Goddess Introduction

Through the Goddess, we define the Cosmic Consciousness which is the Creative Power behind all Creation.  Among the many names given to this Cosmic Consciousness are the Goddess Principle, the Feminine Creative Force, the Mother God, the Feminine Principle of Existence, the Divine Feminine and Divine Mother. When the energy is fully encapsulated to take form, it becomes the Presence of Divine Mother

Over the ages, the Goddess Principle has taken form, embodied as various deities at various times. In the history of our evolution, the Goddess has been a guide, protector and helper to all humankind. She takes form to guide us on our journey through various incarnations, directing us back to our Divinity, to our Source. Over time, we go through cycles of moving away or getting closer to our Divine Source. The closer we move to the energies Divine Feminine, the happier we are as human beings. The further we move away from Her, the deeper our forgetfulness of our Divinity and the deeper we immerse ourselves into the material world, to the point that we become so attached to the material world that we sever ourselves from the guidance and protection of the Cosmic Feminine.

Why is the Presence of the Goddess so Important Now?

The Goddess Energy is once again becoming prominent because Earth is ready to embrace the Feminine once again. We are at the end of a cycle of darkness and entering back into the energies of the Masculine. Earth and Humankind are now beginning a new cycle of return toward Light, toward our Divine Origin, toward the Feminine and the Mother God. This is triggering a mass movement in the direction of spiritual awakening and the remembrance that “the spirit” is embodied in the Form of the Feminine.  We are awakening from a Cosmic Night and starting to see the dawning of the Cosmic Day under the guidance of the Divine feminine.

Those of you who have been involved with the teachings of our Divine Mother and the Masters through Waves of Bliss Live Channeling’s and PTE MS Home Study Courses understand the significance of the energies of the Feminine Principle, the Goddess Energies and the role they now play in our individual and mass evolution. Divine Mother has been instrumental in calling forth many Aspects of her own spirit back to Earth in Guardianship and to help us remember the glory and Divinity of our own souls. (For more on the cycles of Earth, go to PTE MS Orientation.)