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We invite you all to visit Opus Gaia’s new site, www.OpusGaia.com


Our very own Adora Winquist, a Team Member at Waves of Bliss and PTE Mystery school founded  Opus Gaia™, the Mother company to all the Rhiamon Energy Essentials™  Aromatherapy  Oils and Synergistic Blends and Trinity Spa Essentials™ Cosmetics, Massage Oils and many other Spa related products.

Adora has been dreaming up these blends since she was a teenager. As a young adult Indigo she began formulating and producing these products. After close to two decades of creativity she has produced numerous blends and products from Sacred Oils Charged with the Templates of Prosperity, Abundance, Sacred Magic, Alchemy and many other to the Chakra Balancing  Blends™ and Clear Away Spray™, which have become her most popular items now available at select Whole Foods and carried by Specialty Spas and Massage Therapy salons.  She offers some specialty items, under our own Waves of Bliss Label by the request of Divine Mother, Goddesses and Masters through our Waves of Bliss Gifts Store.  Click here to shop at special discounts. Please take a moment and visit the entire range of her products at OpusGaia.com.

May this be a fantastic new year for everyone who uses these products under Divine Mother’s guidance and blessings and for everyone who is instrumental in creating them and making them available to the rest of us.