Our Contributors

We want to thank everyone who has helped and contributes to bring our services and PTE Courses to you. Your patronage is very much appreciated.

Translation and editing contributors: Avonne Lozano, Geert De Vuyst, Hara Weaver, Iliana Montelagre.


Yantra Design Group, Inc

Patsy Balacchi, founder and creative director of Yantra Design Group, Inc, brings invaluable expertise to all things related to design. She has created our beautiful logos, web design, our PTE book series, promotion materials, and photography. Yantra Design Group is a multi-disciplinary design company specializing in corporate identity, web design and photography.


Novista Web

Theresa Martin & Michael Kopel, founders of Novista Web, bring the website to life through their skills in programming, user experience, and WordPress expertise. They have made the site easy to maintain for our less technical volunteers. Novista Web is a full-service web design and development company specializing in e-commerce, e-marketing, blog integration and web strategy.


Opus Gaia

Adora Winquist is the founder and formulator for Opus Gaia, Global Provider of Innovative Aromatherapy Products to Enhance Personal Well Being. Opus Gaia is founded upon the belief that the earth holds within its abundant resource, the ability to achieve balance and wholeness within the individual. Adora maintains our online Gifts Store, online purchase orders, helps with Member services and support, and is a Transformational Healing Consultant through our Consulting Network.


Wake Up! Works

Tonia Pinheiro, founder of East Coast Chant and Wake Up! Works, providing coaching and consulting services, public speaking, education, healing arts, music and performances through the Higher-Self Employed. Tonia contributes her skills for transcriptions, diagram designs and material reviews.


Future Providers Foundation

Iliana Montealegre, founder of Future Providers Foundation, a non-profit organization. Its mission is to support and create institutions providing, but not limited to, offering the services involved in educating, sheltering and nourishing youth in need. We are targeting grass root movements created within the scope of self-sufficient communities located in the United States and world wide. Iliana brings her bi-lingual skills and helps with our e-marketing campaigns and keeping our members informed with our current events.


Networking Consultants

Vedic Astrology by Gilbert Picinich