Goddess of Glory

Goddess of Glory is a Cosmic Being of Light. She comes with her Wand of Glory. Golden Light emanates from her Wand. She is standing in front of you pointing her Rod of Power, the Wand of Glory, at your body. Glory is glorifying the path that Victory has opened up. Glory points the Wand in your direction. While she is pointing her Wand at you, you would not choose options that allow you to fail. Her presence, her guidance, her power of Glory ascertains that you have Glory, that you are successful in all your endeavors that you would not choose paths that lead to failure.

While Glory focuses her attention and her Wand at you, you will walk in the footsteps of Glory. Goddess of Liberty always walks ahead of you, holds the torch to illumine your path by walking ahead, and makes sure that your path is free from obstacles, distractions and delays.

Goddess of Glory and Goddess of Liberty stand back to back. Glory is facing you and Liberty is facing the path ahead of you with her back touching Glory’s back. The Torch of Liberty is clearing the path of obstacles and distractions and delays, the Torch is also a sign to any being who want to oppose you that she is there.  These are 30-40-50 feet tall Cosmic Beings.

© FAGU 2011