Divine Mother

That omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent Feminine Creative Force, which is the firepower for the creation of all things, is popularly known as Divine Mother.

Divine Mother is an energy.  It is the energy of the Female Force or the Feminine Principle of Existence.   It is this Principle that takes form in the embodiment of the female to become impregnated with the Creative Force, the Mother Force.

When the breath of the divine spark is blown into the body of the feminine, the result is a Divine Mother who gives life to Divine Children and brings divinity into the world of form.  In every age the principle of the Divine Mother takes form to bless the Earth with her presence and to anchor her creative energies of the feminine principle.  Mother Mary, Mother Meera, Ammachi, Karunamayi and Quan Yin are all embodiments of that form.

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Note: Links for other courses that relate to specific Goddesses, or Aspects of Divine Mother, can be found in the text for that Goddess.

In the book Mother Meera Answers Part I, Mother Meera speaks of the Divine Mother in this way:

“The Divine Mother answers our prayers.  She has pure love for humans and protects them and promotes harmony and peace.  When humans sincerely aspire for happiness, harmony, peace and light, then it is the Divine Mother who helps.  She gives help for physical, mental, vital and spiritual well-being, giving peace, and helping people to obtain their needs.  When humans on Earth are afflicted with difficulties, it is the Divine Mother who relieves suffering and lifts them up.  The Earth always needs the Divine Mother’s light and protection.  She is a child that needs Mother’s Divine help.” (p.20-22)

When asked, “Are there incarnations of the Divine Mother on Earth at this time?” she answers,
‘Yes, many.’  Some will be known, others wish to remain secret.  The work of each is different.  Each expresses a different aspect of the Divine Mother.  My scope is very broad and more integral.  I help people at all stages of life and I also work with Sri Aurobindu and Sweet Mother.”

When asked, “What is the difference between the Divine Mother and the Divine Father?” she says,

“The Father is stricter; the Mother is more loving and soft.  She is more patient than the Father and more accepting.”

In the book Memories of Beloved Mary-Mother of Jesus by Thomas Printz, a collection of essays are gathered from the channelings of Geralding Innocenti.  In one essay, Archangel Gabriel says,

“I hold you within the compass of my arms and bring you the love of the Father as well as the love of the Divine Mother from whose bosom you came forth into individualization.  You came with but one desire in your sweet, earnest hearts-to do their will, to carry the light and to be the full manifestation of their love.” Gifts III, Gifts from the Masters of Light by Nasrin Safai.

Divine Mother blows her own Breath of Life to manifest in the form of one Goddess or another. Each Goddess carries a specific Quality and serves to anchor the energies for that Quality through each of us. For example, Quan Yin is the aspect of Divine Mother who bestows the energies of Compassion to Earth and to us. (See more on individual Goddesses in the drop down menu, Goddesses.)

Divine Mother as a religious figure

Most cultures and religions consider the “Goddess Symbol” of their faith to be the embodiment of Divine Mother. For instance, Buddhist consider Quan-Yin (Kuan-Yen) the embodiment of Divine Mother, Christians consider Mother Mary, Wiccans consider Hecate, Hindus have the many faces of the Goddess as their Divine Mother Deity; Shivaites call her Shakti or Parvati, Durga or Kali, Vishnavites call her Goddess Lakshmi or Radha Krishna, Brahmaites call her Saraswati and the list goes on and on. Shekina, in the Hebrew and Judaic religion is and the Holy Spirit in Christian faith are the Spirit and the essence of Divine Mother.

Different civilizations have also honored the embodiment of Divine Mother. In Rome, Athena was revered, as the Goddess of Wisdom and Nike, as the Goddess of Victory and Temples were built in their honor.  The aboriginals of Hawaii and Polynesia worshiped Goddess Pele as the Goddess of Fires and Volcanoes and the ancient Egyptians revered Goddess Isis and Hathors.

Divine Mother as the embodiment of a Quality

In the teachings of the Masters at our Mystery School (Path to Enlightenment Mystery School), we honor and venerate all aspects of the Feminine Principle, as Divine Mother, and pay them our highest respect. We also acknowledge those aspects of Divine Mother, personified, not as a singular religious figure but as the embodiment of the specific Quality they embody. In fact, our focus is not on the religious impact but the Quality that the deity embodies and the guidance they provide to us through that Quality.

