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Throughout our lives, every one of us is faced with situations or events that require us to either forgive or be forgiven. It is easy to get stuck in a state of stalemate at various phases of our lives due to lack of forgiveness. Nations are in turmoil due to lack of forgiveness.  Many books can be written on forgiveness and we may not still see the point and the importance of letting go and letting God take care of all things and bring about the justice that we all deserve.

Forgiveness is not just a mere thought or statement. It is a process which has many layers. Some of these layers are at subconscious levels and have to do with karma and past life memories. We have to release the karma by becoming aware of it and by praying for its release through the intercession of the masters. Then we can move on to the next phase which is healing.

To truly forgive someone, we have to begin with ourselves. We must forgive ourselves for harboring  feelings of lack which can manifest in  ways which no longer serve us. I truly believe in the Universal Law of Attraction. We pull to ourselves that which we believe in. So, if we entertain lack of self worth, that is exactly what we will experience. How can we expect others to love and honor us when we do not love ourselves?  Therefore, it all begins from within. We have to heal and forgive ourselves before we can even begin to forgive others. To begin we must See ourselves as perfect beings of Light.

Imagine a situation where a loved one says or does something that hurts you beyond belief. What do you do? You blame yourself and see yourself unworthy of receiving love. You convince yourself that you deserve this. This could be in any relationship such as a romantic partner, a child, a sibling or a best friend. The problem here is if you truly and deeply love someone, then there is no room for hurt. In love there is no room for hurt, only more love. Forgiveness is true love; Divine Love, love without boundaries; loving the other as well as yourself as you love God. See the other as a perfect being of Light. Engulf the other with all your love from the core of your being.  When we see God in each other, we experience Oneness.  Love yourself and love all.

There is a beautiful Forgiveness Dance in the Video course The Only Way Out Is In. It is an intense ceremony of forgiveness. It can either be done in a group or just with yourself alone. I really love this and recommend it to everyone. Be prepared for a lot to come to the surface. I love what the Masters say, “You must empty your cup of poison before you can fill it with nectar,” and emptying poison is not easy and requires a lot of courage.

About a year and a half ago I was at a conference and the speaker talked about the subject of forgiveness. She mentioned the book,  The Little Soul and the Sun by Neale Donald Walsch, adapted from the book Conversations with God. She gave a brief summary of the story, enough to entice me to buy the book. As I read through the pages, tears as wide as my face poured down. It all made perfect sense. It is a story of how a little soul wanted to experience forgiveness and another lovely little soul volunteered to take human embodiment with her in order to grant her wish of experiencing forgiveness.  I call that true and selfless love. It is absolutely a beautiful story and I highly recommend it.

After reading through the pages of the book, I understood forgiveness. I saw that every one of us is that essence of a perfect being of Light, without exception. My journey on forgiveness began with reading Metatron’s message in our June 2007 newsletter. It has a very intense and potent meditation on forgiveness. Click here to read Metatron’s Message on forgiveness in our June 2007 newsletter.

I wish you all to have your cups filled with the sweetest and most fragrant nectar. I send you all my love and pray that you will always be engulfed in Divine Love.

In Love and Light of Divine Mother,

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