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Path to Enlightenment

Path to Enlightenment series of books are written for the serious seekers on the path. What has been termed as the Mysteries and thought at Mystery Schools over the ages are now openly explained in the books of this series. For more information, visit Nasrin’s Channeled Books page.

On The Path to Enlightenment Book I, The Pillar of Light, Allen B wrote:

“Path to Enlightenment, Pillar of Light is a lucid offering to the many bodies, questions, knowings and yearnings in each of us. It is a lamp light by which we can remember, each to his readiness who we are, where we belong and who accompanies us. It shines to the Past, re-aligning our origins and the often unrecognized heritage we traverse. It shines to the future, glinting at our destiny and our home. Most powerfully and intimately however, it shines on the present, portraying Enlightenment as an applied, practical and yet deeply personal process.”

“Nasrin courageously shares with us her experiences as a channel. Through her, Ascended Masters and beings of Light lovingly reveal tools and well practiced methods to help heal, clear, energize, protect and support ourselves, the planet and our brotherhood’s individual and collective journeys. To be sure, however, Path to Enlightenment is no book of New Age niceties. Personality-Soul Aspects, Passageways of initiations, free will and intellectual yielding are the journey’s footpath. For the serious student though, one with intent and discipline, the path is lit to both knowledge and experience, in the hope that we will embody trust, surrender and service along the ever expanding way.”

On Path to Enlightenment Book II, The Golden Throne, Tonia P wrote:

“Nasrin Safai and the Ascended Masters offer timely and relevant insight into the nature of the Higher Realms of Light to which Earth and Humanity are ascending. They show us “how” to release ourselves from fear-based living in all of its myriad subtle forms. They teach us how to evolve our consciousness and restore communion with our Divine Source to uplift ourselves and the world. Safai carries the legacies of Helena Blavatsky, Alice Baily, Agni Yoga and other seminal teachings into the 21st century.

Gifts Book Series

Gifts book series are compilations of the teachings of the Ascended Masters and Angelic beings channeled by Nasrin Safai. Each Master adds their own light, love and flavor as they teach us to apply the laws of the sublime into  the world of the mundane to enhance our lives, to guide us to find our purpose for this life and to live life in joy, peace and harmony. For more information, visit Nasrin’s Channeled Books page.

On Gifts from Ascended Beings of Light, Prayers, Meditations,Mantras, and Journeys for Soul Growth, Katie R wrote,

“Nasrin Safai’s channelings touch the heart and vibrate the soul. She offers the insight and wisdom of the Masters with genuine clarity and purity.She is truly amazing.”

On Gifts from the Masters of Light, Journey into the inner Realms of Consciuosness, Dr. John A wrote:

“Nasrin Safai has traveled to the four corners of the world performing ceremonies at every point. She has been touched by the Pyramids and the Sphinx in Egypt, the Inca Temples in Peru, the sites of the Virgin Mary at Fatima, Lourdes, Medjegoria, Mosques in Turkey and Iran, Hindu Temples in India, Buddha and Quan Yin Temples in China, Mongolia, Korea, Thailand and Cambodia, The Aboriginal Sites in Australia, New Guinea and New Zealand, the Zulu and Masai Tribes of Africa and the Fire Goddess Pele on Hawaii. She shares the wisdom gained from these experiences on Earth and the otherworldly power and light gained from the Masters of Light.”


