Goddess of Victory

Goddess of Victory Is a Great Cosmic Being of Light. She has been victorious in all her endeavors for over 500,000 years. This means that she has kept her position as the residing Deity for the Quality of Victory for that length of time. We already know that it takes time to gain momentum in any new event or endeavor and when momentum is gained, it is easy to build on that momentum and accelerate in the desired direction. Now, you can imagine how powerful Goddess of Victory must be if every endeavor she has put her heart into has become victorious for a half a million years. She has promised that whomever calls upon her and seeks her council and intersession will receive of her Blessings, Might, Power, Momentum and most importantly, of her ability to be VICTORIUS.  

The Mantle of Victory is a cocoon of Platinum with Light Lemon Yellow Light. The auric field of Goddess of Victory embraces you to become your Mantle of Victory. This is what makes her victorious. Using that Mantle makes you victorious in whatever way you use it. You can use it as a Mantle of protection. You can wrap it around yourself at all times or wrap it around a plan, project or intention to bring it to manifest form and enhance the outcome with her Victorious Vibrations.

Meditation to receive the Mantle of Victory– Visualize a huge shining cocoon of Silver, Platinum and Pewter Light. See her stand behind you towering over you with her Scepter of Power over your head and illuminating the ultimate path of Victory. Always have Victory stand behind you, and then you will not be blindsided. She will protect you from being attacked from behind and she will deter anyone who intends harm from following you. If they follow you during Victory’s watch, then they are following you to Victory and that is not their intention. Anyone who would have intent of harm would run away at the sight of Victory. If they follow you, then they too can be led to Victory, which is good.