Goddess Hecate


Goddess Hecate is the Goddess of Power and Protection. She is in charge of Hell and the Underworld. This means that she has the powers to protect us from all lower vibrational frequencies, entities, negativities and dross.  

The following is taken from Gifts I, Gifts, Prayers, Meditations, Mantras and Journeys for Soul Growth by Nasrin Safai


Much of what has been written about Hecate is confusing and contradictory. But perhaps there is a reason for this. Hecate is a divinity of duality and transitions. She has been associated with both the dead and with newborns, with death and fertility. She has been depicted as young and beautiful and as an old hag.

In early Greek depictions, Hecate is a young maiden. Hecate stood guard at the Acropolis in Athens. But she also stood guard at the gateway to Hades. Later, mythology gives her three heads: the head of a dog, a snake and a horse. She was also identified with the new dark Moon. And for some, she was the goddess of witchcraft and sorcery. By the Medieval ages, she was an evil crone. In his play Macbeth, Shakespeare makes Hecate the head witch in his bevy of witches whose words seem like a parody today—“Double, double, toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble.”

My first encounter with Goddess Hecate was when I saw her in a vision as an extremely beautiful and very sensuous woman, with long dark hair, wearing a red dress. When I first channeled Hecate, the room I was in filled with red light.

Several Wiccans who were among my students at the time were quite surprised to hear me describe Hecate as a stunning seductive woman. I didn’t realize then that some Wiccans worshipped Hecate and they considered her to be a crone.

It makes sense that Hecate’s choice of red is her signature energy because red is the color of the Earth energy, sexuality (the lower chakras), and blood, the life substance that runs through our veins. She is here to cleanse the Earth of what does not belong here—the dross and negativity, the darkness.

From WOB Newsletter

Hecate is a divinity of duality and transitions. She is of the light and of the dark. She is associated with both the dead and with newborns, with death and fertility. In early Greek depictions, Hecate is a young maiden. By the Medieval ages, she was being depicted as an evil crone. Hecate says she is “the Queen of Hell and the Underworld.” Her purpose, she says, is to “put a leash on duality, and to awaken all beings from the slumber of forgetfulness and open their eyes to the truth of their unity.”

Hecate: Run to the Light

Channeled By Nasrin

My beloved children, I am Hecate. As the Queen of Hell and the Underworld, I offer you my words of wisdom, my words of caution. The time has come where recognition of light and dark is becoming dimmer and you need to play your cards very smartly to know who is truly offering you light and who isn’t.

I hold the leash and the reign upon the forces of darkness. Their purpose for existence is to guide you to light even though it may not seem that way. They guide you in the direction of light by distracting you from it because they believe that if you had gained the worthiness to be directed in the light, you would not be distracted from it. If you had gained the worthiness to be in the light, no one could distract you from the light. Therefore, for as long as they can distract you, they will just to show you that you have to earn the merits to become worthy of gaining the light. And you have to be vigilant and disciplined in calling forth the light, in blazing forth the light, in following the light, in becoming the light, in knowing the light.
Knowing the light is more than half the battle. Once you know what is light, then you know what is right. Once you know what is right, you would follow it. You wouldn’t feed your children poisonous weeds because it is not right, because it will not bring them righteousness, because it will not give them sustenance. In the same way, you would not want your children to be astray, to run amuck and be distracted from the light. You would want your children to be given the opportunity to head in the direction of the light.

So, awaken to the light that is your divine right. Take advantage of the guidance that is provided to you through the masters of light, mistresses of light, gods of light, goddesses of light, ascended beings of light, cosmic beings of light and cosmic light. Cosmic light is shining upon this universe. Cosmic light is shining upon the four corners of this universe.

Those corners that are greatly hidden from the light are accumulating the dark and sinister forces. The dark forces run away from the light. Keep yourself in the light. That will be the fastest and the smartest way to return to peace and harmony. If you hide from the light, you will be mixing with the wrong crowds. If you move into the light, those crowds cannot follow you unless they drop their darkness too.

Be the role models, be the guiding light, be the pioneers, be the pinpoints of light, be the spearheads, be the beacons, be the light bearers, be the way-showers, be the light. While I hold the leash upon the darkness, walk into the light. While you have the opportunity to gain headway, run in the direction of the light. Become the light that is your divine right. Become the light that brings you back safe and sound and know that I will do everything in my power to continue to hold the leash upon the darkness I will do everything in my power to distract the sinister forces from following you. Know that my prayers are there for you in the light. Call upon me, your mother Goddess Hecate, to provide a shield of light around your bodies, to make you invisible to all the dark and sinister forces. Call upon me, your mother Goddess Hecate, to distract the dark forces from your path. Call upon me, your mother Goddess Hecate to remove, to annihilate, to destroy the dark and sinister forces that might create obstacles on your path of light.

And pray for me, your mother Goddess Hecate that I may succeed always and forever in holding you in the light of God, the Undifferentiated Source, the I Am That I Am, the self of all selves, your own true self, the source of all sources, the one and the only.

In your love, with great joy in offering you a great service, I Am That I Am.

I am your mother Hecate. So it is.


The Queen of Hell

Commentary: The following was channeled in Puttaparthi, India on the day of the Festival of Lights (Diwali) in honor of Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of spiritual and material abundance.