Nasrin Safai’s Books

The materials in all of Nasrin Safai’s books are channeled by Higher Beings of Light. She is a very gifted being of Light herself who can see, hear and channel Highly evolved Beings like Jesus, Buddha, Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, St. Germain and many more. In a sense all these beings are transferring their knowledge, guidance, wisdom and love through the channeled material to Nasrin. She was finally permitted to organize the information into a series of books.
These books are easy to understand and their teachings practical to apply in daily living. Every word is a gift from above and has the energy of that specific Master.
Just begin this journey imagining your hand being held, your path being lit, your heart pulsing with the love pouring from above. Come to the knowing and embracing the courage to accomplish what we all came here to do; to love, serve each other and God.
My favorite part in each one of Nasrin’s book’s is the introduction of the book and each chapter. It gives you great knowledge and understanding of terminology, history, concepts and Masters mentioned in that section. In her first book GIFTS I, From Ascended Beings of Light, you find a treasure box of messages, prayers, meditations and candle grids. For me the power of every meditation and prayers is so profound. As soon as I pick up the book and open it to my desired chapter, my consciousness, my mind and even sometimes my body feels like it is floating and moving far away.
Through every word, every vision, meditation and prayer the presence of these beings is so evident that for most part I am beside myself. After reading and reviewing these materials I just feel blessed that she walked into my life and changed everything at some level of my beingness.

Once in a lifetime, or even once in many lifetimes you come across a person, an incident which can change everything in your horizon or maybe even in your Divine Mission. For me Nasrin was that spark which made everything move much faster in my spiritual growth.
Nasrin’s books which are all channeled material from Ascended Masters are instruments to accelerate you on your path of self awareness and consequently Self Realization.
In her second book GIFTS II, I discovered practical tools in healing and protecting myself and my loved ones. Manifestation and enlightenment was explained accompanied with meditations.
At this juncture of time the density of Earth’s negative energy has clouded our consciousness and we simply have forgotten that we too are Light from the heart of God. Once again these brothers and sisters of Light are here to guide and help us to remember our Light and Divine Mission.

How can one not believe in a creator and a force which organizes this entire manifest creation? If there is any doubt in your mind about existence of God or a creator just pick up one of Nasrin Safai’s books. Even if you want to find yourself and go within to discover some answers to all those questions which you never had an answer, just give yourself a chance, grab a book, have an open mind and heart and allow yourself to travel through realms of realities which was never even imaginable.
In her book GIFTS III, Nasrin goes beyond and deep into the Inner Realms and consciousness. She goes past mundane going for Divine Purpose and Ascension.
Nasrin talks about Christ Maitreya who is the awaited Christ for all religions. She discusses civilizations much more advanced than present life on Earth, like Atlantis and Lemuria with the hope that one day all of us will be able to claim our Divine Light and recognize that in serving we all achieve and surpass our own expectations.

On this new century we make ourselves ready for a journey into the Seventh Golden Age which is the age for wisdom, truth, abundance of mundane and sublime, empowerment, healing and clearing all of our energy bodies.
In GIFTS IV, the Ascended Masters cover the above topics with meditations, mantras and prayers. The words throughout this book are so profound that one can feel immediate clearing and healing through release of emotions and movement of stagnant energy.
In reading Nasrin’s books everyone’s experience is different. It all depends on your belief and trust, will and intentions. I know in God we Trust and in acknowledgement of all His love and Divine Plan for humanity and this universe, we reach to him by stretching our hands to hold the hands the Masters of Light, truth and wisdom to become the Beacon of Light for this beautiful planet and beyond.
With great gratitude, I celebrate Nasrin’s friendship, guidance and supernatural abilities which has lightened up my path.

Dear Christina,
You are absolutely welcome. I am glad to be of service. Please direct your friends and students to join us in the free public group channeling tomorrow nighe at 8pm. It is full moon, lunar eclipse and solar flares which have been predicted to bring great changes for years to come all wrapped in one. To register you can go on my homepage and click on the free group channeling icon. If you are unavailable tomorrow, you may join us when we post the audio files on the site. welcome to our spiritual family.
Much love and peace to you,

Dear Nasrin,
I received the 2 books I ordered from you on the 25th of June, plus two more that you tucked in the box gratis. I have been out of town on family business and did not get a chance to express my thanks to you then. I was and am very grateful! And then I found that you had inscribed the first Gifts book! What a delight! Because of your books I have been able to strengthen my connection with Metatron and Christ Maitreya, and my students and I have benefited greatly from that. I sincerely hope that we can stay in touch.
Blessings & Light,

