I feel Blessed and Grateful beyond words. love, ahmo

An interesting thing happened to me the other night when I meditated on the Grid of Light. After about 2 1/2 hours of meditation, I finally opened my eyes still feeling the surge of energy all within and around me, especially on my forehead. When I looked in the mirror, I noticed two swollen veins on my forehead. Since then I’ve noticed more sensation and movement in my third eye.
With love and gratitude,

Dear Ahmo,

Thank you very much for your fascinating account. Thank you for your wisdom and your patience with your body. Lemurin energies are becoming activated at this present moment by Sanat Kumara. Those of us who played a role then are now called to awaken to our powers and come to the service of the masters. Bodily trauma inflicted in those incarnations whickh remain in our cell memory will hinder our spiritual growth and the absorbtion of greater Light. In order to serve the masters and help in the anchoring of the Lemurian energies we will have to remember the events and release the trauma. You did this bravely and wisely. I am impressed by your remembrance of the events and grateful for your perceverance in freeing yourself from the dross, so that you can embrace the greatness that is within you. Those who worked on both sides (light and dark) have a much greater wisdom and know what it takes to truly serve the Light.

IN the Light of the I AM, Nasrin

I found this Sanat Kumara Planetary Logos Activation to be truly alchemical in it’s structure.

Initially, visualizing a triangle, with the male aspect at the southwest corner, female aspect at the south east corner, and Sanat Kumara at the apex. This ingenious design means that while Sanat Kumara is activating the male aspect, physically, the Left side of my body was affected, experiencing this blast of energy. Initially, the visualization was murky, unstable, I couldn’t see what this male aspect actually looked like, the energy took a long time to fill the image. the female aspect was easier, more of a feeling of relaxation, a big Ahhhhh sort of feeling.

It took a week to stabilize a vision of the male aspect, brown-skinned, long black hair. And then the female took on the same aspect. During my 2nd week of this practice, I had a spontaneous eruption of shingles (herpes zoster),in an area described by placing my right hand under my left armpit, around to the scapula. crossing onto my left upper ribs in front. I have had many sorts of skin inflammations, but never this. Nor was I anxious, which is the general precursor to shingles.

I learned that most of us carry this remnant chicken pox within our spinal ganglia, which can erupt as shingles. It also coincided directly to the place I felt to be the source of my frozen shoulder, which began in 2001, and still felt stuck, sticky, limited my range of movement. Now, as well as this eruption, this movement became almost normal. There was still a very sore spot behind my right scapula, which I hung out with early one morning.

The morning that I decided to just hang out with the pain in my scapula, to listen for what it might reveal, I discovered that I, too, had been on the Dark side in my Lemurian past; that I had chosen the path of Dark magic, presumably was at least somewhat successful, and executed. A stake through the heart, and 3rd eye. In the weeks following this awareness, I’ve understood that I was very fortunate: I was still a young person, in my 20’s, and had no time to actually do any harm. In a way, my execution was an example, a warning, and also prevented me from accruing a huge karmic debt.

My left arm is now free for the first time in 6 years, my exercise tolerance has doubled, my experience of Oneness increases daily.

Bless you Nasrin for your continuing contributions to the upliftment of Us All and Gaia. in Love and Light, ahmo

How beautiful. This is from Sanat and how beautiful ((<<::
OH, how exciting, the 7 Lords of Light, I am soooooooooo excited for what is evolving for us.
When I looked at His picture, I started crying tears of Joy, that is how I see Him.

The exercise is wonderful, Nasrin, and thank you sooooo much for sharing it with all of us. I have passed it on to the members of my group…presently over 4000 people. Happy Diwali to you and the rest of your team! Many thanks for bringing in the Light to this world and planet at this very amazing time of bringing in the golden era. Happy Diwali to all! It is a festival of Light and truly, may the Light come into all our hearts, today and every day!!!

~D~, United States

Dear Nasrin,
Thanks for the podcast. I love the guide’s voice as well. It’s a very nice gift. Thank you.

Thank you for adding the podcast on the Grid of Light. I love it!

