Goddess Isis

goddess isis

Goddess Isis is the Goddess of Sacred Magic and alchemical powers for manifestation and Protection. She is in charge of Magical powers. She carries an Ankh, a symbol of her magical powers. Originally Isis came from the constellation Sirius to rule and to anchor the present Seed Race in the land of Khem (chem) or present day Egypt.  In fact the word alchemy comes from this time; al-chem-y. Isis is the knower of alchemy and Magic and has the powers to help us manifest through Alchemy and Magic and can protect us from all lower vibrational frequencies. Isis came with her consort, Osiris, under the supervision of Master Thoth, known as Tahuti, the God of Justice, who is typically depicted wearing the Ibis Bird mask.

ISIS brings you Sacred Magic from the higher realms. This is knowledge of magic, which was withdrawn from Earth and humankind when earth fell from Grace and Hu-man beings ended up occupying the dense 3rd Dimensional Realms.

Goddess Gaia and Isis are working to draw Heavenly treasures down to earth and both intent on bestowing these treasures to you. They are intent on teaching those of you who can help others to accelerate, so you become the Magnet to bring the multitudes and masses to awakening state and to Light.

PTE Mystery School contains several courses given by Goddess Isis. Links to several courses are offered below:

Level III-C: Goddess Isis & Ancient Civilizations

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