Hello my dear one…

I’ve been wanting to tell you… last week when I was on the plane going to Chicago, I took “Gifts” with me… Every time in the past when I have picked it up, … have you ever experienced when you pick a writing up when it’s not your time for it, you read the words, all of which you understand, but it goes into your head like it first passed through the Tower of Babel and at best you get just drowsy or have a headache? That’s how it was for me with your books until this plane ride. I got on the plane at 5:30am, looking forward to a good 6 hours of travel with nothing to do except delve into the book. It was going to be yummy! I got to page 7 and read, what I have heard and read and thought about many times in the past, but somehow, when I read “… The Dalai Lama, the Spiritual Master and Leader of Tibet, is the current and fourteenth incarnation of Buddha.” … I just started sobbing and sobbing… literally, for hours I couldn’t stop sobbing. (yes, I could certainly pull myself back and together to dialog with the flight attendant, etc, but as soon as I looked out the window or at the book again, I’d just start sobbing again… all the way to Chicago ! It can do it to me even now.

Thank you for the gift of “Gifts” … I have been having many wonderful openings and experiences through its pages.

much love,

Dear Laurel,

Thank you very much for your interest in my offer of books for your organization. Looking forward to hearing your feed back and to working with you in the future. Metatron has been talking about the importance of the use of colored lights in the acceleration of healing and increase in the quotient of light. I am glad that you are involved in promoting this worthy cause.

Good luck and many blessings to you,

Dear Nasrin,

I am a vibrational Light energy worker and Spiritual coach. You can see the type of modalities I am trained in on my website


Thank you Connie for your heartfelt comments regarding the sound files from the group channeling for 1/1 meditation for 2009. It is so important at this juncture of our personal and of Earth’s evolution that we take charge of our lives and claim that we are indeed the generals of the armies of Light and ready to report for duty in service of Light and in fulfillment of our Divine Mission. Together we will change this world for a better one, for all generations to enjoy and to benefit from. I am grateful to you and other members of our spiritual family of Light for performing the exercises and devoting your precious time in service.

Thank you for choosing to perform the meditation exercises in the Path To Enlightenment books on a monthly basis. This will empower you with greater Light, power and might, strengthen the impact of the exercises and anchor the energies of the Masters and their Light on Earth. It is my hope and my prayer that all members of our spiritual family will join us in promoting the work of the masters by exercising in the same way and by introducing these books and exercises to other people of like-mind.

I hold you in the light of the masters with great joy and gratitude,

My Dear Nasrin,

IAM touched to tears today as I join with you and the group and the masters and angels in the 1/1 Portal Day meditation.

IAM one of the Generals you speak of and IAM committed to fulfilling my Divine Mission for the duration of my lifetime.

Thank-you so much for offering yourself in Service with so much love and devotion.

I came on the 2nd ray and I feel very closely connected to Sanat Kumara who he is my father.

I want you to know that I have enjoyed lighting my candle grid daily since mid November and thank-you for the crystals and books you have provided. I intend to practice the meditations in both books from the enlightenment series one chapter a month beginning today.

Right now IAM overwhelmed with deepest gratitude to you and I send you eternal love from my deepest heart.


Thank you!

Much love to you,

Dearest Nasrin

Christmas blessings and blessings for the coming New Year 2009!
Thank you so much for your mail!

Your books are most welcomed guides and walking-sticks on the path!

With much love and all the best wishes for you personally, beloved Nasrin!

Love, Light, Peace and Happiness!


Thank you my dear Verena for your beautiful email. Sorry that it took me a long time to respond, as I have been sick. I wish you a great year ahead and welcome you as we all walk in service together.

Much love to you and yours,

Dearest Nasrin,

Yesterday I received the crystals and the books and i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your most precious gift of book II. Thank you so very much, beloved!

And also, as I welcomed the first crystal yesterday, the smaller one, I felt absolutely overwhelmed by the most powerful energy emanating from it. What a great living being with so many messages! Already I feel, that this crystal will be one of my very, very best friends! And it is through you, dearest Nasrin, that such a great gift from the heavens could come to my being.

So I feel most motivated to double my efforts to be a true servant of the Light and with the great help of the great beings of Light success will be at hand.

