Goddess Athena

Athena is the Goddess of Wisdom and Justice and the protectress of civilization. She is also the Warrior Goddess revered by the soldiers and civilians since the ancient times of the Great Greek Empire to the present. She receives the wisdom from her mother Hera. The owl, the symbol of wisdom, is her totem animal. The olive tree is another one of her symbols; she is often depicted as wearing an olive branch around her head. She wears the olive branch to show that she prefers peace to war and would rather use reason and intelligence to settle disputes.

Although given this predisposition for peace, she carries greater fame as the Warrior Goddess. As such, she is depicted wearing full armor, helmet and shield. As the warrior Goddess, she is invincible. A great strategist, she is believed to have outwitted the God of war. A seeker of justice, law and order of civilizations has been her specialty. It is believed that she created the tradition of trial by jury in Athens, the city that bears her name. The desire for fairness and justice has won her a seat in many tribunals. (The Everything Classic Mythology Book by Leslie Bolton.)

In Greek Mythology, Athena is the daughter of Zeus. The God of all Gods of Greek Mythology, Zeus is an immortal. According to the myth, Athena’s greatness and the power of her intelligence was such that she was born leaping out of the head of Zeus a fully grown adult, wearing her full coat of armor. Because she was his favorite daughter, he bestowed upon her the use of his insignia, his aegis (the invincible shield), and his majestic weapon of devastation and destruction, the ray. She lives in Mount Olympus, the city of the Immortal Gods, with other Olympian Gods and Goddesses. (Classical Gods and Heroes, Myths as told by Ancient Authors, Rhoda A. Hendricks.)

Athena is also the protector of art and artisans and crafts people, such as spinners and weavers. She is believed to have invented spinning tools for the women of Ancient Greece and the first pottery wheel. She is also the patron of metal workers, carpenters, and workers of all skills. A hard worker herself, she had no time to allow worldly desires and passion to get in her way of sound judgment and her duties as Goddess of Wisdom and Justice and as patroness of civilizations. She is therefore a virgin Goddess. There is no account available of her taking a consort, except her warrior disciple Achilles, who loved her with all his heart.

Two well-known temples that were built in her honor during the time of the ancient Greek empire are the Parthenon and the Erectheum. Both of these are on top of the hills of Acropolis in Athens. (Other temples have since been built to her in other parts of the islands of Greece.) In the olden days, you were able to see her temples atop Acropolis from everywhere around the city. And for a very long time, the city ordinances would not allow any high rise buildings to block the view of the Parthenon. The idea was that she would pour down her light and energy from her temples on top of the hills of Acropolis to the people of her city. Unfortunately, overpopulation and overbuilding of structures no longer allows this to be the case. In spite of all that, once in Athens, there is no mistaking her prevalent energies through the air, Earth and the people of her city. Athens will always remain Athena’s.

Athena is also known as Pallas Athena, the Goddess of Truth.  In Lords of the Seven Rays, Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet state:
“Pallas Athena, Goddess of Truth, worshipped of old by the Athenians and enshrined in their Parthenon, is the Ascended Lady Master who served under Vesta (She is the female deity of the sun with Lord Helios. They are the Mother and Father of our solar system) as the high priestess in the temple of truth on Atlantis and as directress of the Temple of Virgins and oracles of Delphi. Today she works with Hilarion and other “green ray” healing masters of the fifth ray, ministering to the earth from the Temple of Truth.” (p.188)

In the Law of Life Book II, A.D.K. Luk says of Pallas Athena,

“Most of these names used in mythology are names of real and great beings. Pallas Athena is the Goddess of truth. She was seen by and counseled with the people on Lemuria before the veil of Maya grew…truth itself, has perhaps been misrepresented more than any other quality or activity among the people of Earth. Pallas Athena is the representative of cosmic truth to Earth. She was vested by the Sun Goddess with the virtue of truth and accepted the responsibility to sustain it for the people. Pallas Athena was the high Priestess in the Temple of Truth on Atlantis. People seeking truth and desiring enlightenment on education, science, governmental activities….would come to this temple where they absorbed the radiance from the flame of truth. All messengers who give truth to mankind are under the radiation and guidance of Pallas Athena” (pp. 333-334).

One of my fond experiences with Goddess Athena is from a trip to Greece; my first trip in this lifetime. I went with my good friend and co-traveler on the path of light, Denise, who had spent many happy childhood and young adult years there. She speaks many languages, five of them as fluently as her mother’s native tongue, Greek, which is a beautiful but difficult language. She took pride and joy in showing me her mother’s city and all the amazing monuments left from the time of the Greek Empire.

Upon our visit to the temple of Parthenon on top of Acropolis, I had the urge to go before a statue of Athena. I put my hand in prayer pose, bowed down to her, and placed my head on her marble body, resting my third eye on her heart. With my eyes closed, I felt the statue come to life and the marble become soft and warm. I heard a voice as she welcomed me to her land and gave me instructions to perform ceremonies at different parts of her city, and to continue on to the temple of Delphi to receive very special energies from the Oracle of Delphi. She then turned around to where Denise was standing and bowed down to Denise

Denise, meanwhile, was watching the scene back here on Earth. She was observing a group of Italian tourists who were looking at me, curious to see why I had my head on Athena’s statue. She later told me that she overheard one say to the other (in Italian), “Lai che lazoro fa?” (What is she doing?) The other one said very matter-of-factly, “Um medium.” (A medium) and shrugged his shoulder in that all-knowing Italian way, as though he was trying to say, “Don’t you get it? She is a medium and she is communicating with the spirit of the statue.”

On that trip we had the pleasure of watching the ballet version of Greek “Zorba” played in the ancient theatre of Parthenon in Acropolis. Sitting on the circles of marble, bathing in the energies of the glories of Greece, I knew this was a gift from Athena to welcome us to her palace and to prolong the chance for us to bathe in her energies at her home. As I sat watching the ballet of “Zorba”, I would be privy to flashbacks of scenes from the great ancient past where many special events took place in that same spot where I was sitting. What I saw was during the glory of the Greek Empire when Athena was worshiped and revered as the Warrior Goddess of Wisdom and Power.

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