Goddess Gaia

Gaia is the residing Deity of Mother Earth.

See PTE Mystery School Course, Alchemy of Abundance with Goddess Gaia.

The following are excerpts from a discourse by Divine Mother:

“Gaia knows that you are the ones who can help her. You are the ones who know how to send Archangel Michael and his Legions to the Astral Realms and clear the disembodied souls, wrap the living victims of disaster in the Golden Pink of Divine Love and Violet Flame of Transmutation to free them of their pain and call great Cosmic Beings such as Liberty to liberate them from pain, Victory to give them hope, Glory to shine her Light, Isis to bring Heavenly Magic, the Masters, the Angels and all the Guides and Guardians…

…There is no way that Gaia would want you to fail. She has every reason to want you to succeed. Your success  is her success because you know what to do. . . because you are awake. . . because you can and you will help to serve the multitudes and masses. . . because you have been coming to the Earth for all these eons of incarnations to gain the merits to do just this type of thing. This is why Metatron and Divine Mother tell you that they want you to accept and intend to be in leadership positions. Mother Earth wants you to lead, to serve and to help her awaken the multitudes and masses and do what you can to bring peace and harmony back to Earth.

Gems and jewelry must be used in sacred ceremony and in celebration. Use them for clearing your path, heal your body to perform alchemy, to clear energy from the land, to increase the harvest to bring the treasures of Mother Earth to all her children.

Gaia knows that if she gave you land, you would perform ceremony, if she gave you a pond on your property, a lake that runs through your property or a chance to reacquaint the ocean, you would use your healing powers to heal the freshwaters and the ocean waters of Earth. This is why Gaia wants to give you of her treasures of the Earth. She wants you to ask her to give you of these treasures.

Gaia wants to bring the veins of gold and gems to the surface. She wishes to allow you to be the ones who discover and use Gold in ways which they were originally intended to be used.

Gems and gold are not for the purpose of flaunting one’s wealth upon others. They are meant as healing tools to help raise the vibrational frequency of the planet and raise the consciousness of all souls to higher levels.

GEMS, GOLD & JEWELS are gifts from Goddess Gaia. They are the symbols of wealth and power because they are magnets for wealth and power. Gaia wants you to be in those positions of power because with those powers you will help her heal herself. She knows that you will help her when she is about to cause an earthquake. An earthquake can clear the envy (?) from the crust of Earth, but it can pollute the atmosphere and clog up the astral realms with all the souls who were not ready to leave so suddenly and with their loved ones who are living and still hanging on to them, not letting go.”

© FAGU 2011