I want to send you all my Love and all the Light of the Heavens to protect you and guide you, dearest Angelic Being of Light, dearest Nasrin.

Love and Light and Blessings!

Thank you my darling. Enjoy the book!

Much Love and Light,

Aloha Angel,

Many mahalos for the ebook! I am so excited to read this as I too should have some time in my schedule to be enveloped by you and the masters soon!

Love you immensely~
Mo’olelo Aloha, expressing love in everything!

My beloved Clasine,

Thank you with all of my heart for your light and your participation in the group and for your ceremonies and pujas on behalf of Light. It is my great joy and the Master’s great pleasure that you and our group channeling members be the first to receive the book.

I wish you a happy Diwali year in the arms of the Divine Mother. I will contact other European group members to inform them of Ammachi’s visit to Holland.

Much Love and Light to you,

Beloved Nasrin,

I would like to express my deep gratitude to you, dear Nasrin, your staff and all the Masters for receiving this magnificent gift, book part 1 of Enlightenment!! And I already received so much the last months!! I am reborn again!!

I am so glad with this book and it all feels so familiar to me. I indeed feel being at home now!!

On 29/10 Depavali, I felt deeply urged to buy clear crystals, red candles and black carton for the Hecate Candle Grid. A good friend gave me a new hematite stone. I cleaned the crystals in salted water.
In the evening hours I put the crystals on my altar for cleaning them still more intensively, while I was celebrating Depavali in my home, burning 7 lights on my altar and singing Bhajans of Light and the Divine Mother during 2 hours.After this puja I made the Candle Grid and the same evening at 23.55 I light the Candle Grid for the first time!! And, of course, I am intending to do this twice a day for 6 months.

I feel being in my elements! Thank you, Nasrin. Thanks again, to all Masters and Avatars and Beings of Light!

On 6/11 Divine Mother Amma is visiting the Netherlands (20 minutes from my home) and I am going to welcome Her!

Wishing you some rest and lots of Blessings!!

In the Light of the Lords,
I AM Clasine

My sweet Afsaneh,

St. Germain has been talking in my ears about you. It is so wonderful to hear from you. I asked the Divine Mother to let me hear from you as I could not feel your energy in the ethers. Thank you for what you have said about the first Path to Enlightenment book. I am quite proud of it, to be honest with you.

The whole series is that way. I can see how much we have all grown from working with the masters especially in the last few years. One early morning I got up for meditation and started writing the story of our meeting and working together. It came out so good and so clear. I didn’t change a thing after the first writing. It will go in the introduction of the book three.

I had an amazing reading yesterday for someone who works with St. Germain. In our discourse he told me to call you and tell you about the need for another reading. I will make time for you mid to end of next week. Let me know what works. I love you. You are in my prayers.


Hi Nas joon,

How are you? I have been inside of myself for a while. It has been thrilling, amazing,exciting and just plain different than any of my other days. If I want to write to you or your blog it would take the whole space, just believe me moving moments. Just to tell you about a few dreams just in the last 2 weeks. Five times I dreamt of all kinds of snakes, the last one was a huge snake in shape of a triangle with all sacred writing in white color on it. I heard St. Germain in my dream, he told me “my dear the first phase of our mission which was bringing the 7 Lords of Light and Maha Lord of Light is finished now we have to work on second part which is bringing Christ Maitreyeh in a way that humanity can see him and connect with him” , then he called him Baron de Maitreyeh and started singing in Spanish or Italian and I joined in singing. It was so vivid and heart warming. Anyway there is a lot more, but I see a lot more colors. I am reading your Book 1, which is wonderful. It is so wonderful that I don’t want to read it fast because I don’t want it to finish. Especially I loved the long introduction, it gave the reader a lot of important and useful information. I think this long introduction giving information of all sorts is very useful to the reader because it is very possible that the reader of any of the books have not read any of the other books. Thank you for these wonderful group channelings and all in sublime especially Metatron and Divine Mother, I have so much peace with all these aspects inside me, thanks to you for ALL you are and thanks to all.


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