Aloha dearest Light O’hana, (family)
I would like to wish you all a Hau’oli Makahikihou (Happy New Year) as my heart and thoughts are with you on this first day of 2008! I am looking forward to ALL of the new beginnings that this year brings, including hearing from all of you on this blog. I would also like to share how much I’ve enjoyed your sharings thus far as well as Nasrins responses as I find this is a wonderful assist on my own journey with the grid meditations.

Shortly after beginning the Grid of Light meditation in early November, I had the GOOD FORTUNE of being guided to fly to San Francisco, CA to be in the divine mothers presence (Amarita) during her semi annual visit. It was my first time to be with her for several days and in hindsight, I realize that my consciousness has shifted “exponetially” as a result of this AMAZING time with her.
As you know, she is an incredible avatar who is well-known for her “divine hugs” which transmit such high frequency vibes, that she literally “burns off” any pollution from the totality of our being. This left me feeling like a “crispy critter” for a couple of weeks following my return home to Hawaii as I adjusted to a state of “more LIGHT than density”…and my subtle bodies energetically de programmed and “upgraded” to another level of consciousness.
One of the most profound experiences I had with this great mahatma Amarita, was in meditation as I plunged so deeply into the depths of her divine love, soaring in her silky smooth energy like a magic carpet ride. I will never forget the closeness I felt with her, and I return there daily through this lovely meditation at the divine mothers throne.
Each day I look forward to the grid of light meditation, particularly the merging of the Maha Lord and Divine Mother as it means a return to this delicious energy. And what better way to launch my day!

I would also like to briefly share that since I have been doing the Grid of Light meditation, that the GUIDANCE that I am receiving has been absolutely amazing. I could write a book on all of the super sweet nuances that occur constantly, but I will share just one example for now.
Everyday, I take a long swim in the ocean for exercise if there are no swells to surf. After a few years of this, I am used to observing the occasional “refractions” of sunlight which hit the surface of calm water conditions, projecting chicken wire shaped “grids” of light on the white sandy ocean floor. I have often felt that this “light show” has an effect on opening my third eye.
Now, since I’ve begun doing this grid of light meditation each day with the “colorful” seven lords of light, the light grid I see on the bottom of the ocean has become every color of the rainbow!…(or lords of light). And it feels totally different. Instead of “lightly expansive”, it has become very expansive, and “hugely powerful” to all of my bodies. I feel as if my bodies are receiving highly conductive color LIGHT therapy each time I swim when this grid is present…and I LOVE IT!
Mo’olelo Aloha, express love in everything~

Aloha Light O’hana (family),
When I initially started the grid meditations, I was unable to participate twice daily because of time restraints. I felt that Sanat Kumara’s shortcut statement was very effective in holding the energy until my next daily repetition. However, when I began meditating “twice daily,” I could ‘feel’ my connection and ‘see’ the power feed of energy to the grid “double.” I also received MANY immediate signs of appreciation from the Masters for this Xtra effort. It became quite obvious to me that the Masters REALLY need a turbo boost of our LIGHT to power this Grid Up!
LIGHT ON team!
Mahalo & Aloha nui, deep gratitude & love

Just wanted you to know that the healing and protection grid is working for me as I don’t feel like I have to do this every 12 hours to just stay in a higher space of light. Now I love doing it just to do it and feel the energies but don’t feel like I’m being dragged back to a heavy lower dimension if I don’t do this twice a day. Yesterday was a good example-rainy cold weather ( which I love)- but things didn’t go as smooth as they usually do. I was challenged several times during the day to see if there was any more anger to get out of my body. The amazing thing was that before I could get angry I began to laugh because I could see that I was being tested even when I’m being drenched in the rain because my door was stuck and the lock wouldn’t open so I couldn’t put groceries in the car from the passenger side. I had to leave the bags open the driver’s side door and crawl across the seats to open the door…laughing the whole time knowing how silly this looked. And that was only one thing. I just refused to let anything bring me down on that day and it didn’t. I even got a great insight on how to rearrange my closet so I had more space. So the grid is holding for me- Thanks soooo much for this grid and the work you do.

