Great Silent Watcher

The Great Silent Watcher is a great being who is responsible for the creation of our planet and the entire solar system. She is like a God-Mother to us and our planet. The Great Silent Watcher is a great being of love and Light.

If you see a single gigantic eye or a pair of large eyes in your dreams and visions it is a sign from the Great Silent Watcher.

Eye of God

Photo: Courtesy of NASA.


Metatron gives us a Grid of Light for Protection and Transmutation with the Turquoise-Blue Bubble of Light of the Silent Watcher.

Excerpt from Path to Enlightenment, Book II, The Golden Throne, by Nasrin Safai.

Grid of Light for Release of Anger, Fear, Pain and Struggle

Beloveds of my own heart I am Metatron.

Presently, the energies of Earth have a tendency to shift suddenly from one moment to the next.  This can cause those with sensitive constitutions to experience energies of dross, anger, pain and fear coming unexpectedly to the surface. The experience may be at subconscious levels. You may be led to believe that it is your own personal circumstances that cause your moods to change. You may not realize that part of what you experience is externally induced and relates to the pain and the dross that is being released on behalf of Earth and the consciousness of all souls. Those of you who are higher initiates on the Path of Light are taking on this dross to transmute it on behalf of Earth and others. These energies, even though externally induced, are recalibrated through your own physical bodies for transmutation. They move through your physical body and are released from the atmosphere of Earth and the consciousness of souls. This is your service to the Light. For this reason I would like to offer you a Grid of Light to lighten your load during this time and help you cope with the energies of anger coming to the surface of Earth and the consciousness of humankind.

You may experience this anger as if it appears from nowhere, causing you emotional upheaval, grief, struggle, fear and pain. This Grid of Light will release the anger from your bodies and prevent any external lower vibrational energy from penetrating your body and your being. When you use this Grid, you may not be aware of the anger at all but it will nevertheless continue to assist with the transmutational process, from your personal as well as global point of view.  Its benefits are to free you from many lifetimes of accumulated anger, fear and pain and free the Earth from carrying the pain of Humanity in her atmosphere and her auric field. Lightening the load will free all souls and the planet, leaving you all in a much greater state of harmony and peace. Once these energies are released, peace will follow and a state of harmony and calm will be induced.

Meditation for the Release of Anger, Fear, Pain and Struggle

Visualize standing in the center of a circle with the Angelic Forces of the Four Directions forming a circle around you. Archangel Uriel is standing in the direction of North, directly facing you. Archangel Michael is standing in the direction of South, directly behind you. Archangel Rafael is to your right in the direction of East, and Archangel Gabriel is to your left in the direction of West. Archangel Uriel will be beaming the Inner Light in the color of Yellow from his heart and from the palms of his upraised hands. Archangel Rafael is sending you the Pink Light of Divine Love from the heart and palms of the hands. Archangel Michael is beaming the Ray of Compassion and Mercy in the color of Aquamarine-Blue. Archangel Gabriel is beaming the Healing Light in the color of Emerald-Green.

The Great Silent Watcher, a great being of love and Light, is hovering above this entire Grid.  From the space of her heart, she is sending a Bubble of Light in the color of Turquoise-Blue. This bubble forms around you and the four Archangels. The energy substance of this Bubble holds the texture and qualities of the precious stone Turquoise within it. Turquoise removes negative energies from the physical body, the emotional body and the mental body. It prevents anger, pain, jealousy, envy, fear, worry, and panic, from penetrating into your being. It protects you from the external elements that cause anger and discomfort.

Visualize yourself at the center of this Grid of Light with the four Angelic Forces all around you, each sending you the Light of their respective Ray and the qualities that they carry. Lower vibrational energies will now come to the surface to be transmuted. For the transmutation of these energies, I now call forth an inferno of the Violet Flame to create a cylinder of Violet Light around you. Visualize Violet Light spiraling from the base of your feet upward, winding its way all around you, spiraling counterclockwise and reaching to the top of your head. A cylinder of Purple Light is now forming around you which will encompass your entire body. This cylinder is about five feet wide and extends from the ground all the way to the top of your head and further up, releasing all lower energies which come to the surface. The spiraling whirlwind of the Violet Flame moves upward and outward from the base of your feet to the top of your head and beyond. It only moves in one direction, up and out. Energies such as anger, fear, pain and dross are being pulled from your own body into the Violet Cylinder of Light and transmuted upward and outward away from your body. The spiraling Violet Flame is releasing pain and dross from your mental and emotional and physical body, freeing you from many lifetimes of pain, anger, hardship and struggle and helping you transmute what you pick up from the surface of Earth and the collective consciousness of humankind. Take a few deep breaths and continue to visualize this entire Grid of Light. Continue to keep this visualization and take a few deep long inhalations followed by slow long exhalations.

Now I give you a mantra to repeat:

Mantra for Release of Anger, Fear, Pain and Struggle

In the Violet Light of Transmutation I stand

In the Turquoise Light of the Silent Watcher I Am

In the Blue Protective Light of Michael I Am

In the Pink Light of Rafael I Am

In the Yellow Light of Uriel I Am

In the Green Light of Gabriel I Am

I release all dross from all dimensions and realities

I offer this dross through the intercession of the Great Silent Watcher

For transmutation into Pure Light

The Brilliant White Light of Paramatman I Am

The White Light of Undifferentiated Source I Am

The Golden White Light of Ellah I Am

The Blue Light of God-Source I Am

The Gold Light of YHWH I Am

The Pure Light I Am

I Am That I Am

I Am, I Am, I Am

So it is.

It is done.


Use this Grid for a twenty-two day period of time. It is best to do it consecutively, however, do not worry if you miss a day. Continue by adding the missed days at the end. Start this Grid while the present energies are coming forth to help protect you during this time of release. Repeat this exercise whenever you feel energies of anger, fear and pain come to the surface. These energies are accumulated through many lifetimes of pain, struggle, rejection, abandonment and betrayal. It is helpful to use this Grid, especially when you feel an onslaught of angry thoughts or emotions. After the first phase of clearing, you may use this Grid of Light whenever you feel the need. Ask the Great Silent Watcher and the Angelic Forces of Uriel, Rafael, Michael and Gabriel to continue to work on your body and being around the clock for the full release of all negativity and lower vibrations.

I hold you in my own heart, I Am Metatron.