For example, we honor:

  • Mother Mary as the embodiment of the energies of Divine Love,
  • Quan Yin as bringer of Divine Mercy and Compassion,
  • Goddess Hecate for her Protective Power and her ability to free us from dark forces,
  • Goddess Athena for  her  Justice and her Wisdom in battle and in conflict,
  • Goddess of Victory to make us Victorious,
  • Goddess of Liberty to Liberate us and bring us Freedom,
  • Goddess of Glory to bring us Glory,
  • Goddess Veyga (Vega) to bring us Abundance and Empowerment,
  • Goddess Venus to bring us Divine Power and the Joy of living in that Power,
  • Goddess Pele for bring her Fiery Power and the Transmutational Qualities of the Fire Element,
  • Goddess Saraswati to bring us  her Ancient Wisdom, which has been transferred down from generation to generation through the Hindu scripture called the Vedas, as well as music, arts and the written word,
  • Lakshmi to bring us Spiritual attainments and Material possessions,
  • Durga to bring us Power and to destroy our  karma and Karmic entanglements,
  • Goddess Lalita to bring us Sweetness/Kindness,
  • Goddess Kali as the Destroyer of darkness, to bring us back to the Age of Light and the energies of the Divine Feminine,
  • Goddess Gaia, is the residing deity of this planet. She is the divinity that reigns over the planet. You might think of her as the Mother of all creatures, all places and all things of this Earth.

I sat to meditate with the Divine Mother energies one day in October of 2001 shortly after the disaster of September 11th.  I had cancelled all my overseas commitments and travel arrangements.  The prevalent energies were difficult to work with.  People had become numb as a result of events, especially in the areas of the East Coast of the United States.  New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts were my sphere of influence and where I lived at the time.  There were grave emotions mixed with panic and anxiety in the air.

I asked the Divine Mother for help to bring solace to all who are affected and help me with financial commitments while penalties for cancellations had left me with immediate need for reproach.  She appeared to me in the way she always does, as a beautiful gentle loving Goddess figure inside tongues of fire.  She said, “In three days, I will bring you resolution.”  By the third day nothing noticeable had happened so far as I could tell.  The only event was a phone message with a request to teach two people levels two and three of a workshop immediately, because the originator of that workshop was coming to town the following month and was teaching the level four of that series.  The requirements were completion of the first three levels, and I was qualified to teach those levels.

I had returned that message with another, informing the caller that I no longer taught that course and gave the name of someone who did.  In the evening I sat down to meditate with the Divine Mother and said to her, “Mother, I have waited the three days and nothing has happened.”  She told me, “I brought you your solution and you refused it.”  When I inquired, she responded that she had sent me the people for the workshop.  I protested by saying, “But I don’t like teaching that class to two people only!  The last time I taught it there were 34 people in the class.  It takes a lot out of me to teach two four-day workshops to two people only.”  Her reply was, “Well, if you do accept to teach it, I will bring a third person.”  I told her that I would do as she wished.  However, I had already redirected them elsewhere.  She said, “Do not worry.  They will be back with the third.”

The next morning I received a call informing me that now there was a third person and their preference would be for me to teach the course.  When we went back and forth with available dates everyone was available immediately, willing to reschedule other appointments to make this happen.  I received payments within the following two days and we started the course together.

The energies were intense and powerful.  It was a very beautiful experience which ended with great love and friendships as well as a new business relationship that extended over the next three years.  In the course of the days of the work, I didn’t get the chance to follow up on the cancellation of the reservations, the related penalties and financial commitments.  I was so charged by the energies that I had put aside my money worries while teaching the workshop.  My mind was at ease that I now had the resources to pay for the penalties as the proceeds from the workshop came to the exact amount needed.

Divine Mother appeared to me while I was resting after the second workshop and said, “This was and continues to be an exercise in surrender.  I would like you to trust that I will resolve your money dispute and instead, I would like you to use the money to build a rose garden on two patches of land in the yard.”  One was to be in the back in a circular shape dedicated to Mother Mary and in remembrance of the Divine Mother, and another one in the front in a square shape dedicated to the Lord Buddha in remembrance of Divine Mother and to balance the male and female energies.  In the Buddha patch, I was to plant eleven deep dark red rose bushes and place in each corner one large piece of rose quartz weighing 20 pounds or more, with a statue of Lord Buddha in meditation pose in the middle.  In the Mother Mary circle I was to plant 33 rose bushes all in light pinks and pastel colors and five pieces of rose quarts of equal weight and energy, with a standing statue of Mother Mary on top of a mound in the circle.