Hello one and all,
I’ve really taken a loving to this Grid of Light. I have a new-born child, beloved Bodhi, and will I feed him I will go through the exercise. I ask the Divine Mother for boons for him. I love working with these energies. Thank you Nasrin!

As you can see from the testimonial above, the energy lasted for twelve hours and a repetition was needed. Fortunately, Sanat Kumara has given us a shortcut to this and that is the statement: “I charge this Grid of Light to remain fully active until my next repetition. I call forth my guardian angels and the elementals to keep it fully active under the guidance of Metatron, Sanat Kumara, Seven Lords of Light, Maha Lord of Light and Divine Mother. So it is. It is done.” I do encourage everyone to do this grid two times a day if possible. I am interested in hearing from all of you as to whether you are able to extend its effect by using the above invocation. Let us remember that each repetition in its own right is another layer of acceleration. It therefore behooves us to do the grid.

I am hoping to have a diagram of this grid ready soon for you to print out and laminate. It makes a great tool for you to carry around with you and a great gift for others of like minds who may appreciate a new tool to further their growth on the path of enlightenment.

first experience: I started the Grid of Light on the evening of November 8. On the very early morning hours of November 10 I woke up and meditated. When in deep meditation I felt a very strong surge of energy pouring down from above me. It felt like I was being showered by energy in a form of cylinder. The energy was very strong and beautiful. Then I noticed a white robed man, with white hair floating above me with his hands outstreched to grab mine. I asked him who he is, but there was no answer. Even though I couldn’t see his face as though it was covered by a thin veil, yet I could see a very broad smile on his face. I felt such an energy of love from him that is indescribable. As I gave him my right hand, I reached out with my left hand and touched his face. I could feel the features on his face. I might also add that I could see the skin color on his hand. After this I don’t remember anything else. I know that I slept for 14 hours on the evening of the 9th till the morning of the 10 when this happened. When I opened my eyes in the morning, I said, “Sanat Kumara!” I know it was him who had come to visit me.

second experience: On the very early morning of November 24th I woke up again and meditated. In deep meditation, I felt the surge of energy again. It was very strong and went right next to me on the bed as if it was supporting me. I tried to turn my face to see if I could see anything, but I was not able to. Then I just said, “Master Jesus!” The force was incredibly strong so I just merged with it and absorbed its beautiful feeling of love. When I opened my eyes that morning, I knew that it was Jesus who had visited me.

third experience: On the early morning of November 26 I woke up again in the middle of the night by a feeling that something was about to happen. The surge of energy came again. This time there were two of them. I was very relaxed and completely surrendered. I felt them each come and merge with me, one at a time. Then they were gone. Their energy was beautiful and very soft. This time I did not know who they were.

fourth experience: This time it was in a form of a dream. On the evening of November 27 I had a dream that I had at my house, four visitors all dressed in white with long white hair. I seemed to know them because I was talking to them, but when I woke up I couldn’t remember who they were. I only knew that they are beings of light. Could it be they were the Lords of Light? I feel very blessed that I got to perform the Grid of Light with Sanat Kumara. Thank you for all that you do which makes it possible for us to have access to these blessings.
I wish you a Christmas filled with the true love that is intended for us all!

~K~ in Texas

Just a note to let you know how effective the meditation with Sanat Kumara is for me.

I work with that energy on a daily basis and the meditation this past month has been an awesome experience. Some times when I merge with Sanat Kumara I get lost in that energy and some amount of time passes before I come back and I’m able to finish the meditation.

The same thing happens when I invite the Seven Lords of Light to merge with me and my twin flame and the consciousness of Sanat Kumara and the presence of the I AM THAT I AM. I end up being in such a bliss filled space that I just float off.

Each of the Lords of Light come through and energize a chakra for me when I merge with them. The First Lord of Light comes thru the base chakra and than on up the chakras until the Seven Lord of Light comes thru the Crown chakra and than I usually go into a cocoon like bliss state for a while before I come back to finish it with Lord Metatron and the Angelic forces of God. The high from this meditation lasts for about 12 hours and than I feel a strong need to reconnect with this meditation again. It’s soooo awesome.

Thank You for being on the planet at this time and doing this work.

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