Goddess Lakshmi

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Goddess Lakshmi is the Goddess of spiritual attainments as well as material possessions. In the Hindu Trinity of Goddesses, Lakshmi, Saraswati and Durga represent the three Feminine Aspects of Creation. Lord Brahma, the Creator is in charge of bringing the Creation into manifestation together with his consort Goddess Saraswati. Lord Vishnu, the Sustainer is in charge of sustaining the created world together with his consort Goddess Lakshmi. Finally Lord Shiva, the Destroyer is in charge of destroying the world of karma and karmic entanglements together with his consort Goddess Durga. Goddess Lakshmi holds the balance of the Material and Sublime and bestows powers to attain both.

Excerpt from, Eights Gifts from the Goddess of Fortune

Commentary: Although this was channeled at the time of Diwali in 1997, we have been guided to include it here to make the gifts and the energies of Lakshmi available to all. You can easily reconnect to the energy of the Goddess by merely reading these words. After you have read this through once on a purely intellectual level and you wish to receive what Lakshmi offers, make this your intention and read the Goddess’s words again, this time from your heart.

Channeled by Nasrin, October 28, 1997

My children of light, I am Lakshmi. My beloved Lord Melchizedek has given me a cheery introduction. I pray I make good on his promise.

It is true that the festival of Diwali in India is in honor and celebration of Goddess Lakshmi, and it is also true that Lakshmi brings your wishes and desires. For that purpose, I am here to present myself to you so that we may both benefit from each other’s company.

In this auspicious time of year, while in many continents you are experiencing coldness and a process of hibernation, we in India celebrate the Festival of Lights. These lights shine not only upon India, but they shine throughout the entire universe. It is the victory of light; it is the joy of light; it is the union of light with love that we celebrate.

It is not only celebrated on one continent, it is an offering to the entire world. There is no need for any particular area of the world to be treated differently from others.

When it is time for festivities, would it not be

wonderful if the whole world participated in the love

and light together? It is to that end that I have come

to offer and grant you a wish or two; and I might add

that this entire book is full of wish fulfilling energies

that all the deities and masters are bringing to you.

It is a great honor and pleasure to be included

in this wondrous group of beings.


I now ask that you close your eyes and focus your attention on your third eye. As you enter the divine space of the third eye, you see a blue pearl, and the blue pearl is small and shiny like a star, and as you watch it, the blue pearl comes closer and closer to you.

As it stands before you, it feels as if it is absorbing you into itself. You find yourself suddenly inside the blue pearl, and even though you are inside a small pearl, the space around you is larger than a stadium, but it looks more like some kind of palace, and everything has a golden-blue color to it.

Standing in the middle is Goddess Lakshmi wearing all of her golden ornaments. She wears a crown of gold on her head, and she has eight arms, which is the universal number for luck and good fortune.

In your vision of her, she holds a lotus, the first flower that was brought upon this planet Earth. The lotus is the flower of wisdom, the flower of the gods and goddesses.

In her second hand, she holds a conch shell. The wisdom of the seas is blown through the conch, and the wisdom of the seas held within the energy of the conch shell is also a gift that Lakshmi brings. When a conch is blown, the sound heard is the manifestation of the wisdom of the beings of the sea.

In her third hand, Lakshmi holds a book of knowledge, the book of wisdom. This book is from higher levels and dimensions and can only be read with the inner vision once the third eye is opened. When this book is open, pure golden white light pours out of it. This golden white light is all-seeing, all-knowing. It is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. This is the book of knowledge that Lakshmi offers to you.

In her fourth hand, Lakshmi holds the discus, which is a disc with jagged razor edges, and with this, Lakshmi destroys the ego and releases the karma of whoever prays to her for release. She throws the discus like a boomerang and as the disc cuts through your ego, she transmutes all karmic attachment into the ethers. This is her fourth gift to you.

From her fifth hand, Lakshmi showers great quantities of gold coins, the sign and the symbol for material fortune that Lakshmi brings to you.

In her sixth hand, Lakshmi holds a golden globe, which is a sign for material abundance. The golden globe holds within it the material abundance that you desire.

The golden globe is also a sign and symbol for manifesting that which you desire from higher realms and dimensions into the third dimension of existence. This golden globe and the manifestation of your desires is another gift that is given to you.

In her seventh hand, Lakshmi holds a jar of dew, a jar of the clearest water that can be brought from the heavens down to Earth. On top of the jar that holds the purest waters of heavens is a coconut that is the offering that is given to the gods for the removal of obstacles.

By bringing you the purest and cleanest waters

from the heaven down to Earth, Lakshmi washes

and cleanses your karma and purifies your destiny.


By holding the coconut, she is offering on your behalf that all obstacles be removed from your path of sadhana, your path of spiritual practices, your path of aligning your will with the will of God.

Lakshmi holds her eighth hand with the palm facing you. This is the sign of peace, the sign of prosperity, the sign of harmony and love. This is the exchange of love from the hand of Lakshmi to the heart of all of you.

With this mudra [ a hand gesture] Lakshmi offers from her heart healing, health, wholeness and love through her hand into the being, the heart, the body and the third eye of her devotees. Anyone who receives from this hand of Lakshmi becomes whole again, remembers unity, remembers union of the one with The One, as one. All is love and love is all and The One is love.