The most difficult task was removing the grass and digging the garden to prepare each patch, especially the circular mound.  The most expensive part of the project was the purchase of the rose quartz pieces.  I was almost out of breath and out of pocket by the time I had done those two.  Since this was October, a very large tree nursery had a sale on their rose bushes.  I could purchase 44 rose bushes at two dollars each.  The problem was these were rose bushes which had seen the best of summer and had no more flower buds on them.  Furthermore, the identifying tags relating the kind and color of the roses were missing.

I came back to the Divine Mother and told her that with $88.00 I could rescue 44 rose bushes from extinction, but I had no way of knowing which was what color.  She told me, “Buy them all and bring them home.  The rose bushes will tell you where they belong.  Trust and surrender.”  I purchased 52 rose bushes which was the remaining supply in the nursery.  It came to yet another auspicious number when I paid for them.  (11, 33, 44, 88 and 104 are all very auspicious numbers.)

I made the circle and the mound and placed the statue of Mother Mary in the middle on top of a mound over a piece of gorgeous feldspar granite, which a friend gave me for the garden, and placed the five pieces of rose quartz around the base of Mother’s statue.  I said many prayers and began the work of sorting the plants out.  The plants were all very responsive, and I had no difficulty sorting them out.  I would ask them, “What color are you?” and they would give me an answer, and accordingly I would move them to the Mother Mary Circle garden or to the Lord Buddha Square Garden.  I was doing this for a while when it began to get dark, and a light rain began to come down. To proceed faster, I started asking the plants, “Front or back?” and they would give me the answer.

I now had a good portion of them sorted out.  A few were neither red nor pastel.  These were the extras, and I was yet to figure out where they would go.  Finally, the last rose bush told me it belonged to the front.  I carried her to Lord Buddha patch and returned to the circle when I heard the voice from the Mother Mary statue tell me, “Go back and get that last one.  It is not red.  And bring her back here.”  I went dutifully and picked up the rose bush to bring it back when it said, “No. Put me down. I belong here.”  I put the plant down and went back to Mother Mary and said, “Mother, she says she belongs to the front.”  Mother said, “She says that because she wants to be in the front yard, not because she is red.  Go and bring her back here.”

I stood there puzzled and said, “Well Mother, whatever happened to free will?  Should I not give the plant her right of free will and let her stay in the front?”  She replied, “No.  In this case, the divine will supercedes the free will.  That plant is not standing in the truth.  Go bring her back here.”  I brought her back and made a point of putting a marker next to her to distinguish her from the others since I now had to wait until next spring to bear witness to this saga.  When I counted the numbers I had exactly eleven rose bushes in the front and 33 in back.  Eight had declared they were yellow and bright orange, and these were going into a different bed.  They went to a crescent-shaped patch around the front of a lilac tree to balance the patch in the opposite direction.  Had I listened to the renegade rose bush, all the numbers would be wrong.

The previous spring, I had made an angel garden according to the instructions from Master Jesus who wanted a small garden dedicated to the Seven Angels of Heavenly Father and the Seven Angels of Earthly Mother.  I had a total of fourteen bushes planted around a lovely old pear tree and had called the fourteen angels to bless each plant.

The next spring was a time of surprises, all good ones.  All the roses in Lord Buddha’s patch were deep red, Mother Mary’s were light pink and off-white, and the crescent patch roses were deep yellow and orange.  The renegade bush came up with profusion of light pink flowers.  I not only learned a lesson in trust and surrender, I also learned that even plants can disobey the Divine Will and cause havoc with choosing their own destiny.  This is a lesson which they must have learned from their elders in the consciousness ring — “us”, the human beings.  I also learned that Divine Mother and Mother Mary can intercede on their behalf just as well as they do in ours!

Incidentally, roses are considered the highest of spiritually evolved species of flowering plants on Earth, after the lotus which is considered a divine messenger from the heavenly realms and the symbol for spiritual enlightenment.  Such is the compassion of the Divine Mother.  May your journey of rediscovery in the arms of the Divine Mother be showered with Light and love from her heart.

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