Goddess Venus

Excerpts from Gifts III, Journeys Into the Inner Realms of Consciousness (pp 184-187) by Nasrin Safai

This is an excerpt of a channeled message given by Master Thoth

Goddess Venus, The Cosmic Guardian

I would now like to present to you the presence of the Cosmic Being Venus.  See this wondrous Cosmic Being of Light standing in the center of a circle.  She is very tall, somewhat slender, although very feminine.  Look into her eyes.  It is as though you are looking into the depths of the ocean.  She has very big almond-shaped eyes.  As strong as these eyes are, they are innocent, as innocent as looking into the eyes of a newborn baby.

Look at her attire.  These gossamer garments of light are normal attire in the retreat of Shamballa on Venus.  These garments of light protect the wearer from lower forces and transmit the higher vibration of light to the environment around them.  It is as though she is illuminating the room, and her garments are lit.  Yet the garment itself is transparent.

Become aware of her hands.  She is holding her hand in a certain position.  Her right hand, palm up, is facing your heart.  Her left hand, palm down with the back of the hand showing, is pointing to your solar plexus and sacral plexus area.  A beam of light is emanating from her right hand.  The color is a bluish-white.  The beam of light emanating from the left hand is a golden-yellow-orange color.  Absorb and receive these energies.  Take a deep breath.

As the beams of light reach within your body, they expand; the beam of golden-yellow and orange spreads in the area of the hip and the stomach, and the beam of bluish-white spreads in the entire chest area.  The beams reach toward each other mixing and merging, and they unite in a pure white light in the area above the solar plexus, close to the bottom rib.  A vortex of light is created in that area. T his is where the Soul is in residence.  This is the Seat of the Soul.

When complete awareness of divinity exists, this light resides on the right side of your chest.  When complete awareness is yet missing this vibration falls down below the cosmic heart and even below the human heart, hiding itself under the ribcage, sitting on top of your diaphragm.  When facing trauma or in an anxiety attack, the breath is imprisoned, not reaching the core of the body, and you may begin to hyperventilate.  In those circumstances, the pain and suffering affects the Seat of the Soul and causes the contraction of the diaphragm, which interferes with your normal breathing process leading to hyperventilation or shallow breathing.  Over many instances of trauma you become numb to this abnormality.  With these beams of light permeating the area, healing will ensue.

Feel the warmth of the two rays in your body as beloved Venus continues to send healing.  Allow your being to absorb these energies.  Ask the Goddess to  heal all trauma and to release all pain so you can begin to breathe deeply again.  From now on, in anxious moments remember to call upon Cosmic Being Venus.  After any anxious or traumatic moment, request the restoration of your breathing through the emanation of the light from her hands.  Pause and take a deep breath.

Now become aware that a beam of pink light is emanating from her heart, shooting out directly to your own cosmic heart chakra in the area of your thymus gland, spreading in your chest , throat, neck, and shoulders.  Take a deep breath and absorb the pink light of divine love emanating from the heart of Venus to your own heart, and make the intention to release all pain, depression, hopelessness and fear.  Ask for the restoration — to perfection — of the plan in your own heart.  Ask for the perfected divine plan and the original blueprint to imprint at cellular level in the cosmic heart.  Ask for the connection from your own heart to the cosmic heart of the central Sun of this Cosmos.  If you wish, using your own free will request that this connection never be severed ever again.  Pause and take a deep breath.

From this moment on, you are connected to the cosmic heart of the great central Sun.  This is the highest source of your own beingness.  It will guide you through Mastery and beyond — prepare you for communion with your own Lineage of Light, Soul group, sisters and brothers of light, teachers, guides and guardians.  Connecting with the soul group members will bring you wholeness, a feeling you may have lacked for awhile.  There is no one closer to you than members of your own soul group because your soul group has been with you through many lifetimes.  It is highly probable that some are not in physical embodiments at this present moment.  And those who are in body may not necessarily be in your life.  In fact, the idea is that members of the soul group scatter in different parts of the world or the universe in order to learn from different experiences, in different circumstances, on different planets or Star Systems.  However, there is nothing stopping you from joining and merging telepathically with members of your own soul group.  Therefore if you wish it, put in the intention that at nighttime or at any other time where you are in a relaxed, meditative mode a reconnection with your own soul group members would take place.

It is now time to have one final experience with the Cosmic Being Goddess Venus.  She offers you to step into her body, stand inside of her and merge and join into her beingness, allowing your own beingness to be imbued by her cosmic vibration of light.  Do this with your own free will and with great love and sincerity.  As you join and merge and expand inside her cosmic being, your own cell structure become lighter, the atoms in your body vibrate faster, your electronic structure become recalibrated and your body and being fill up with pure white light, the bluish-white light which is her signature light.  Take a deep breath and visualize yourself fully and completely merged into the presence of the Goddess Venus.  Expand into her beingness and receive from the pure essence of this cosmic being of light.  Meditate for a while and return to your normal consciousness when you are ready.

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