As she stands before you, Goddess Lakshmi offers to you in this auspicious moment these eight gifts. Take a deep breath and as you breathe deeply, think of one, two or three other spiritual or non-spiritual desires that you have.

Imagine that whenever you read this

book, it is a new life, a new beginning, a

birthing. Even if you read these words over

and over, consider each time you read them

to be a new birth and a new beginning.


With that in mind, ask and I shall bring to you the object of you desires. Make a wish or two or three. Go in your heart and ask it, “O beloved heart, what is it that you desire? What shall I ask Goddess Lakshmi to bring in this auspicious time of the Festival of Lights for me, for my rebirthing, for my renewal, for my recreation?”

Let your heart rule your mind. Let your heart tell

the mind that which it desires, and when the desire

enters your heart, deliver your wish to Lakshmi.


Tell Lakshmi, “O Goddess, I desire…” and specifically mention your desire and allow me to take that prayer to the One Great Spirit, to the Source of All That Is, to the Supreme Consciousness. Allow me to pray on your behalf, allow me to intercede on your behalf for the fulfillment of your desires.

This is my gift to you in thanksgiving for the introduction that my Lord Melchizedek has given to me. I am always as your Mother. As the Divine Mother has said, every goddess holds the love of the child within her heart, and I hold the love within my heart any time you desire to speak to me.

Call upon Lakshmi any time you desire to express a wish. Speak to me, ask for Lakshmi any time you feel sad, call upon Lakshmi any time you need help, call upon Lakshmi. Any time you feel you are stuck, whether it is with material prosperity or spiritual prosperity, call upon Lakshmi. Any time you desire further abundance in your life, call upon Lakshmi. Lakshmi is here, at your service.

Lakshmi I AM, I AM, I AM.

And so it is.

The following is taken from Gifts I, Prayers, Meditations, Mantras, and Journeys for Soul Growth by Nasrin Safai.

Comments on Lakshmi from Melchizedek

Channeled by Nasrin, October 28, 1997

I am Melchizedek… We are on the brink of the festival of Diwali. Diwali is the Festival of Lights, the festival during which all of India celebrates and honors the Goddess.

The Goddess is known in India as Goddess Lakshmi. Lakshmi is the bringer of good fortune, both spiritual fortune as well as material fortune. In many pictures of Lakshmi, you see that she is depicted holding the book of knowledge in one hand, offering spiritual knowledge with another hand and showering golden coins with another hand.

The Indian New Year begins on the day after the festival of Diwali…

I ask those of you who have not had an experience of Goddess Lakshmi to prepare yourself for a gift, for a boon, for this Goddess is extremely generous by nature and extremely loving as well. In her love for humanity, she has offered to help and align the will of humanity with the will of God.

For this reason, you see in her pictures that she is depicted as having four, six, eight, or a thousand arms. She is offering her assistance to humanity. And she is lending more than one hand; she is offering a thousand helping hands to humanity.

It is also interesting to note that Lakshmi is the golden aspect of Quan Yin. That means that the two are one. In both the Chinese and the Indian culture, each represents the goddess energy. In the Orient, China, Japan, and Tibet, Quan Yin holds the mother energy; she is the bringer of boons and has the energy of love within her. In India, it is Goddess Lakshmi who is loved, who is held with honor and respect in every home, in every temple.

It is Lakshmi to whom people in India make offerings daily, in the same way that people in China and Japan make offerings to Quan Yin daily. Prayers begin with adorning Lakshmi with flowers and the day ends with adorning Lakshmi with prayers of thanksgiving and blessing

Would you not call this a universally auspicious day, when the entire world honors, respects and blesses the God within each other, the Goddess within each other, the Goddess in each home and in each heart?

Would it be any different, do you think, when people begin every day with the name of God and end the day in the name of God? It wouldn’t matter whether this is the male aspect of God, the female aspect of God, or the child aspect of God, or even the formless aspect of God that is honored at least twice a day.

I am with you for that hope. I await that day that happens with great hope. I wish and I pray and I also ask that each one of you who reads these words and who becomes acquainted with various means of extending love to God and receiving love from God, start practicing these methods if you have not already done so.

I ask that you offer each day to God or to whatever supreme consciousness you believe in, whether it is God or Source or Goddess or child, or even your spouse; in whatever shape or form you love, extend love from your heart to that supreme consciousness. If it is Great Spirit, start each day by offering the day to the Great Spirit, and end each day by offering the day to the Great Spirit.

Eat each meal, offering the meal to the Great Spirit; start each job offering the job to the Great Spirit; take your shower offering the water to the Great Spirit, offer the cleansing of your body to Great Spirit; ask that Great Spirit cleanse your spiritual body as the water cleanses your physical body.

Offer each word before it is spoken to Great Spirit; offer each action before it is performed to Great Spirit; offer each thought before you act on it to the Great Spirit.

Live each day in this way and you will see that your entire life will change. Life will become joyful; love will pour into your being; love will lead you where you need to go; decisions will be made for you the simplest way.

Once you have aligned your will with the will of God by offering all that you do to God, you will know what you need to do. Whether you worship the Great Spirit, Source, All That Is, Goddess, Self Within, once the offering is made, all is well.

We make this prayer in the wish and in the hope that the day will come when we all do this as part of our daily routine, when this becomes as involuntary as breathing.

I cheer you on and bless you for that day.

In hope and in anticipation, I am Melchizedek.

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