Goddess of Liberty


Goddess of Liberty is a Great Cosmic Being of Light. She has been involved in all matters of Liberty, Equality and Freedom for over 250,000 years on Earth and within our Solar System, Galaxy and Universe. Her specific intention is the spreading of democracy and liberation of all souls from bondage, including freedom from the wheel of Karma. She has kept her etheric retreat over the Seventh Dimension in the area of Versailles in France.

As the Deity for the Quality of Liberty, she has served for many millennia in many civilizations of Earth and has been able to gain momentum in spreading the Light of Liberty upon all souls in various times in the history of Earth and other planets. She holds her Torch of Liberty above her head to illuminate the path for all whom she offers her protection and the Light of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty which is erected on Liberty Island in New York City Harbor has an uncanny resemblance to the physical appearance of the Goddess of Liberty. Even the enormous size of this beautiful statue is close to the actual size of the Goddess of Liberty. The statue is large enough that you can walk inside of the structure and go to the top where her raised arm holds the torch.

We have performed ceremonies by standing inside the circle of the torch. The view of Liberty Island and her inviting presence is a sight for sore eyes. This statue was a gift from the people of France to the people of America at the early phase of the birthing of, America or the I AM RACE. If you rearrange the letters in AMERICA, it will read as I AM RACE. The flame of liberty helps us to accelerate with the transmutation of inequality and to gain momentum in spreading the Light of Liberty. She has promised that whomever calls upon her and seeks her council and intersession will receive of her Blessings, Might, Power, Momentum and most importantly, of her ability to GRANT FREEDOM and to LIBERATE all souls in all endeavors. You may call upon her for liberation from mundane as well as sublime matters.

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