Hecate, channeled by Nasrin

Who on Earth or Heaven would wish to be responsible for Hell and the Underworld? Hell is hell and the Underworld is where souls for whom there is no hope are sent.

I am Hecate. My presence on this very special occasion has been requested. Special qualities rule the world of duality, and truly, it is very appropriate for me to be invited, for we still live in this world of duality.

[Our] purpose … is to return to unity. I will be quite relieved when unity does happen, for I can then retire. There is a special retirement dimension that has been created especially for beings such as myself. Upon entering this dimension, there is a sign stating: “Entry Permissible for Retired Gods and Goddesses Only!”

But jokes aside, it may benefit you to receive a discourse on my purpose for existence and the nature of duality as I see it. The purpose of my existence is to control duality, to put a leash on duality, and to awaken all beings from the slumber of forgetfulness and open their eyes to the truth of their duality.

In Greek mythology, Poseidon ruled the seas; Zeus was the father of all and Athena was the warrior goddess. I, Hecate, am the Queen of Hell and the Underworld.

Sometimes when no one wants to accept the job that gives little pay and even less satisfaction, it gets passed around and around until someone shrugs their shoulders and says they will do the job, if only to get it out of the way. This is what I did.

Who on Earth or Heaven would wish to be responsible for Hell and the Underworld? Hell is hell and the Underworld is where souls for whom there is no hope are sent. It is there that Hecate beats them up, puts a leash around their necks and puts them to work until such time that they cleanse their karma and learn humility. After they have achieved a certain criteria, they can move out from Hell and the Underworld.

The purpose of God unity is to enfold Hell and the Underworld into light, to release it and to return it to the heart of God, to the heart of the Source.

In the beginning of our acquaintance, this channel (Nasrin Safai) had great reservations about working with me or even allowing me to be around. Just like many others, she had a certain degree of fear, which made her not want anything to do with me.

At that time, she was deeply involved with working with Quan Yin, and she was deeply involved with praying to be aligned with the will of God, as she still is. There are many layers of alignment with the will of God, and as your prayers are answered, you move from one layer to the next, all the while continuing your prayers for alignment.

The channel cleared the room and called upon the Throne of Grace, requesting Quan Yin. Her request was granted and Quan Yin appeared to her.

After conversing with Quan Yin in her inner realm, Quan Yin turned her back to the channel and rather than the back of Quan Yin, there was the face and body of Hecate.

Whereas Quan Yin was wearing white, Hecate was wearing dark red; and whereas Quan Yin had an innocent, loving face, Hecate had a sensual, feminine face.

Quan Yin is the epitome of compassion; Hecate is the epitome of power.

The channel realized that Quan Yin and Hecate work closely together. In fact, they work back to back.

After having worked with both Hecate and Quan Yin for a few years, the channel introduced Hecate to a woman who has healed and served for over 40 years in your realm and is a great being of light.

The channel transmitted the energy of Hecate, and the woman, who was encountering Hecate for the first time, witnessed the room becoming filled with a powerful red energy, which hovered over the channel’s head and then descended slowly into the channel as she began the transmission of Hecate’s messages.

During the transmission, the woman saw a sensual, seductive young female dressed in red robes and wearing fine jewelry.

After the session, the woman was very affected by her experience with Hecate and said, “I have been waiting all my life to meet a guide like this who is so serious and powerful. I like working with her. I like this woman very much.” And she thanked the channel for bringing the energy and healing of Hecate into her house.

The woman then asked the channel what she could do to honor Hecate, and the channel told her that Hecate likes the color red. So, she put on her ruby earrings and her ruby ring, which she had for over 30 years, but wore them only on special occasions. And she wore a red scarf and bought red candles to honor Hecate.

At the end of the channel’s visit with her friend, I was a million times more impressed with this lovely woman than she was with me.

Just before the channel left the woman’s house to return to her own home, I requested a few final words with our friend. I sat at her feet and I thanked her for her unconditional love and lack of judgment.

I allowed the channel to touch my heart and experience the pain of one who wields great power and is feared for her ruthlessness. And the channel cried for the pain that is part of Hecate.

You can understand the pain parents go through when their children are unruly and disobedient. I am as such a parent. I work with the unwilling, the unruly and the un-accepting. When light beings such as the channel and her friend have compassion and understanding for the wisdom that lies behind the power of Hecate, I show you my love with joy and humility.

I will tell you one last story before I leave you with my blessings. The channel was involved in a business transaction to purchase some small velvet pouches to give as gifts to people with crystals inside them. She was originally going to order the pouches to be made out of blue material to honor Lord Michael.

The shopkeeper went away and returned with a few yards of a dark red velvet. Immediately the channel thought of Goddess Hecate and as a way of honoring her, purchased the red pouches instead of the other color she was going to order.

When she later opened her package to inspect her purchases, she saw that in the bag were blue pouches as well as red, even though she had not asked for both.

Even Goddess Hecate honors Lord Michael and his legions and wished to invoke his blessings by including the blue pouches with the red.

Later that same day, the channel repeatedly offered prayers on behalf of Goddess Hecate. She gave thanks to God for Hecate’s presence in her life and asked that her prayers for Hecate be accepted.

After enough times, her request was answered and her prayers answered:

My heart once again melted with humility to experience that kind of love for one like me expressed in an Earthly being.

With great love and blessing, I honor all of you who read these words.

I am Hecate, Queen of Hell and the Underworld.

And so it is.